Trouble at the Border

by The News on June 4 2007, 1:12PM

(Photo credit) Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is indeed the case for some immigrant women trying to smuggle their children into the country, the AP reported today. Read this important story: An increasing number of illegal immigrants…

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It’s Just Not Sexy

by Guest Columnist on June 4 2007, 11:51AM

*Here’s RaceWire’s forth immigration analysis by a staff member of the Applied Research Center, the racial justice organization that produces ColorLines Magazine. Logic dictates that if you don’t ask the right question, you won’t get the right answer. So it…

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Immigrant Rights: A Question of Strategy and Vision

by Tram Nguyen on May 30 2007, 3:15PM

This is a critical time in the Senate process for immigration reform legislation. Senators are hoping to move through crucial amendment votes this Monday, and to wrap up work on the bill by the end of next week. Especially now,…

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On “criminality, nepotism and luck.”

by Rinku Sen on May 30 2007, 8:55AM

Last week, David Brooks argued in the New York Times that the immigration reform bill that passed the Senate would reinforce middle class values among immigrants, encouraging them to think long term, work hard and enjoy competition. He likes this…

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Tough Week for Immigration, Here’s a Little Funny

by Malena Amusa on May 25 2007, 3:03PM

It’s been a tense week for immigration activists as the Senate kicks around its bi-partisan bill that has few promising features and that will dramatically impact what it means to be an American. We’ve done a lot of stories on…

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Immigration Poll Calls Bluff on Americans

by The News on May 25 2007, 12:48PM

Do polls that claim to represent “the American people” on complex issues for which there is no one American viewpoint actually tell us anything useful? The New York Times today reported that the majority of Americans support measures that make…

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And where are our people on this?

by Tammy Johnson on May 24 2007, 9:23AM

So here we are again. With 12 million lives in the balance, many of them Latino, African and Asian, who are the voices being heard on the evening news regarding the latest immigration bill? White folk. You’ve got California…

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If you don’t know… Here ya go

by The News on May 23 2007, 8:39AM

RaceWire has been up on the Senate’s new immigration trials taking place since Monday. And as the Senate rushes to reach a vote on the latest immigration bill, we’ll continue to push the debate along. By clarifying and analyzing the…

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Crucial Guest-Worker Amendment Defeated

by The News on May 23 2007, 8:20AM

After a few hours of debate, the Senate voted Tuesday to keep the guest-worker program as a part of the latest immigration bill. The program will allow up to 600,000 laborers in on two-year stints to fill low-wage, low-skill jobs….

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No May Deadline for Immigration Bill

by The News on May 22 2007, 8:45AM

After four hours of discussion Monday, the Senate decided to extend its Memorial Day deadline next Monday to vote on the latest immigration bill, the New York Times reported Tuesday. Many Senators aren’t buying what some have called the “last…

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McCain Courts Legalization, Latino Votes

by The News on May 22 2007, 6:53AM

Republican presidential hopefuls and rivals Sen. John McCain and former Gov. Mitt Romney are throwing mud at each other over the Senate’s new immigration bill proposing a pathway to legalization for illegal immigrants, a guest-worker program, a fenced border, and…

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Senate Debates on Immigration Bill Start Today

by The News on May 21 2007, 8:55AM

(What we hope won’t be the case with the immigration bill.) Supporters of the controversial bi-partisan immigration bill hope the Senate will make headway on the legislation by Memorial Day next Monday. The bill, which president Bush backs but…

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Bipartisan Deal Struck on Shaky Immigration Bill

by The News on May 18 2007, 6:54AM

Since a House immigration bill was introduced in Dec. 2005 proposing that 700 miles of double-layered fencing be built along the U.S.-Mexico border, that border patrol agents be increased from 12,000, and that the Diversity Lottery Program be eliminated, the…

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Only Some Immigrants Need Apply

by The News on May 17 2007, 11:17AM

Senators are nearing a compromise on an immigration policy. And we should all be concerned. The latest immigration proposal under consideration is a “comprehensive bill” that includes a point-system which, according to a NYTimes article today, does two things: 1)…

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Jim Crow Calif. Candidate Gets Cleared

by The News on May 17 2007, 10:53AM

Former Orange County Congressional candidate Tan Nguyen sent letters to Latino immigrants warning them that if they tried voting then they’d be incarcerated or deported, according to a brief in the New York Times today. But California’s attorney’s general office…

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After Western Union Protest, Waiting

by The News on May 16 2007, 10:35AM

Last week, immigration activists rallied in New York against Western Union, a company they say takes too much in profits from immigrants sending money back home, and invests very little in immigrant communities in the states. The Nation covering the…

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Ain’t I a Mother

by Malena Amusa on May 14 2007, 12:57PM

Women of Color Blogger posted this video in March after ugly immigration raids in New Bedford. She asked: Do women of color count as women? And mothers. Here’s a story worth resurfacing, of a mother, who because of dehumanizing…

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They’re after familia: Immigration raids at music concerts

by Daisy Hernandez on May 14 2007, 9:28AM

ICE is arresting Latinos across the country including at a shopping mall and now they’ve apparently moved onto music concerts. That’s according to members of Mexico’s legendary music group Los Tigres del Norte. The Grammy-award winning group is finding that…

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Did We March for This?

by Andre Banks on May 4 2007, 10:48AM

This week we spent a lot of time documenting the May 1st immigration marches. From a reflection on Western Union and remittance to a recap of the police violence, we followed the demos from coast to coast. (Check out some…

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Western Union: the Fastest Way to Steal Money

by Donna Hernandez on May 3 2007, 11:22AM

At an immigration rally I attended yesterday in New York, I spoke with several immigrants about their work and unfair wages. Many complained about absurd fees charged by Western Union on remittances—transfers of funds by immigrant workers to their…

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