New Storm Coming

by on August 28 2008, 11:56AM

News is beginning to swell over the hurricane projected to make landfall in the Gulf Coast on Saturday. The Times’ lede read “Tropical storm Gustav was…putting officials in Mississippi and Louisiana on high alert and sending jitters through the oil…

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Trouble the Water

by Jonathan Adams on August 18 2008, 3:44PM

When the “Trouble the Water” directors, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, headed to Louisiana in early September 2005, they were planning to document the return of National Guard troops from Iraq and had no intention of filming anyone directly…

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Post-Hurricane, New Orleans Residents Still Don’t Have Homes

by Jonathan Adams on May 28 2008, 8:31AM

As New Orleans gears up for another hurricane season, many Big Easy residents still don’t have homes. “Chocolate City” Mayor Ray Nagin says he was just joking when he suggested that they should give the thousand without homes “one-way…

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New Orleans Police Attack Demolition Protest

by Jonathan Adams on December 18 2007, 10:04AM

Despite the attack on New Orleans culture made evident by the recent arrest of traditional jazz funeral procession band players, the city’s residents took to the streets in true New Orleans style to peacefully demonstrate against plans to demolish…

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Let the people of New Orleans know that you haven’t forgotten about them!!!!

by Samhita Mukhopadhyay on December 14 2007, 7:32AM

(cross-posted from Feministing) To update from my post on Tuesday about the demolition of four housing projects in New Orleans, activists (including my homies at Ruckus—raise the roof!) yesterday stopped the bulldozers with a 30 person blockade. via AP. Protesters…

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Save New Orleans public housing.

by Samhita Mukhopadhyay on December 11 2007, 1:42PM

The post Katrina housing crisis is one that we know about but is failing to get as much national attention as it should. It is an ongoing problem and the structures that are supposed to be fixing up housing,…

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MVL: The Gulf Coast Needs a Revolution

by Jonathan Adams on November 20 2007, 8:08AM

At the Movement Vision Lab, Scott Douglas questions the prioritized protests of the War in Iraq by many in the United States as they simultaneously turn a blind eye to the Gulf Coast. He says the answer is race. He…

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A Tale of Two Disasters

by Tracy Kronzak on October 26 2007, 10:42AM

I’m not the first or only person who will be drawing parallels between the fires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina. But what caught my eye this week were several articles in the San Francisco Chronicle that discussed the…

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Tancredo Says: Stop Post-Katrina Recovery ‘Gravy Train’

by Terry Keleher on September 4 2007, 9:14AM

Longshot GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (R-Col.) called for an end to federal funding for New Orleans recovery efforts and accused the government of runaway spending on Hurricane Katrina. Tancredo said Friday it is ““time the taxpayer gravy train left…

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Katrina Klap: Rapper Responds to Recovery Efforts

by Malena Amusa on August 29 2007, 12:28PM

You know it’s a sad day when our nation’s leaders only return to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans around the anniversary of the Hurricane. Sadly today, which marks two years in memoriam, Katrina still rings as a broken-record among politicians. Even Sen….

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Hurricane Katrina: Two Years… And Counting

by Jonathan Adams on August 29 2007, 8:17AM

Today, honors the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a special multimedia issue that reviews the continued struggles in the Gulf Coast after the devastating storm. A Return to New Orleans is a video on the housing struggle…

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Defining Katrina “Flood” with Billions at Stake

by Andre Banks on August 13 2007, 11:44AM

I’ve recently become a near religious devotee of News & Notes, the NPR show hosted by Farai Chideya. The coverage is excellent, topical and interesting; it’s one of the few radio shows that consistently goes in depth on the stories…

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New Orleans housing program crumbles, leaves crumbs

by Guest Columnist on August 2 2007, 12:45PM

Katrina homeowners: will some ever get rebuilding grants as promised? This month, Jacob Faber of the Center for Social Inclusion questions the failed housing program meant to give flooded New Orleaneans new homes. He writes for RaceWire: No “Road…

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15th Erase Racism Carnival! Read all about it!

by Guest Columnist on July 27 2007, 2:26PM

Welcome to the July Erase Racism Blog Carnival! Every month, a different blog gathers posts from throughout cyberspace that explore issues of racial justice. The goal is to enhance the discussion of race online and connect bloggers working hard to…

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Katrina anniversary nearing, what to do…

by Malena Amusa on July 27 2007, 8:11AM

You know all this Senate and presidential talk about protecting our national security just seems like one big, unfunny joke as our nation’s top leaders fail to see post-Katrina recovery as an issue of security. Luckily though, a lot of…

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Stealing land, hope after Katrina: the how-to guide

by Guest Columnist on June 22 2007, 10:42AM

by Jacob Faber Jacob Faber, a Researcher at the Center for Social Inclusion, looks at how state policies concerning post-Katrina housing and business development are laying a blueprint for the expulsion of Blacks. He writes for RaceWire: “The Future of…

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Take Back America? (Race) Poverty and Policy

by Andre Banks on June 19 2007, 8:03AM

Rinku Sen, the publisher of ColorLines, is on this plenary “Poverty and Politics: Katrina’s Clarion Call”. In the planning stage, this session was called “Race, Poverty and Policy” which was abandoned for the coded “Katrina”. “Progressives”, can we not even…

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A Disaster Waiting to Happen

by Tram Nguyen on June 1 2007, 9:50AM

An L.A. Times story yesterday reported the results of a poll that found only half of Angelenos would obey official orders to evacuate in the event of a terrorist attack. The Department of Health Services report, released this week, elaborates…

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Katrina Update: Most Blacks Can’t Return; Health Crisis

by Guest Columnist on May 11 2007, 8:06AM

This Month Mafruza Khan of the Center for Social Inclusion updates us on post-Katrina New Orleans as recovery continues to stagger along the color line. She writes: The Center for Social Inclusion’s New Orleans Recovery Report Card is a monthly…

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