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Angela Davis Speaks Out Against FBI Raids

Angela Davis Speaks Out Against FBI Raids

by Jamilah King on November 21 2010, 10:26AM

The longtime activist calls a recent case against 14 activists an “assault on democracy.”

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New TSA Screening Guidelines Anger Sikh Travelers

by Julianne Hing on November 16 2010, 3:05PM

Since Sept. 11, Sikhs have increasingly become targets of racial profiling.

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Honoring Our Nation's Veterans Photo

Honoring Our Nation’s Veterans

by Hatty Lee, Jamilah King on November 11 2010, 3:36PM

We take a moment to look at the sacrifices soldiers face abroad, and at home.

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Former President Bush Sidesteps Park51 Debate

Former President Bush Sidesteps Park51 Debate

by on November 10 2010, 3:53PM

Says that today’s debate is driven by “a few loud voices.” But not his, of course.

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Report: FBI's Paying For Bad Terrorism Information

Report: FBI’s Paying For Bad Terrorism Information

by on October 11 2010, 3:46PM

The federal government’s search for domestic terrorists continues to go haywire.

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Times Sq. Bomber's Life Sentence Condemns Conservative Ideology

Times Sq. Bomber’s Life Sentence Condemns Conservative Ideology

by on October 5 2010, 1:55PM

But the Shahzad case may be another lesson not learned.

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Charges That a Civil Rights Hero Was an FBI Spy Shouldn't Shock Us

Charges That a Civil Rights Hero Was an FBI Spy Shouldn’t Shock Us

by Barbara Ransby on September 15 2010, 10:46AM

Government snoops were always close confidants.

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Aerial Drones Take Over the Border

Aerial Drones Take Over the Border

by Julianne Hing on September 1 2010, 1:30PM

Does everyone feel safe yet?

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Obama’s “Ground Zero Mosque” Backtrack

by Julianne Hing on August 16 2010, 1:02PM

Says his position is about upholding the Constitution, not politics.

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Muslim American Held in Cairo on No-Fly List

Muslim American Held in Cairo on No-Fly List

by Daisy Hernandez on June 16 2010, 2:50PM

Yahya Wehelie, from Fairfax, Virginia, US, displays his US passport in Cairo, Egypt. Wehelie has been stuck in Egypt for the last six weeks because his name was on a U.S. no-fly list due to people he met during a…

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Under Political Siege, Muslim Americans Confront America’s Ugly Side

by Michelle Chen on June 7 2010, 12:02PM

Besieged by media attacks and riven by internal conflicts, Muslim American communities have been wrestling with an identity crisis for years now. The latest slew of “homegrown terrorism” allegations has prompted the Obama administration to show that it’s at least…

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“White Christian Terrorist” Still an Oxymoron in 2010

by Channing Kennedy on June 2 2010, 2:29PM

This week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled the nation’s new National Security Strategy. There’s a lot improved over the previous version from 2006 (the one that used the word “preemption”), and a lot to praise. The Obama version…

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Shahzad Appears in Court after 2 Weeks, Becomes Canvas for Due Process Debate

by on May 19 2010, 9:57AM

Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shahzad, 30, (R) is pictured in a courtroom sketch during a brief federal court appearance May 18, 2010 in New York City. (Courtroom sketch by Christine Cornell/Getty Images) Faisal Shahzad, the man who allegedly attempted…

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With Miranda, Obama Moves Dangerously to the Right

by on May 11 2010, 11:59AM

A day after Attorney General Eric Holder said he’s working to amend the Miranda law for terrorism suspects, Obama’s chief political adviser, David Axelrod, told CNN that the president is “open to looking at” a change to the rule. The…

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Holder’s Slippery Slope: Denying Miranda Rights on the Way to Torture

by on May 10 2010, 11:59AM

Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that the Obama administration will move to make the Miranda law more flexible for people facing accusations of terror. The debate over whether or not to Mirandize terrorism suspects has been renewed by the…

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Does Obama Administration Support Expatriation and Assassination of US Citizens?

by on May 7 2010, 10:43AM

UPDATE @ 12:00 ET White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday that nobody in the White House supports the recently proposed legislation that would strip the citizenship of US citizens connected to International terrorist groups. The statements however, contradict…

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Lieberman Will Introduce Bill to Take Away Citizen’s Citizenship

by on May 5 2010, 10:30AM

Following the arrest of Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-born, US citizen who is said to have admitted to involvement in Sunday’s failed Time Square bombing, the airways and Congressional wings were buzzing with talk of how to strip the citizenship rights…

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Where’s the Hate for Times Square Bomber?

by Daisy Hernandez on May 4 2010, 5:36PM

After more than a week of following the hate campaign in Arizona, I suppose it’s only reasonable to expect that a brown man trying to bomb Times Square would get some racist reaction. Something overt. But instead of explicitly focusing…

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White House Reaches Out to Muslims, Who Want More Action Than Talk

by Julianne Hing on April 20 2010, 9:39AM

The New York Times reported over the weekend that the White House has been making quiet overtures to make amends with the Muslim community in the U.S. and build a stronger relationship for a healthier climate for policy making….

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Stay Classy, Right Wingers

by Jamilah King on March 26 2010, 1:20PM

As the violent and racially-charged fallout from last week’s passage health care reform continues, so does the finger-pointing. Over the past week, the mainstream media’s been reporting that mostly Democratic Congressional members have been targeted with bricks, spit, racial…

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