Jessie Smith and her trail of reporters

by Guest Columnist on June 25 2007, 8:56AM

Elizabeth Smart. Lacie Peterson. Natalee Holloway. Kelsey Smith. Given the constant media coverage of these women, you don’t have to monitor tnews to correctly identify them as those reported missing by their loved ones. But what else do these women…

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A Brazilian BET?

by The News on June 18 2007, 12:30PM

“Stung by racism, Brazilian entertainer launches TV, network”, McClatchy newspaper reported. But the man is struggling to keep his more progressive and Brazilian version of BET alive: A look of raw hurt filled Jose de Paula Neto’s eyes as he…

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Top 100 Lists Leave off Darker Black Women?

by The News on June 13 2007, 10:25AM

(Singer Rihanna) What Do Straight Man Mag Maxim and Lesbian Website AfterEllen Have in Common?, asked Too Sense. They each have only one black woman in the top ten of their top 100 hottest women lists. Both women are…

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“Muslims Bombs”

by Malena Amusa on June 12 2007, 1:28PM

A Newsweek story that ran in late May asked why media coverage of a poll arguing that Muslims were “moderate with respect to many of the issues”skewed negative. But when I picked up the story, I thought: well come on!…

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Bono’s African Bonanza

by The News on June 7 2007, 9:53AM

Most of you know. Bono’s latest save-Africa campaign involves less music, concert-going, and (RED). Instead, the music legend decided to take on a media empire by becoming guest-editor of Vanity Fair and dedicating its July issue to Africa. Its…

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How they killed radio, a report

by Malena Amusa on June 5 2007, 2:27PM

Two months after Imus, a Free Press study came out today showing how big media organization are stripping communities of color and women of radio that reflects their culture, their values, and their music. In addition, a lack of ownership…

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Rep. Jefferson Indicted, Fox Footage Shows…Conyers?!

by Andre Banks on June 5 2007, 8:29AM

tnews is out: Black Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson has been indicted today on 16 counts of public corruption for decades of bribery and shady business dealings in Africa. With an attorney general under serious fire for his own misdeeds, the…

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Emotions Run High over War, Black Voice, Lowered

by Malena Amusa on May 24 2007, 2:19PM

The View’s Rosie and Elizabeth locked horns again this week over tnews that’s got everyone worried and frustrated—the disastrous War in Iraq. I’ve never seen the two co-hosts make such heart-felt critiques of the other. But what’s more surprising is…

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“Asian Supremacist” Kenneth Eng in Jail

by Andre Banks on May 24 2007, 7:36AM

Kenneth Eng, the former Asianweek writer fired for his column a few months back describing 10 reasons to hate Black people, found his crazy self in jail this week. An SFGate story from Angry Asian Man: ‘Hate’ columnist Eng arrested…

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Can I get a Cha-Cha

by Malena Amusa on May 18 2007, 11:07AM

Not that the winner of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model is a key issue in racial justice. But because millions of people around the world tune in to this show every week, I couldn’t help but do a…

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Rock Compares Stuggle of White Women and Black Men

by Malena Amusa on May 16 2007, 11:44AM

In this Saturday Night Live video from March, comedian Chris Rock argues why Sen. Obama has more claim to “the struggle” than Sen. Clinton. This made me laugh for a good minute….

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Violence and Race in Iraq and D.C.

by Malena Amusa on May 16 2007, 8:48AM

I saw this video over at Too Sense. It’s a hilarious and genius skit. See how these guys tie in the Bush administration’s outlook on Iraq with our country’s mishandling of race and violence in cities:…

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You Choose: Top Most Influential People of Color

by Malena Amusa on May 11 2007, 2:18PM

(; note: the printed cover has a pic of Ayatollah Khamenei at the bottom right that is missing from this online promo image) I couldn’t but help grab this week’s issue of TIME Magazine: “The (100) Most Influential People…

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The Era of Angry Asian Men

by Malena Amusa on May 9 2007, 10:56AM

Is the era of the meek Asian male stereotype over, asked writer Jeff Yang for the San Francisco Chronicle. Recent events and media coverage seem to have swung the image of Asian American males away from the “meek, passive and…

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Feministing Interviews COLORLINES editor

by Andre Banks on May 8 2007, 11:54AM

Our friends over at Feministing recently interviewed Daisy Hernandez, the Managing Editor at COLORLINES. Reposted here, for your pleasure… Daisy Hernandez is the Managing Editor of ColorLines, a bimonthly progressive magazine based in Oakland, CA that takes the issue of…

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Cable Networks Lock Out Women and People of Color

by The News on May 7 2007, 12:38PM

So what does CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC all have in common? Well besides shoddy coverage of communities of color, all three cable networks and several others maintain an all-white cast of hosts for its programs between 4pm and midnight,…

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How the “Nigger-Brown” Couch got its Legs

by Malena Amusa on May 1 2007, 4:29AM

Our last post about the “Nigger-Brown” labeled couch delivered to Doris Moore’s house got a lot of attention. Some readers argued that Moore over-reacted by threatening to sue the manufacturers. Others believed the racist labeling is evidence of a…

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After Imus, Hip-Hop Debates Skew Focus

by Malena Amusa on April 30 2007, 10:12AM

Hip Hop godfathers Russell Simmons, KRS-One and many others have come on air, TV and radio, to defend and critique a Hip-Hop culture that’s blamed for suppling Don Imus with his hate speech that led to his firing. The…

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Presidential Hopefuls to Spar at Black College

by The News on April 27 2007, 3:14PM

The first Democratic presidential debate of the 2008 season will be at a historically black college, Black America Web reported. But will the debate be historically racial justice-focused? All eight top-Democratic candidates are expected to show up next Thursday to…

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Must See: Political Native American Art Hits Mainstage

by Malena Amusa on April 16 2007, 11:49AM

(Bunky Echo Hawk Fine Art/ The Washington Post reports: An exhibition of more than 50 works by Native American artists goes on view at the D.C. Arts Center this month. Curated by Native American poet and activist Suzan…

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