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Guest Columnist

“Talk to Me” talks to the (movement’s) heart, says Davis, telling us to heal

by Guest Columnist on July 19 2007, 10:13AM

Trailer for “Talk to Me” Beandrea Davis for RaceWire: **** “He’s just a regular-ass nigga from D.C. who likes to run his mouth and for some reason people respond.” That was the moment my heart sank in the movie…


CNN misses the point of the 7-Eleven Simpsons controversy

by Guest Columnist on July 11 2007, 8:21AM

*This first appeared at Racialicious. Carmen Van Kerckhove, co-founder of New Demographic, an anti-racism training company, writes: I tuned in last night to watch the Paula Zahn Now segment on the Simpsons movie promotion in which they are turning 7-Elevens…

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“A Conservative encyclopedia you can trust”

by Guest Columnist on July 10 2007, 7:48AM

Sara Rosell for RaceWire: Have you ever questioned the neutrality and so-called omnipresence of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that “anyone can edit”? Well, 58 home-schooled children who created Conservapedia sure have. Initiated last November, the website began as a…


TMZ pulls the “ho” card

by Guest Columnist on July 2 2007, 11:56AM

Singing sensation Beyonce performed “Get Me Bodied” at 2007 BET Awards. Later, fashion critics called her a “roboho,” stirring up ghosts of Imus. Sara Rosell for RaceWire: **** Last time I checked, Don Imus-gate resulted in “ho” being a…

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Moore’s “Sicko” wins but loses race

by Guest Columnist on June 26 2007, 1:24PM

Michael Moore is getting lots of attention for his movie “Sicko” that exposes America’s health insurance system that works to save more money than lives. So I was excited going to see it this past weekend. But in telling the…

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A day in the life, fighting for immigration reform

by Guest Columnist on June 26 2007, 11:24AM

by Deepa Iyer It’s another day in the immigration reform debate, and in our small office in Washington D.C., we begin yet another round of talks about the prospect of real reform this year for South Asian immigrants, 75% of…

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Jessie Smith and her trail of reporters

by Guest Columnist on June 25 2007, 8:56AM

Elizabeth Smart. Lacie Peterson. Natalee Holloway. Kelsey Smith. Given the constant media coverage of these women, you don’t have to monitor tnews to correctly identify them as those reported missing by their loved ones. But what else do these women…

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Stealing land, hope after Katrina: the how-to guide

by Guest Columnist on June 22 2007, 10:42AM

by Jacob Faber Jacob Faber, a Researcher at the Center for Social Inclusion, looks at how state policies concerning post-Katrina housing and business development are laying a blueprint for the expulsion of Blacks. He writes for RaceWire: “The Future of…

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Americans cross U.S.-Mexico border for healthcare

by Guest Columnist on June 18 2007, 11:59AM

by Too Sense If for some reason, Republicans have managed to convince you that there isn’t a health care crisis in this country, this will probably change your mind. Desperate Americans are now crossing the border into Mexico to find…

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Emmitt Till Law Moves in House

by Guest Columnist on June 15 2007, 11:16AM

by Brian Beutler for the Media Consortium In 1955, Emmitt Till, a 14-year-old black kid from Chicago, was savagely murdered by two white men who dumped his body into the Mississippi Delta. The crime was reprehensible and the suspects clearly…

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Israel Occupation at 40. Older, not wiser

by Guest Columnist on June 14 2007, 12:40PM

by Steven Salaita Men and women from all over the Southern West Bank stand in line for hours each morning on their way to work outside of Bethlehem. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is 40 years old this month. But…


“Colin Powell Advising Barack Obama”

by Guest Columnist on June 11 2007, 8:38AM

(Photo Credit) Sure it’s wise for presidential hopeful Barack Obama to meet with the Colin Powell, the controversial, former high-ranking official who many whites believed would be America’s first Black male president. Any future president should know what the…


“Refusing Gotcha Questions”

by Guest Columnist on June 11 2007, 8:03AM

From the Daily Kos’s MissLaura: In last Sunday night’s debate, Wolf Blitzer asked the candidates to raise their hands if they supported making English the official language of the United States. Only Mike Gravel raised his hand. Then Barack Obama…



by Guest Columnist on June 7 2007, 11:00AM

RaceWire is proud to bring you another I-Narrative—stories written by people who have an up-close view on race in America. This month, we feature Angy Black Woman, a mad blogger who’s taken the blogworld’s racial analysis to an edgier level…


It’s Just Not Sexy

by Guest Columnist on June 4 2007, 11:51AM

*Here’s RaceWire’s forth immigration analysis by a staff member of the Applied Research Center, the racial justice organization that produces ColorLines Magazine. Logic dictates that if you don’t ask the right question, you won’t get the right answer. So it…

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The Cost of Greening NYCity

by Guest Columnist on May 30 2007, 10:23AM

by Mafruza Khan (NYC Mayor Michael Boomberg) PlaNYC is an ambitious plan New York Mayor Michael Bloomblerg announced last month to make our air, water, energy, land, and transport more environmentally friendly. While everybody loves Bloomberg, his mayoral acumen and…

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And then there was Loving Day

by Guest Columnist on May 11 2007, 10:39AM

(Photo: Ahead of the 40th anniversary of the legalization of interracial marriage June 12, mixed-raced couples have been in tnews lately. And the stories seem to have two major themes— that there are more interracial couples in the…


Katrina Update: Most Blacks Can’t Return; Health Crisis

by Guest Columnist on May 11 2007, 8:06AM

This Month Mafruza Khan of the Center for Social Inclusion updates us on post-Katrina New Orleans as recovery continues to stagger along the color line. She writes: The Center for Social Inclusion’s New Orleans Recovery Report Card is a monthly…

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Deportation Woes Frame Immigration Rally

by Guest Columnist on April 29 2007, 10:17PM

A mass mobilization of Asian Americans around immigrant rights is coming together this week starting April 30 in Washington, D.C. Roughly 400 Asian Pacific Americans are expected to gather for a two-day action ending on May 1, Asian Pacific American…

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Why Tiger Woods is the Only Black Golfer on the PGA Tour

by Guest Columnist on April 29 2007, 7:53AM

“African-Americans not progressing 10 years after Masters breakthrough,” MSNBC reported April 1. The story continued: “It’s a travesty, no doubt about it,” said Pete McDaniel, a black author and journalist who has chronicled the history of blacks in golf….