Immigrants’ Invisible Presence in Health Care Debate

by Michelle Chen on February 20 2010, 12:12AM

You might be sick of hearing about health care by now, The politics of medicine grow messier by the day, dripping with empty jargon and industry lobbyists determined to eviscerate any substantive effort toward reform. Now imagine if you’ve…

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Lawsuit Sheds Light on Guestworkers in Hostile Terrain

by Michelle Chen on February 17 2010, 10:24PM

“We felt like we were imprisoned, held captive. What else did he need, a whip?”—Vincente Vera Martínez, migrant forestry worker, from the Sacramento Bee series, “The Pineros” In the popular imagination, America’s forests serve as a sanctuary of nature, sheltered…

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Immigrants Fill Courtrooms Amid Vacuum of Justice

by Michelle Chen on February 16 2010, 9:38AM

The American Bar Association’s 510-page report on the need to overhaul immigration courts was not just an academic exercise. Several new analyses examine the crisis engulfing the courts, as well as the entire law enforcement racket that lawmakers have constructed…

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Farm Guestworker Standards Lifted From Worse to Bad

by Michelle Chen on February 13 2010, 6:19AM

Americans are obsessed with what they eat and where it comes from, and far less concerned about who does the work of bringing it to their table. Farm workers are some of the least visible facets of the food system,…

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American Bar Association Calls For New Immigration Court

by Jorge Rivas on February 9 2010, 12:28PM

According to the New York Times, the American Bar Association (ABA) is recommending the creation of a separate immigration court system that would be similar to federal courts that decide tax cases. Patrick Young at describes the issues raised…

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Wages and Immigrants: ‘Cheap Labor’ Might Give You a Raise

by Michelle Chen on February 5 2010, 10:30PM

If you were one of the legions of pissed-off jobless folks out in force at the National Tea Party Convention this week, demonstrating against the “illegals” taking “your job,” you’re entitled to your opinion. But you should know that…

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What It Means To Be Undocumented

by Daisy Hernandez on February 5 2010, 5:00PM

Every family, like every country, has a narrative about itself, a story they come back to over and over again, that they tell at parties, on the front stoop, over café. They share these cuentos—adding and subtracting details as years…

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ICE’s Kids: Collateral Consequences of Immigration Raids

by Michelle Chen on February 3 2010, 9:38PM

The immigration system has never been known for being family friendly (unless you think parent-child detention helps maintain “family unity”). Yet as immigration enforcement has spilled into local police patrols, anti-drug law enforcement, national security, and the prison industrial…

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Immigration Reform Deserves More Than 38 Words

by Jorge Rivas on January 29 2010, 12:41PM

Tuesday’s State of the Union address was more than 7,500 words long and all President Obama devoted to the issue of immigration was 38 of the most neutral words he could possible use. And we should continue the work…

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The State of Immigration Reform: Going Rogue and the Cost of Doing Nothing

by Michelle Chen on January 27 2010, 4:48PM

On the eve of the State of the Union Address, protesters rallied in the nation’s capital to pressure the federal government to act on immigration reform. It was clear that immigrant advocacy groups fall into a long queue of communities…

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Is Scott Brown an Immigration Moderate?

by Guest Columnist on January 26 2010, 12:14PM

Written by Patrick Young, Esq. CARECEN This post originally appeared at Long Island Wins. Since late Tuesday, I’ve been asked a dozen or more times “Is Scott Brown an immigration moderate in the mold of other Northeastern Republicans?”. Based on…

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Immigrant Rights Leader Jean Montrevil Released

by Jorge Rivas on January 25 2010, 12:22PM

It took an earthquake, but Jean Montrevil, whose arrest and deportation order has garnered nationwide protest was released last Saturday. He returned to his wife and four U.S. citizen children at home in Brooklyn. Montrevil had been detained by ICE…

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Temporary Protected Status for Haitians Begins Today, but Doesn’t Apply to Everyone

by Jorge Rivas on January 21 2010, 9:54AM

According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano the U.S. may be home to as many as 200,000 undocumented Haitian immigrants. Starting today the Obama administration is allowing Haitians who have been in the U.S. without legal status before January 12…

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Haiti Smashed, Diaspora Shaken, Deportations Frozen

by Michelle Chen on January 13 2010, 11:39PM

The devastation in Haiti is unrelenting, an avalanche of natural catastrophe exacerbated by man-made injustice. Perhaps 100,000 feared dead, homes shattered, people digging neighbors out of rubble without safe food, water or electricity. It’s hard to fathom just how…

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Haiti Shaken By Quake: What the U.S. Can Do

by Michelle Chen on January 13 2010, 12:48AM

Yet another calamity has besieged Haiti. The poorest country in the Western hemisphere has been pummeled by a massive earthquake. The initial quake had a magnitude of 7.0, but New York Times reports that the disaster continues to reverberate:…

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Immigration Reform Can Bring $1.5 Trillion Economic Growth

by Jorge Rivas on January 12 2010, 5:11PM

The Center for American Progress teamed up with UCLA Chicano studies professor Dr. Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda to study the economic benefits of comprehensive immigration reform. The report, “Raising the floor for American workers: the economic benefits of comprehensive immigration reform”,…

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Shocking New York Times Article Uncovers Efforts to Conceal Immigrant Deaths in Detention

by Guest Columnist on January 11 2010, 6:08PM

This post originally appeared at A New York Times article has revealed scathing information about grave abuses of power by immigration officials desperate to conceal the deaths and mistreatment of immigrants in detention. This includes covering up evidence…

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“Waving While Latino”: NY Town Brings Anti-Immigrant Policy to New Level

by Julianne Hing on January 8 2010, 12:14PM

Every time I think anti-immigrant weasels have run out of ways to discriminate against immigrants, a gem of a news item comes along to slap me in the face. Like this one, out of Oyster Bay in New York’s Nassau…

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The Weekly Diaspora: Real Immigration Reform in 2010

by Guest Columnist on January 7 2010, 1:09PM

By Nezua, Media Consortium Blogger “Is it ever ‘the right time’ to pass immigration reform and a path to legalization?” asks Maribel Hastings at New America Media. The short answer? Yes. Our national economic situation dictates that we are smart…

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Marshall Islanders: Health Care Reform Survivors?

by Michelle Chen on January 6 2010, 11:51PM

By now, anyone who’s been following the health care battle in Congress knows that the gulf between aspiration and reality has become a chasm, and even the marginally progressive elements, like a broad public health program, may be scrubbed…

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