Community Health on the Frontlines

by Michelle Chen on March 3 2009, 4:32PM

There’s a lot of hooplah these days about Obama’s political maneuvers on health policy, but health care reform is getting a more subtle, but no less systemic boost in the new stimulus package. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act…

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Afraid of What Tomorrow Brings

by Guest Columnist on March 3 2009, 6:00AM

This entry is brought to you by Washington CAN, guest on today’s Race & Health Conference Call, part of the bi-weekly Compact for Racial Justice Phone Forum. Written by: Amal Abdulrahman For eight years, I was the interpreter for my…

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Don’t Forget to RSVP to this week’s Race & Health Call

by Jorge Rivas on February 27 2009, 5:00PM

Join the conference call forum for an exchange on moving a proactive health equity agenda that benefits all of us. March 3rd "Race and Health" (call at 1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern) An affordable and accessible healthcare system is not…

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Taking their lives

by Michelle Chen on February 27 2009, 11:51AM

Yesterday on Capitol Hill, Dana Lee Jetty, a North Dakota high school student and member of the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation, shared the story of her last encounter with her sister: I walked towards the back of the house and…

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The picture of health, in color

by Michelle Chen on February 13 2009, 3:30PM

Two new studies examine how race colors the health care system, revealing new angles on environmental and social influences on the health of Blacks and Latinos. A study by National Cancer Institute researchers found that crippling health care costs…

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Understanding AIDS in the Black community

by Michelle Chen on February 6 2009, 1:28PM

A new report on AIDS in Black America, published this week by the Black AIDS Institute, reveals how HIV and AIDS have impacted the Black community and how racial health disparities are fueling an epidemic. Among the findings, new statistics…

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An ugly portrait

by Michelle Chen on January 29 2009, 12:41PM

Sometimes cold statistics can make disturbing truths more real. A new report, “A Portrait of Mississippi,” underscores racial disparities that, while not surprising, have seldom been so intricately documented until now.’ The study is an offshoot of Measure of America…

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Reproductive justice and the stimulus

by Michelle Chen on January 27 2009, 2:59PM

A few days ago, the Obama administration raised hopes about a more equitable reproductive health policy by lifting the so-called “global gag rule.” But on the domestic front, the new White House is retrenching on reproductive justice, hoping to avoid…

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Healthcare reform and communities of color

by Michelle Chen on January 22 2009, 5:03PM

Health gaps across racial lines have been well documented. A new report suggests that healthcare reform is also a vital economic development issue for communities of color. The Mainstreet Alliance, a healthcare advocacy coalition focused on small businesses, has published…

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NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation Unveils New Initiative: free.will.power

by Jonathan Adams on December 11 2008, 10:48AM

NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation announced today that it is launching free.will.power, an innovative video-based online initiative designed to reach younger activists and recruit a new generation of young women and men into the pro-choice movement. “In the 2008 presidential…

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On a Toxic Flight

by Megan Izen on December 10 2008, 2:44PM

Buried deep in the Health Tips section of South African Airways website is a small notice from the World Health Organization that requires them to disinsect the cabin of certain aircraft. They don’t tell you this when you buy…

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World AIDS Day 2008: Still a Ticking Time Bomb

by Terry Keleher on December 1 2008, 12:44PM

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, the HIV rate in many countries continues to soar. According to Reuters, the HIV rate among China’s estimated 200 million migrant workers is a “ticking time bomb.” A few…

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20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day

by Jonathan Adams on December 1 2008, 11:19AM

World AIDS Day: We’re still living with AIDS By Kenyon Farrow, Policy Institute Fellow Today, many of us will dust off those red ribbons, and “remember” to remember the people who we’ve lost, and who are currently living with…

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Prop 4 – Brought to You by Anti-Choice Advocates Who Can’t Take “No” For an Answer

by Julianne Hing on October 29 2008, 10:30AM

When I cast my ballot on November 4, it will be the first time I plan on bringing a camera with me to document my visit to the polls. But while we’ll all be excited making our picks for president…

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Anti-Stem Cell Ad Compares Embryonic Research To Tuskegee Study

by Jonathan Adams on October 22 2008, 1:11PM

via ThinkProgress On the ballot in Michigan is Proposal 2, a measure to permit embryonic stem cell research. As the NIH has outlined, embryonic stem cells offer the most promise for medical breakthroughs. Currently, Michigan has some of the nation’s…

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CDC Underrepresents Those Hardest Hit by HIV/AIDS

by Jonathan Adams on August 4 2008, 12:06PM

Originally on Kai Wright reports new CDC figures show HIV/AIDS more widespread than previously reported, a fact most black AIDS workers suspected for years. Using their new tool, CDC researchers went back and created new estimates for the annual…

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CHAMP Blogs International AIDS Conference:

by Jonathan Adams on August 4 2008, 9:15AM

Our friends at CHAMP are in Mexico City this week for the XVII International AIDS Conference, and they have recently launched a blog,, to be a home for community bloggers and other journalists to report on gathering. One of…

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Sex Without a Condom the New Engagement Ring?

by Victor Corral on July 30 2008, 11:05AM

The comment thread on NPR is blowin’ up! Listeners are ranting (and raving) about the new “What’s the New What” segment on NPR in which Pendarvis Harshaw, an Oakland teen at Youth Radio, discusses how for his generation, sex…

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Catch 22 – Cardiac Arrest Donors of Color Save Lives

by Donna Hernandez on July 25 2008, 8:55AM

The experience of losing a loved can be even more devastating when you realize certain preventative measures could have avoided their level of illness. This thought came to mind today when I read a study about patients of color who…

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In Your Blood or Guts?

by Jonathan Adams on June 16 2008, 12:33PM

Photo credit: James Erin de Jauregui TIME Magazine covers the effects of genetics and the environment on obesity in children of color. You’re a native-American baby born into the Oglala Sioux tribe, living on the Pine Ridge reservation in…

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