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Connecting People and Policies—from Mumbai to Arizona

by Guest Columnist on December 4 2008, 7:21AM

Weekly Immigration Wire: Connecting People and Policies—from Mumbai to Arizona By Nezua, The Media Consortium MediaWire Blogger It was immediately obvious this week that the Mumbai attacks would be the source of much loss and pain in India. As the…

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Israel boycotts UN racism conference

by Terry Keleher on November 20 2008, 12:31PM

Here we go again. Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced yesterday that Israel will boycott the United Nation’s conference on racism scheduled to take place in Geneva, Switzerland next April. She charged that the conference would be biased against Israel…

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Hurricane Devastation in Haiti and Cuba

by Dom Apollon on September 19 2008, 11:36AM

If you can still recite your ABCs and you are aware that the names of Atlantic Ocean tropical storms and hurricanes come from alphabetized lists created by the National Hurricane Center, you don’t have to read any articles, hear…

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September 11: A Day for Compassion and Hope

by Tammy Johnson on September 11 2008, 1:09PM

My heart was filled with hope when I went to bed the evening of September 10. I had just returned from the UN Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. Despite the infighting between Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell about…

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Alvin Ailey Performer Forced to Dance to Prove Identity

by Jonathan Adams on September 9 2008, 11:53AM

h/t The Daily Voice A performer with the Alvin Ailey dance company was forced to perform dance steps for Israeli police to prove his identity, according to published reports in the international media. Abdur-Rahim Jackson is traveling with the…

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The Irony of Gary Glitter

by Guest Columnist on August 20 2008, 4:02PM

by Joyce Li I’m a bit young to remember any of Gary Glitter’s actual hits, but I do remember that a funny-looking British ex-pop star was imprisoned in Vietnam three years ago, for allegedly molesting two underage girls. This morning,…

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Germans Are Convinced Blackface Sells

by Jonathan Adams on August 4 2008, 11:43AM

H/T Black Women in Europe Blog Do you remember the UNICEF ads that ran in Germany? For some reason, a German ad agency thought it would be clever to cover white children’s faces with mud to bring attention to a…

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Through the Looking Glass: Beijing Olympics edition

by Guest Columnist on August 1 2008, 7:00AM

by Joyce Li Let it suffice to say that this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing have been met with (rightful) heated protest, concerning China’s role in Darfur, and Tibetan sovereignty. For months, we have watched Beijing become a fortress, with…

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One World, One Dream - Not in Beijing

by Donna Hernandez on July 29 2008, 10:24AM

Beijing officials have built a 10-foot wall around entire neighborhoods south of Tiananmen Square in hopes of speeding up a last minute beautification process for the 2008 Olympics. Say what!? Residents, mostly merchants, who hoped to increase their business…

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Bhopal Still Suffers from Toxic Waste

by Jonathan Adams on July 7 2008, 9:21AM

Almost 25 years after the deadly pesticide poison from a Union Carbide factory killed thousands, Bhopal residents are still hurting. With hundreds of tons of waste still not removed from the site, residents have seen the effects of the toxic…

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Binational Indigenous Front Meets in Oaxaca

by Jonathan Adams on June 24 2008, 9:58AM

The assembly of the Indigenous Front of Binational Organizations (FIOB in its Spanish initials) met in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, one of the poorest areas in Mexico, on May 31. A large percentage of the indigenous population of Oaxaca…

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Is the US Confronting Racism?

by Tammy Johnson on June 9 2008, 12:35PM

“The positive fact is that I have noticed, confirmed… the fact that the U.S. society is confronting racism.” It’s a statement that raised my brow. But that is what Doudou Diene, the United Nations special rapporteur on contemporary forms of…

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The Politics of Natural Disaster (The Lessons We Never Learn)

by Guest Columnist on May 23 2008, 10:12AM

by Thanu Yakupitiyage Photo credit: AFP I remember the horror in December 2004 when the Asian Tsunami affected several countries across Asia leading to an outpour of sympathy and international aid from all over the world. As is routine after…

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Forced Cycles of Migration

by Daisy Hernandez on May 13 2008, 9:13AM

This week, Racewire contributors will be liveblogging at the Transnational Assembly of Remitters and Families in Mexico City. I read about towns like Piaxtla, Mexico when I was in graduate school. These are towns that have been mostly emptied…

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No Time to Celebrate

by on May 8 2008, 4:22PM

Yesterday was Israeli Independence Day; the 60th year of Israel’s existence. For some Israelis and Zionists, the day celebrates the birth of statehood for a people long without a land. But for me, as for many other’s, Israeli Independence…

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40 Years Later, Should Athletes Boycott the Olympics?

by Jonathan Adams on May 7 2008, 8:49AM

In the Los Angeles Times, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar points of the parallels between the 1968 Olympics and the upcoming summer games in Beijing. Here we are 40 years later and we are once again about to send our young athletes…

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Waterboarding? Torturing People of Color Isn’t New

by Jonathan Adams on February 29 2008, 11:37AM

From Alternet When I read about the increasing acceptance of waterboarding as a form of torture, I vividly recall how in 1968 members of the Memphis Police Department believed I could tell them information about civil rights insurgents arriving to…

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Activists go to UN to Discuss Racial Discrimination in Chicago

by Terry Keleher on February 22 2008, 12:00PM

A delegation of Chicago activists are in Geneva, Switzerland to demand that the U.N. consider human rights violations in Chicago in light of Mayor Daley’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. The Chicago activists are part of a broader delegation demanding…

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US Should Stay at the Table for the UN Racism Conference

by Guest Columnist on January 24 2008, 9:52AM

by Marissa Gutiérrez-Vicario No doubt that the first United Nations Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa was wrought with controversy in 2001, and it appears already that its follow up Durban II will be also. Although former U.N. Secretary…

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Simplifying Pakistan and Kenya

by Guest Columnist on January 15 2008, 2:34PM

by Thanu Yakupitiyage In late December, the world was captivated by raw coverage of catastrophic political events. In Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, former President of two terms and candidate in the 2008 Pakistani elections, was assassinated after a rally in the…

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