VOICES FROM DETENTION: Armando’s Story Part I: “Anxious at the Gates”

by Guest Columnist on March 19 2008, 10:23AM

by Raha Jorjani Every year in the United States, approximately 280,000 people are detained in federal detention centers, private prisons, and county jails, and face deportation to their countries of origin. It is their very detention and deportation that makes…

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Miss. Black Unions Incorporate Immigrant Rights

by Jonathan Adams on March 10 2008, 2:52PM

From American Prospect Mississippi’s Black labor groups are organizing alongside the state’s growing immigrant population to fight for driver’s licenses for all residents. Throughout the 1990s more immigrants arrived looking for work. Some guest workers overstayed their visas, while husbands…

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The New Yorker Magazine Illuminates Racial Violence of the American Security State, Then and Now.

by on March 5 2008, 1:48PM

I read the New Yorker Magazine a bit ambivalently. Written in sometimes verbose, usually pretentious prose, the magazine is pegged for postgraduate degreed liberals and post-political hipsters. Despite this, the magazine has a proclivity for pushing the line. The past…

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Student Column’s Satire Not Funny

by Guest Columnist on February 28 2008, 10:29AM

by Alex Jung Maybe it’s because I’m Asian American, but I’m confused by Max Karson’s “satirical” opinion editorial, “If It’s War the Asians Want…It’s War They’ll Get” in the Campus Press at Colorado University, that has caused a veritable firestorm…

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ICED Video Game Imitates Immigrant’s Life

by Tracy Kronzak on February 28 2008, 9:28AM

Today I spent some time playing Breakthrough’s ICED video game. I’m not much of a gamer as I am a maven for technology and its uses. But ICED is one of the best uses of the myriad of open-source…

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Citizens In Waiting…For How Long?

by Guest Columnist on February 26 2008, 9:52AM

by Deepa Iyer Around the country, citizens are going to the polls to register their votes in primaries and caucuses. But for a significant segment of the population who are “citizens in waiting” – legal permanent residents who have applied…

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ICED: I Can End Deportation Video Game

by Jonathan Adams on February 18 2008, 10:02AM

Breakthrough is taking the fight for immigrants rights viral! The video game called ICED uses a multiracial cast of young avatars with varying degrees of citizenship to teach the video game players about the hard decisions many immigrants face…

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The US and Vietnam make a deal, Vietnamese immigrants suffer

by Guest Columnist on February 5 2008, 9:31AM

by Raha Jorjani What if someone told you that you had two weeks to pack your bags and leave the country? On January 22, 2008, the United States and Vietnam made an agreement for the forced return of hundreds of…

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Dispatch from Idaho

by Guest Columnist on January 30 2008, 9:45AM

contributed by NWFCO Last Monday, on Martin Luther King Day, the Idaho Community Action Network held a rally to kick off the “Welcoming Idaho” campaign in Burley, part of Idaho’s Magic Valley. It was a cold, windy day, but we…

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Immigrant Rights Conference Centers Racial Justice

by on January 22 2008, 12:11PM

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights held their national conference last weekend in Houston, TX. I was struck by the participants’ energy and the analysis that centered racial justice throughout the three-day gathering. Conference sessions drew connections between…

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The People We Always Forget

by Guest Columnist on December 18 2007, 11:54AM

by Thanu Yakupitiyage In all the hype surrounding the immigration debate, nothing has ever moved me as much as the recent Reuters article about the impact that stricter travel policies are having on Native American tribes. The U.S. Western Hemisphere…

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Alberto Gonzales Named Lawyer of the Year by the ABA Journal

by Guest Columnist on December 14 2007, 8:02AM

***UPDATE*** After our blog, the ABA Journal has changed its mind. When this article was posted online on December 12, 2007, it was titled “Lawyers of the Year 2007 and 2008.” The article defined that term as the year’s…

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Ratner’s Work Connects Racial Justice and Civil Liberties

by Tram Nguyen on December 5 2007, 8:08AM

It may be baffling to some people why the American public hasn’t become outraged by the fact that our government conducts torture in our name, even in the wake of Abu Ghraib and the transformation of once-obscure terms like “rendition”…

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “Humanizing” the Immigration Raids

by on November 30 2007, 6:37AM

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has adopted a set of humanitarian guidelines to be followed while carrying out work-site immigration raids. The guidelines aim to address criticisms of the raids that have happened across the country. While there is a…

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Anti-tax Initiatives Invoke Immigration Debate

by Guest Columnist on November 16 2007, 8:54AM

contributed by NWFCO When final election results roll in, Washington state’s latest anti-tax ballot initiative probably will squeak to victory. Passions may have cooled in recent years when it comes to the “taxpayer revolt,” but it is clear that anti-tax…

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Romney: “An Exceptional Leader for Exceptional New Challenges”

by on November 13 2007, 8:47AM

Mitt Romney scares me. Giuliani scares me. Actually, most of them scare me. One reason that Mitt Romney scares me in particular is his line on immigration. Romney advocates “tough” immigration policy that further criminalizes undocumented immigrants, “secures borders,” and…

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On tnews Tonight: Children Of Men

by Daisy Hernandez on November 7 2007, 4:31PM

The most chilling scene for me in Alfonso Cuarón’s 2006 film Children of Men is when Clive Owen’s character is commuting home from work. At the train station, immigrants are locked in wire cages and begging for help. ICE-like officials…

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Immigrants and the Fires

by on October 31 2007, 2:18PM

As the fires in Los Angeles cool and relief efforts heat up, we are once again posed with the bleak reality that when the smoke clears, people of color and immigrants face abandonment and punishment. Reports show incidents of undocumented…

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Blackwater Sets Sites On US/Mexico Border.

by on October 23 2007, 1:56PM

Blackwater Securities, the private contractor under scrutiny for the murder of Iraqi civilians, has set its sites on the US/Mexico Border. While no agreement has been reached to contract border patrol to the firm, statements and lobbying efforts indicate that…

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UPDATE: Bush Reverses Raids, Migrant Workers Needed On Farms

by Jonathan Adams on October 11 2007, 10:01AM

I wrote a story recently about the government’ attempt to get free labor off the backs of immigrants and prisoners. The Los Angeles Times reports that newly rewritten regulations will allow more immigrants to enter the country to bolster…

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