Lower Standards

by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein on July 7 2009, 12:00PM

A Chicago Reporter analysis shows that the quality of Black seniors’ nursing home care is drastically behind that of white seniors

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Universal coverage, hidden exclusion

by Michelle Chen on July 1 2009, 9:10PM

In the increasingly ugly debate over “universal coverage,” various proposals are being bounced around among competing agendas. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a proposal recently floated in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee—currently…

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Online Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform with President Obama and You

by Jorge Rivas on July 1 2009, 9:35AM

President Obama made a call for youtube users to submit questions on health care reform and take part in an ongoing online discussion. In less than an hour President Obama will answer some of the most popular questions submitted…

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Warning: inequality may be hazardous to your health

by Michelle Chen on June 24 2009, 6:19PM

Is inequality killing us? Atul Gawande, the New Yorker’s resident physician-reporter, raised a vexing question about health disparities in an interview with Ezra Klein. Gawande noted that in McAllen, Texas—the community that he recently featured as an example of…

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Who’s pulling the strings on children’s health?

by Guest Columnist on June 18 2009, 4:55PM

by Christina Chen As Congress trudges ahead with their goal of bringing healthcare reform legislation to a vote by late July, child advocacy groups are urging lawmakers to ensure that all children are afforded equal access to the healthcare services…

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Dole Goes Bananas Over Documentary on Nicaraguan Worker Abuse

by Channing Kennedy on June 16 2009, 4:36PM

BANANAS!* trailer from WG Film on Vimeo. Two years ago, twelve Nicaraguan banana plantation workers traveled to Los Angeles and sued Dole Food Co. Inc. They won $1.58 million. The crime? Continued use of the pesticide dibromochloropropane (DBCP), which…

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Sick enough of the status quo?

by Michelle Chen on June 10 2009, 9:29PM

Conservatives woke up to a harrowing sound on Capitol Hill on Wednesday: a serious discussion about single payer health care. The House hearing won’t necessarily lead to a viable policy proposal—and there’s plenty to debate even within the progressive…

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The body burden

by Michelle Chen on June 9 2009, 2:53PM

Pollution is all around us, but the toll it takes on our bodies is often invisible. To understand the physical legacy of environmental toxins, dirty air and chemical products, environmental justice activists as well as federal agencies have begun…

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To breathe free

by Michelle Chen on June 3 2009, 8:53PM

The connection between housing and child development has attracted considerable public fascination—most recently with the dissection of how young Sonia Sotomayor, growing up in a Bronx housing project, “overcame the odds.” One New York advocacy group is putting a…

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Profits and equity in health reform

by Michelle Chen on May 12 2009, 10:02PM

The healthcare industry brought us some good news this week: after years of astronomical spending growth and tens of millions left with no coverage, lobbyists have purportedly gotten religion on health care reform. Advocates for private insurers and other industry…

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Wasted minds

by Michelle Chen on May 6 2009, 10:15PM

The debate over the public cost of prisons has focused largely the drain on taxpayer funds and social services. Now there’s evidence that it may be costing us our sanity, too. An article in the May/June issue of Health…

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We’re Sick of Not Being Heard - Redux

by Guest Columnist on April 23 2009, 12:43PM

By Gerald Smith That’s what immigrants are saying again in health care institutions across the U.S., where interpretation and translation services are severely lacking. This time, it’s coming from Washington D.C. Just a few weeks after RaceWire published the latest…

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Sorority Discusses Latina Suicides

by Jorge Rivas on April 22 2009, 7:58AM

One in six Latinas will attempt suicide between the ages of 11 and 17. That was just one of the statistics students heard Monday night at El Silencio: Latino Teenage Suicide, a workshop hosted by Penn state’s Chi Upsilon…

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Sickness and health in East Harlem

by Michelle Chen on April 17 2009, 6:22PM

East Harlem has emerged as a flashpoint in the crossroads of science, public health and social inequity. An extensive study based at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center has released new findings about health risks that plague children of…

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Something in the air

by Michelle Chen on April 16 2009, 9:10PM

It took about a dozen years, but the Environmental Protection Agency is finally implementing plans to evaluate the health risks related to certain chemicals in pesticides. The testing program, part of the Food Quality Protection Act passed in 1996,…

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Silence = death (reprise)

by Michelle Chen on April 14 2009, 3:52PM

Some serious dissonance is permeating the public dialogue on HIV/AIDS: while the problem continues to roil in communities around the country, acutely impacting Blacks and Latinos, public consciousness of the problem has faded. According to survey research by the…

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We Are Sick of Not Being Heard [VIDEO]

by Julianne Hing on April 8 2009, 4:48PM

Lucila DeLoera of Nampa, Idaho, took her 75-year-old mother Maria to a local hospital for knee surgery. But Maria couldn’t understand her nurses and none of them spoke Spanish either. Because of work, Lucila couldn’t be with her mother…

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Illinois Latinos, Blacks Experiencing High Health Disparities

by Jorge Rivas on April 8 2009, 8:54AM

via New America Media CHICAGO — More than half the whites in Illinois consider themselves in excellent health, compared with 42.9% of African Americans and only 28.4% of Latinos. Meanwhile, 84.7% of whites have a primary health provider, compared with…

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For immigrant women, vaccination vs. self-determination

by Michelle Chen on April 2 2009, 6:54AM

Immigrants arrive prepared to make sacrifices in order to settle in this country. But amid the many economic, cultural and bureaucratic hurdles they must negotiate, they probably didn’t anticipate women’s reproductive health rights were part of the bargain. But…

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The face of health inequity in Mississippi

by Michelle Chen on March 27 2009, 6:54AM

Imagine being sick and out of work, with a couple of miles and no car standing between you and the nearest public benefits office. You need medical care, but would you travel all that way to prove to the…

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