English and equality in the classroom and the courts

by Michelle Chen on April 20 2009, 8:54PM

Miriam Flores, 22, has bad memories of third grade. That was when she stopped being able to understand her teacher. As her family recounts the story, her grades dropped suddenly after her school in Nogales, Arizona, a town near…

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As Long as ‘Latino’ Is Synonymous With ‘Immigrant,’ We Will Remain a Class Apart

by Jorge Rivas on April 20 2009, 2:02PM

via AlterNet Here we go, once more, into the political battlefield that is “immigration reform.” As the respective armies assemble to hash out who deserves citizenship and at what cost, we question whether true citizenship can be won by Latinos,…

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The racial divide across the Atlantic

by Michelle Chen on April 17 2009, 2:58PM

In the global context, America’s problems with racism, diversity and segregation are unique in some ways, typical in others. The Center for American Progress has published an analysis comparing different challenges of racial and ethnic integration on both sides…

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Parents in exile

by Michelle Chen on April 16 2009, 12:14PM

The threat of deportation has loomed heavily over immigrant communities for years, but the issue has never gained much traction in the mainstream immigration debate, perhaps owing to the stigma surrounding so-called “criminal” deportees. But research published by Human…

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Legalize the Undocumented, Help Fix the Economy

by Guest Columnist on April 16 2009, 9:42AM

by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger This is the immigration wire for the week of April 9-16, 2009, published by The Media Consortium. The dialogue on immigration has, historically, been contentious and cyclical. There are times when hysteria peaks, and rational…

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Back to the Future? Southwest Border Czar to Make a Comeback in the Obama Administration?

by Guest Columnist on April 15 2009, 1:26PM

by Kevin R. Johnson originally posted at ImmigrationProf Blog. The L.A. Times reports for ominous news for those interested in improvement in U.S./Mexico border enforcement policies in the Obama Administration: A former U.S. attorney who oversaw a crackdown on illegal…

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Keeping the DREAM Act Alive [VIDEO]

by Julianne Hing on April 15 2009, 9:54AM

Last Friday, students held a rally in support of the federal Dream Act in Detroit. They gathered in front of Western International High School to show their support for the newly reintroduced bill that would allow undocumented high school…

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English immersion, educational exclusion

by Michelle Chen on April 14 2009, 8:36PM

How long does it take to make a child give up on school? Since the 2003 academic year, Boston has pushed public school students with limited English ability—who speak everything from Cantonese to Haitian Creole—into “Sheltered English Immersion” programs….

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Border insecurity

by Michelle Chen on April 10 2009, 6:27PM

For all the talk of protecting the border, the news that more corpses are being found along US-Mexico divide is a tragic sign of how narrowly the government defines the cost of “border security.” The Border Patrol’s latest progress…

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4 Things You Can Do Right Now for Immigration Reform

by Guest Columnist on April 10 2009, 8:40AM

Spring is in the air and The White House is feeling good. According to Senior Administration Officials, President Obama plans to begin addressing the country’s immigration system this year, including looking for a path for undocumented immigrants to become legal….

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What’s in a Name?

by Michelle Chen on April 9 2009, 2:38PM

Maybe Asian people would have an easier time participating in democracy if their names weren’t so darn tricky. That was the suggestion of one Texas legislator at a hearing on a proposed voter identification law. Though supporters argue that…

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Auntie Zeituni’s troubles

by Michelle Chen on April 3 2009, 3:39PM

As anti-immigrant groups flail around in search of new targets, they’ve stumbled upon a two-fer with Barack Obama’s aunt, now painted as a symbol of asylum “fraud” in the President’s family: The details of the backstory are vague, but…

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¡Si se puede en Arizona!

by Guest Columnist on April 2 2009, 10:37AM

by Valeria Fernández Santa Rita Hall, a tiny rectangular building tucked away in the heart of a Phoenix barrio, has come alive again. The place where Cesar Chavez started his three- week hunger strike on May 11, 1972, against inhumane…

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For immigrant women, vaccination vs. self-determination

by Michelle Chen on April 2 2009, 6:54AM

Immigrants arrive prepared to make sacrifices in order to settle in this country. But amid the many economic, cultural and bureaucratic hurdles they must negotiate, they probably didn’t anticipate women’s reproductive health rights were part of the bargain. But…

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Higher learning headed downward

by Michelle Chen on March 30 2009, 9:12PM

The fiscal crisis besieging state budgets is stretching America’s bootstrap mentality to a breaking point. Most states have slashed funds for higher education, including the community colleges and public universities that provide a critical avenue for low-income youth of…

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No refuge

by Michelle Chen on March 27 2009, 8:17PM

Thousands flock to America’s doorstep each year to flee torture, political persecution and other abuses. But many of the world’s huddled masses don’t get to breathe free after they land within U.S. borders. Thanks to draconian immigration laws, more…

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Latino Hate Crimes Rising, What Would You Do? [VIDEO]

by Jorge Rivas on March 27 2009, 3:39PM

ABC correspondent John Quiñones has been one of a handful of Latinos reporting for the network’s most popular primetime news shows. He’s covered the Contra War in Nicaragua, civil war in El Salvador, and the U.S. invasion of Panama….

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The global classroom

by Michelle Chen on March 24 2009, 4:15PM

If you’re a kid in a New York City classroom, there’s a good chance that your parents, and maybe you, were not born in the United States; there’s also a good chance that when it comes to participating in…

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Crisis on the other side

by Michelle Chen on March 23 2009, 2:42PM

Lately, politicians have made some bold pronouncements about violence along the US-Mexico border. Yet the economic downturn is posing a different, though related threat in Mexico, fueled by the volatile ebbs and flows of “free trade.” Dan LaBotz at…

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Up against the wall

by Michelle Chen on March 20 2009, 5:27AM

Just days after huddling with Latino members of Congress on immigration issues, President Obama has zeroed in on the issue of border security, and the air of change is starting to smell a bit more like leftovers from the…

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