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Guest Columnist

Will the Failing Economy Advance Racial Justice?

by Guest Columnist on October 3 2008, 12:21PM

by Samantha Erskine I’m wondering how everyone else feels about the idea that our failing economy might advance racial justice. On November 4th, we will find out what America really cares about. On the one hand, we have a Black…

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Why Racial Politics and Voting in Ohio Impact Us All

by Guest Columnist on October 3 2008, 10:44AM

By Chris Crews Only a few months ago, I was tromping through the lush forests of Central Ohio passing Amish horse and buggies and eating venison while working as an environmental education teacher with Ohio middle schoolers. But nowadays…

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Bush’s Economic 9/11

by Guest Columnist on September 29 2008, 12:42PM

Photo credit: Jamie Denise Lahane Economic 9-11: The Shrinking of Political Space By Roberto Lovato, Of América NEW YORK – Arun Gupta stood between the throngs of tourists and the small army of activists squeezing onto the narrow concrete…


Green Jobs Now! 09.27.08

by Guest Columnist on September 26 2008, 8:18AM

Originally published on Huffington Post. Jumpstart The Economy: We Need Green Jobs Now By Van Jones George W. Bush’s house of credit cards is falling down - on the heads of the American people. We need dramatic action -…


Passports Denied: Mexican-Americans Can’t Travel

by Guest Columnist on September 23 2008, 12:47PM

By Roberto Lovato, Of América Originally published at New America Media Editor’s note: Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people of Mexican descent were subjected to unreasonable and arbitrary demands to prove that they are citizens of the United States before…

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Wall Street’s Woes a Depression for People of Color

by Guest Columnist on September 17 2008, 3:33PM

By Victor Goode While Wall Street reels from the chaos created by this latest economic crisis, little has been said in the main stream media about its effect on communities of color. Few people of color are worried about…

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So Much for States’ Rights

by Guest Columnist on September 16 2008, 7:40PM

by Jarad Sanchez NWFCO For years, California has allowed undocumented students who have met stringent requirements to pay in-state tuition at all state colleges and universities. This week a California State Court of Appeal ruled this week that the law…

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Sisters Dropping Beats

by Guest Columnist on September 16 2008, 10:00AM

By Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Women of Color Resource Center Speak Fierce! First the mainstream media reported that he’d said it—lipstick on a pig—then they reported that the other side was upset, and thought he was sexist! After a fantastic week-long bout…


Community Organizing Still Has Room to Grow

by Guest Columnist on September 12 2008, 8:49AM

Originally posted on Movement Vision Lab By Charlene Sinclair There is no question as to whether community organizers have real accomplishments and responsibilities. The question though should be whether community organizing, as it is currently practiced, is structured to achieve…


Not giving up: DNA, Rights and Justice

by Guest Columnist on September 10 2008, 1:22PM

By Truc Thanh Nguyen from Generations Ahead This past weekend, during breakfast with some friends, the topic of genetics popped up in conversation. That happens a lot these days as people ask me what it is that I do….

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Bigger Than Hip-Hop :: A Q+A With Kevin Powell

by Guest Columnist on September 9 2008, 11:29AM

photo by Aaron Taylor Originally published on Zentronix By jchang On Tuesday, New York voters will go to the polls in an important Democratic primary. 42 year-old, former Vibe writer Kevin Powell faces off against 74 year-old, 26-year veteran…


Who wins when Starbucks loses?

by Guest Columnist on September 5 2008, 11:38AM

By Kim Fellner, author of Wrestling With Starbucks: Conscience, Capital, Cappuccino (Rutgers University Press) When I first wrote about Starbucks for ColorLines in 2004, the company was riding high. Its stock was dancing near $40 and its expansion goals…


Alaska Sounds like Aztlan — Palin Leading the Secessionist Reconquista?

by Guest Columnist on September 5 2008, 8:53AM

By Roberto Lovato, Of América Sarah Palin’s repetition (5 times) of the word “Alaska,” her home state, during her acceptance speech last night may actually have sounded to some Latinos like “Aztlan,” the mythical homeland of the Aztecs. If Lou…


RNC Enters My Backyard, Protesters Storm St. Paul

by Guest Columnist on September 2 2008, 8:08AM

Special report by Rebecca McDonald Raids of suspected terrorists swept the Twin Cities before the Republican National Convention doors even opened. I was driving down I-94 on Saturday and saw a green school bus pulled over. Monday Morning My…


A Note on DNC Protesters…and Activists In General!

by Guest Columnist on August 28 2008, 10:42AM

Originally published on Kenyon Farrow Today I came across this video report, from the American News Project, about police intimidation of protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. This video, we’ve seen a million times since the…

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Headed to the DNC

by Guest Columnist on August 25 2008, 12:16AM

Rebecca McDonald, a young blogger for Rock the Vote and The Source, drove from Minnesota to the DNC. Here are some of her pics….


The Irony of Gary Glitter

by Guest Columnist on August 20 2008, 4:02PM

by Joyce Li I’m a bit young to remember any of Gary Glitter’s actual hits, but I do remember that a funny-looking British ex-pop star was imprisoned in Vietnam three years ago, for allegedly molesting two underage girls. This morning,…

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“Cops Gone Wild”: Community fights back

by Guest Columnist on August 7 2008, 8:28AM

by Joyce Li Councilman Charles Barron speaks to the crowd Today, community members, social justice organizations, and elected officials gathered at the Manhattan fortress called One Police Plaza in a coalition-based effort against police brutality. The press conference, dubbed “Cops…


Racial Justice Setting the Table for Genetic Technologies

by Guest Columnist on August 7 2008, 7:19AM

By Truc Thanh Nguyen If you had asked me a year ago, what I thought about genetic technologies in relation to social justice - I would have responded, “Genetic what….? That is a conversation for class privileged folks–we’re busy still…


John McCain uses Paris Hilton as Race-Bait

by Guest Columnist on August 6 2008, 9:01AM

By Irwin Tang An interview with me regarding John McCain’s use of the racial slur “gook” went viral just in time for McCain to play the “race card” card – saying that Barack Obama had somehow played “the race…