Phoenix Sheriff Sued for Racial Profiling

by Jonathan Adams on July 17 2008, 2:23PM

Bettina Hansen/The Arizona Republic The ACLU and MALDEF have filed a class action suit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who they say illegally targets Latinos in his immigration sweeps. The attack on the sweeps alleged the officers based…

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Stories on the Border

by Jonathan Adams on July 16 2008, 12:33PM

h/t Immigration Prof A group of filmmakers recently took a trip along the U.S/Mexico border collecting stories to create a series of short films documenting life on both sides of the border. The videos are available The stories are…

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McCain and Obama at LULAC on Immigration

by Jonathan Adams on July 9 2008, 2:27PM

Senators John McCain(R-Ariz.) and Barack Obama(D-Ill.) spoke at the League of United Latin American Citizens Convention Tuesday….

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Newsflash: Talk About Immigration—It Works!

by Daisy Hernandez on July 9 2008, 11:34AM

I confess. I’m a sucker for pollsters. I know they’re never saying anything new or fascinating, but the sound of someone rattling off numbers that reflect a party’s political strategy that might affect the outcome in November….hooks me every…

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Eating American on the Fourth of July

by Rinku Sen on July 7 2008, 11:47AM

En Español On this Fourth of July, I will be eating hot dogs. While I was trying to fit in as an Indian immigrant child throughout the 1970’s, they represented the quintessential American food. I begged my mother to…

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ICE Challenges San Francisco Sanctuary

by Jonathan Adams on June 30 2008, 10:31AM

H/T Immigration Prof San Francisco juvenile probation officials are trying to protect the rights of young immigrants, but ICE representatives argue that the city’s sanctuary should not allow a criminal to evade the law. San Francisco juvenile probation officials -…

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Evo Morales Gives a Lesson on Immigration

by Jonathan Adams on June 18 2008, 2:47PM

Republished from Of América What Obama and McCain Can Learn From Evo Morales About Immigration - and Leadership By Roberto Lovato If you want to hear what a Real Leader sounds like with regard to immigration policy, check out Bolivian…

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Immigration Prosecutions Hit Record Numbers

by Victor Corral on June 18 2008, 1:37PM

Today, Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) released a new report that showed that federal immigration prosecutions reached an all time high this past March. 9,350 defendants were prosecuted in March of 2008, two and a half times more…

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Senator Menendez Rightly Raises the Stakes of the Immigration Debate

by Jonathan Adams on June 12 2008, 2:40PM

Washington, DC – Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) delivered an important speech on the U.S. Senate floor yesterday, calling for reform to U.S. immigration policies and a renewed emphasis on protecting the constitutional rights of those improperly targeted by recent…

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Judge Blocks Order to Outlaw Arizona Day Laborers

by Jonathan Adams on June 5 2008, 10:50AM

Courtesy of Nick Mazur h/t ImmigrationProf The ACLU announced today that “The U.S District Court in Phoenix issued a preliminary order today stopping the town of Cave Creek, Arizona from enforcing an anti-solicitation ordinance that infringes on the free…

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Raids a Reminder of Historical Backlash Against Immigrants

by Megan Izen on May 30 2008, 12:34PM

I’m not “the sky is falling type” but if I were an undocumented immigrant, that’s definitely how I’d feel right about now. Immigrant communities around the country are being attacked by ICE, the criminal justice system, legislators, vigilante groups,…

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America’s First Coloring Book

by Jonathan Adams on May 28 2008, 8:27AM

H/T ImmigrationProf Check out Breakthrough’s new video on Immigration….

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Immigrant Rights Activists Face Death Threats in Georgia

by Jonathan Adams on May 27 2008, 2:03PM

From Of América This story originally appeared in Atlanta Latino was translated by New America Media. Death threats have not intimidated pro-Latino activists in Georgia. Instead, they have spurred them to join forces across racial lines to counteract the…

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Indian Laborers Committed to Hunger Strike for Justice

by Jonathan Adams on May 23 2008, 11:40AM

tkeleher reported on his trip to New Orleans a couple months ago where he experienced the multiracial coalition of workers on the Gulf Coast organizing Indian H-2B guest workers trafficked to the US to work for little money and…

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New Haven ID Card Carries On Despite Challenges

by Jonathan Adams on May 22 2008, 10:07AM

H/T ImmigrationProf Last year, in an act of considerable political courage, New Haven began offering a municipal ID card to all residents, including illegal immigrants. The reaction from anti-immigrant forces was predictably ugly. Protesters disrupted hearings, heckled and threatened city…

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Transnational Realities

by Dom Apollon on May 15 2008, 9:32AM

The xenophobic paranoia that demonizes undocumented immigrants as sub-human criminals and alien invaders who are somehow fulfilling a lifelong dream to flaunt American border laws out of disrespect, or as part of some strategic re-conquest of the west, so…

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US Government Takes Immigrants’ Taxes, But Immigrants Won’t Receive Rebates

by Jonathan Adams on May 12 2008, 8:28AM

Immigrant families contribute millions to the economy and have been some of the worst affected by this economic recession. Even though the US government makes sure to collect taxes from immigrants, whole families are ineligible to receive the tax rebates….

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Juan Crow in Georgia

by Jonathan Adams on May 9 2008, 6:00AM

Roberto Lovato goes down South to learn more about life as a Latino in Georgia. Lovato follows a seventeen year old girl, Justeen Mancha and describes her experiences with Juan Crow. Originally published in The Nation By Roberto Lovato The…

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After 60 Years, Israel’s Arabs are Still Outsiders; Rumors of ICE Raids Near Schools

by The News on May 7 2008, 6:56AM

Arabs Still Outcasts in Israel Sixty years later, Israel’s 1.3 million Arab citizens still experience disparities in the nation and feel increasingly unwanted in their home. New York Times. San Francisco Has Fewer Black Residents, More Black Inmates As San…

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MVL: Reports Back from DC May Day Rally

by Jonathan Adams on May 6 2008, 11:48AM

From Movement Vision Lab, Check out these short audio interviews from May Day in Washington DC. Featured interviews include immigrants, activists, filmmakers, and hip hop artists. Check out some of these interviews here: * Nicola Wells, organizer with FIRM -…

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