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Guest Columnist

California’s College Prep Debate Stalls Progress

by Guest Columnist on April 27 2007, 1:45PM

by Menachem Krajcer Only one in four Black, Latino, Pacific Islander, and American Indian students in California are currently graduating with the classes they need to get into a four-year university. But for years, California legislators have made little to…


Immigration Proposal Threatens to Divide Families

by Guest Columnist on April 12 2007, 9:17AM

by Deepa Iyer Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of one of the largest nationwide rallies – when immigrants marched in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and D.C. to call for humane reform in immigration laws. One year later, where is the…

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They’re Here, They’re Racist, Get Used to It?

by Guest Columnist on March 30 2007, 10:12AM

by Menachem Krajcer It seems that the facade of a ColorBlind society has completely evaporated. Two weeks ago, Arizona nativists cheered at a “joke” that a bullet to the head is the best solution to immigration reform. One week prior,…


“We Tell You What’s So”

by Guest Columnist on March 21 2007, 6:25AM

I knew it was coming. I knew exactly what they were going to say and exactly how they were going to say it. I knew before I spoke what the men in suits and the legislators on the panel were…


A Tale of Two Selmas…

by Guest Columnist on March 9 2007, 1:47PM

( RaceWire brings you another moving I-Narrative about race—this time a stark reflection on a Selma march Theresa Calpotura re-enacted some years back that brought her face to face with what Senators Obama and Clinton, even after their visit…

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Trouble with Hospitals and their Poor

by Guest Columnist on February 27 2007, 2:34PM

The other day one of my friends told me that he was thinking about incorporating his business as a non-profit to avoid paying taxes. The scary thing is, hospitals have been doing this for years—but at the cost of poor…

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The Day My Skin Came Off

by Guest Columnist on February 22 2007, 8:28AM

This is the first of I-Narratives about race and culture RaceWire plans to run several times a month. In this piece, Sonny Suchdev, an activist and member of Outernational, a progressive 5-member band, writes about the time he crumpled…


Memory and Wonder: Thoughts on Martin Luther King, JR

by Guest Columnist on January 15 2007, 12:23PM

The memory is such an amazing and deceptive tool. I was just on KALW’s Your Call discussing the legacy of Martin Luther King, JR and the state of non-violent resistance and protest today. The question was posed - wouldn’t a…


Miami’s Super Bowl Secret

by Guest Columnist on December 18 2006, 5:52AM

by Joseph Phelan The November 27th TIME article “Trouble - and lots of it - In Paradise” raised the crisis in housing, transportation, and political power in Miami to a national audience. The following week Miami Today, a publication of…

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How to Not Play Yourself Out Over Election 2006

by Guest Columnist on November 9 2006, 1:44PM

Ok cheer and rah rah ok!!!!! It is exciting when a tide starts to turn. Two days ago, in the most tangible way we currently have evidence for, the tide started to turn in this country. The voting sub-community of…


Little Instances of Racism

by Guest Columnist on November 1 2006, 9:07AM

Last night a good friend, a well known hip-hop DJ and scholar, text messages me from D.C. - he was at a Halloween party in Georgetown and a white boy had just walked in with black face on. Two weeks…


Proud of my Alma Mater

by Guest Columnist on October 5 2006, 9:20AM

First check out this video: I am a Columbia University kid, from 1996-2000 I was doing my bit of student activism at the school and by the time I left I was worried about the activist energy there. But my…


Seeing the Changes and Icons in New Orleans

by Guest Columnist on September 30 2006, 8:36AM

on tuesday afternoon it was decided that tuesday night was the best time to go to new orleans for my third organizational development trip for the new orleans network. the anniversary is past. going a bit too fast meant i…


The Bell Curve, Survivor Style

by Guest Columnist on September 28 2006, 8:22PM

What to write, what to write - this is my first post as a Colorlines blogger. Running an organization is such a full-time job, it’s taken me a second to get going. But I am having a completely self-righteous and…


Bloggers of Color Left Out of Clinton Meeting

by Guest Columnist on September 15 2006, 9:20AM

by Liza Sabater from culture kitchen Peter Daou has given me permission to post his response as to why not one black or latino blogger was invited to the meeting in Harlem: From: Subject: RE: There are no black…


Human Rights Coming Home - EVENT TONIGHT

by Guest Columnist on September 14 2006, 2:55PM

by Mallika Dutt For almost two decades, I attended events at The Riverside Church – after all I lived around the corner so it was easy. And each time I walked into the nave to listen or watch an amazing…


Author Forum: Touring Disaster

by Guest Columnist on September 12 2006, 7:47AM

by Jordan Flaherty In the new issue of Colorlines, I wrote Touring Disaster about the mixed feelings people in New Orleans have about the many visitors who have come through. Its been a wide ranging group: from Spike Lee, Brad…