“Care”: Word Means the Public’s Health Isn’t Optional [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on October 1 2009, 5:59AM

With Max Baucus sinking the public option in committee, and debate still raging about our national health crisis, let’s take a step back from the discussion and look at the fundamentals of our conversation. When we say ‘health care,’…

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Bipartisanship Works Great (For Killing the Public Option)

by Channing Kennedy on September 29 2009, 1:53PM

“I voted bipartisanly! LOL” Earlier this morning, the Senate Finance Committee, headed by Sen. Max “Bipartisanship Over Public Good” Baucus (D-MT), voted down Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s (D-WV) relatively robust public option amendment to their version of the health care…

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Another Reason We Care About Healthcare Reform

by Guest Columnist on September 28 2009, 7:09AM

Written by Jamilah King, this post originally appeared on WireTap. Here’s another ‘why’ young people really do care about healthcare reform. This week, 22-year-old recent Miami University of Ohio grad Kimberly Young died from complications of the H1M1 virus. While…

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Speaking of ‘Death Panels’: GA Hospital Closes Doors on Poor and Undocumented

by Leticia Miranda on September 25 2009, 10:48PM

Since the beginning of the healthcare debate, Sarah Palin has publicly decried the end-of-life option in healthcare reform as a “death panel.” She wrote about it on Facebook and recently went off about it in China. But what she…

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In Health Insurance Debate, Who’s Covered?

by Michelle Chen on September 25 2009, 5:39PM

The media has circulating a haunting figure in recent days:45,000 deaths due to lack of health insurance—a grim marker of the depth of the country’s health care crisis. The statistic, from a new study by Harvard School of Medicine…

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Who Will Protect Our Nation’s Most Vulnerable Pain-Profiting Billionaires? [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on September 25 2009, 6:01AM

Thank you, celebrities, for fighting for what’s right: Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell And for those of you who are textual learners, here’s some historical and metaphorical perspective from the always-on-point never-not-blunt Milt Shook at Please… Cut The…

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The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes

by Jorge Rivas on September 21 2009, 10:39AM

The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes from White House on Vimeo. Learn the basic principles of President Obama’s health insurance reform plan as presented to Congress on September 9, 2009….

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Immigration Lawyer of the Year: Joe Wilson

by Michelle Chen on September 15 2009, 9:47PM

Tuesday was Joe “You Lie” Wilson’s day of reckoning. Following his temper tantrum during Obama’s address on healthcare reform, the House, by a 240-179 vote, issued this stinging rebuke: Whereas on September 9, 2009, during the joint session of…

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Losing the Healthcare War of Words

by Tracy Kronzak on September 15 2009, 12:41PM

A week out from President Obama’s healthcare speech and I’m still angry. This feels eerily like the first year of the Clinton Presidency, when we were so sick of Reagan and Bush that we willingly embraced dubious change at…

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Massachusetts Reforms Healthcare, Preserves Inequity

by Michelle Chen on September 11 2009, 10:29PM

The latest uptick in the uninsured population, now exceeding 46 million, is bad but anticipated news. The racial and socioeconomic disparities within the health care gap are more disturbing—especially in the state that could serve as a model for…

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Wilson’s Yelling Works: Dems “Close” Fictional Immigration “Loophole” Stupidly

by Channing Kennedy on September 11 2009, 9:24AM

Haw haw! That Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC)! Yelling at the President, like a real clown! What a chump! That’s no way to get things done HEY HUH WHA “We really thought we’d resolved this question of people who are…

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Say It Ain’t So, Joe: Shouting Down Immigrants and Healthcare Reform

by Michelle Chen on September 9 2009, 8:51PM

Just who was that shrill voice heckling the President from the gallery at tonight’s healthcare reform speech? None other than Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina and vaunted protector of American borders and American values. Wilson’s latest contribution to…

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A Weakened Public Option: Still Obama’s Best Choice?

by Channing Kennedy on September 9 2009, 1:31PM

As President Obama prepares to address Congress tonight (8PM EST), the public option’s future seems dim, but not extinguished. Obama is expected to endorse it, but at this point, even the most liberal of proposed HCR bills has a…

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Sick-Leave Racial Disparities: A Flu Endemic’s Best Friend

by Guest Columnist on September 8 2009, 1:54PM

by Marty Martinez, policy director of the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network. As a fundamental part of their response to the H1N1 epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) instructs people who get sick to “stay home from work or…

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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich On The Public Option in 150 Seconds

by Jorge Rivas on September 8 2009, 1:22PM

Congress returns from recess tomorrow and Obama might have a major healthcare reform announcement to make and it may have a little something to do with the public option. If you don’t understand what the public option is, here…

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Scientists Are a Little Closer to An HIV Vaccine

by Leticia Miranda on September 4 2009, 2:11PM

A recent article in the LA Times is reporting that scientists have discovered two antibodies in the body that can keep HIV from multiplying into a severe infection. The news comes just months after a report found that 3…

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Dr. Clarke Drops Swine Flu Science [VIDEO]

by Channing Kennedy on September 4 2009, 11:15AM

The Department of Health and Human Services is having a video contest to raise awareness about the H1N1 virus. Here’s an entry by Dr. John Clarke, MD, AKA The Physician Musician, that I think does a great job of…

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Maxine Waters Cautions Calm in the Face of Racist Crazy Talk

by Julianne Hing on August 28 2009, 12:21PM

Congresswoman Waters goes pretty easy on Rep. Lynn Jenkins, who you can see here spouting more racist talk at a local healthcare reform town hall. But I think she’s right on point. Keith Olbermann seemed to want Waters to…

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The War Over Drugs in Central America and Washington

by Michelle Chen on August 27 2009, 5:58PM

One of the first signs that Obama’s healthcare reform efforts were headed southward was the backdoor deal the White House struck with the pharmaceutical industry earlier this summer. Big Pharma’s promise to help “save” Americans $80 billion under the…

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Our New Favorite Facebook Group: 1 Million Against Socialist Fire Depts

by Julianne Hing on August 27 2009, 5:27PM

You, too, can join the movement! For too long now, fire departments across the United States have been socialist organizations, resulting in taxes on the American people. FACT: Most Americans never use the socialized services of the fire department….

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