Time’s Up: Activists Step Up Pressure on Immigration Reform

by Michelle Chen on August 13 2009, 9:30AM

President Obama’s announcement this week that immigration reform would be put on the back burner was met with disappointment tempered by cynicism. The hope that Obama’s election kindled has flickered over the past few months as the White House…

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Weekly Immigration Wire: Healthcare and the Undocumented

by Guest Columnist on August 13 2009, 8:36AM

By Nezua, TMC Mediawire Blogger This week’s Wire will be brief. The MediaWire Bloggers are in Pittsburgh, Pa. for Netroots Nation. We will return to our regular format next week. On Monday, President Obama met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen…

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An Early Start for Children of Immigrants

by Michelle Chen on August 7 2009, 10:51PM

The Obama administration wants to ramp up early childhood education, as part of its effort to narrow achievement gaps later in life. But universal preschool may not mean universal access for immigrant families. In an exploratory study, the Urban…

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New Direction for Detention?

by Michelle Chen on August 6 2009, 11:55PM

As the Obama administration pledges to reform the federal government’s vast immigration detention system, advocates might see some hope in ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton’s acknowledgment that “We need a system that is open, transparent and accountable.” But one…

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Cover the Uninsured, but Not the Undocumented?

by Michelle Chen on July 30 2009, 9:16PM

The recent jury decision supporting the deportation of Luis Jimenez illustrates a chilling dilemma in the healthcare system. Jimenez, a former laborer left paralyzed and brain damaged by a car accident, was discharged to his native Guatemala because his…

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Weekly Immigration Wire: Post-Racial Hypocrisy

by Guest Columnist on July 30 2009, 9:06AM

By Nezua, TMC Mediawire Blogger Nobody said becoming a post-racial nation would be easy. The United States has its first black president, but as the son of a Kenyan immigrant, his citizenship and legitimacy are still being questioned. In the…

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Immigration Detention: Enforcing a Double Standard

by Michelle Chen on July 28 2009, 9:03PM

Tens of thousands of people are living in a legal no-man’s land within our borders, and the government wants to keep it that way. According to a massive report just released by the ACLU of Southern California, the National…

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Napolitano on Bill Maher’s Show Tonight, Time to Speak Out Against 287(g)

by Guest Columnist on July 24 2009, 10:48AM

By Roberto Lovato Groups across the country are mobilizing to put pressure on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and President Obama to end the devastation caused by the Obama Administration’s 287(g) program. Denounced by (some) police chiefs, several…

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Breaking and entering

by Michelle Chen on July 23 2009, 12:18PM

The phenomenon of “llegal entry” has been in the news a lot lately—and when it comes to immigration, the problem seems to cut both ways. An investigation by researchers at Cardozo Law School found that in several Long Island…

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Weekly Immigration Wire: It’s a Multicultural World, After All

by Guest Columnist on July 23 2009, 9:40AM

by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger In the 1970s and 1980s, it was common to hear the phrase “melting pot.” Many people said our nation’s greatest strength could be found in its multitude of cultures, languages and histories. This sentiment has…

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Unprotected status

by Michelle Chen on July 21 2009, 10:04PM

Somali refugees in America can breathe a sigh of relief for now, but many Haitians are still holding their breath under the threat of deportation. According to news reports, the Obama administration has extended temporary protected status (TPS) for…

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Weekly Immigration Wire: The Morality of Reform

by Guest Columnist on July 16 2009, 10:03AM

by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger On Tuesday, relations between the U.S. and Cuba thawed a bit more, as AlterNet reports. Discussions for implementing U.S.-Cuba Migration accord resumed after a six year stall. This move is another positive mark for diplomatic…

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New and improved 287(g)?

by Michelle Chen on July 15 2009, 9:11PM

Since the mid-1990s, the 287(g) program has become synonymous with racial profiling and police abuse. Now that civil rights advocates, local officials, editorial pages, and even some police have criticized the program as draconian and shortsighted, the government has…

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The moral equation of budget cuts

by Michelle Chen on July 10 2009, 8:18PM

Here we go again. California may soon seek to balance the budget on the backs of immigrant families. The LA Times reports that Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed imposing a five-year limit on state welfare support for citizen children of…

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Debating “Illegal” vs. “Undocumented” in the Media Landscape

by Julianne Hing on July 10 2009, 4:04PM

Words carry weight, hauling behind them unspoken codes, images and histories. And when it comes to how we talk about immigration in this country, the language debate tends to heat up when we talk about people who are in…

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Weekly Immigration Wire: The White House vs. Reality [VIDEO]

by Guest Columnist on July 9 2009, 10:21AM

By Nezua, TMC Mediawire Blogger The immigration discussion is sometimes reduced to symbols or a war of “sides,” be it on blogs, comment threads, or conference calls between legislators, media outlets, and activists. But it’s important to remember what this…

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Call Your Senator Today: We Deserve More Than Flawed, Unjust E-verify

by Julianne Hing on July 8 2009, 9:32AM

Time to pick up the phone, folks. Senator Jeff Session’s amendment to the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2010 (H.R. 2892) would make E-Verify mandatory for all federal contractors is up for a vote today. If implemented, the notoriously…

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Language barriers in the courtroom

by Michelle Chen on July 7 2009, 7:39PM

When it comes to defending their rights, countless immigrants in the civil court system are at a loss for words. Although interpretation services are widely available in criminal cases, many non-English speakers in civil cases, which range from domestic…

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Children of Utah’s immigration crackdown

by Michelle Chen on July 7 2009, 3:51PM

Utah’s latest effort to clamp down on illegal immigration is hitting community-based child care providers on two fronts—undermining the businesses of immigrant care providers, and hurting the children of the low-income communities they serve. The state is rolling out…

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Weekly Immigration Wire: Whitehouse Meeting a First Step to Reform

by Guest Columnist on July 7 2009, 11:45AM

by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger After postponing twice, President Obama finally met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on June 25 to discuss moving immigration reform legislation forward. The meeting was applauded by activists and advocates for immigration reform, as…

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