Did You Watch CNN’s “Black in America”?

by Jonathan Adams on July 24 2008, 8:06AM

Host Soledad O’Brien began the series back in April with an in-depth look at Martin Luther King’s assasination forty years after his death. But last night’s episode was the first that delved in the issues facing the Black community…

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Nas Joined by Young Protesters at Fox Building, Delivers Petitions to Colbert Instead

by Jonathan Adams on July 23 2008, 3:05PM

Just back from tnewsCorp building in Midtown Manhattan where famed hip hop artist Nas joined,, and lots of young sign-carrying protesters to demand that FOX News stop calling race-baiting attacks fair and balanced news. Though ColorofChange reached…

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Vanity Fair Spoofs The New Yorker Cover

by Jonathan Adams on July 23 2008, 9:16AM

Vanity Fair is getting in on the satire action. Taking its cue from Condé Nast neighbor, The New Yorker, the magazine creates a spoof on the infamous Barry Blitt cartoon. Depicting John McCain with a walker and Cindy McCain…

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Obama Speaks at UNITY to Jounalists of Color

by Jonathan Adams on July 22 2008, 2:05PM

The media followed Barack Obama on his trip abroad and (fortuntely for him) they are praising it as a successful trip. After a whirlwind international tour, Obama will join members of the press of color on Sunday to deliver…

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Nas Joins ColorofChange in Fight Against Fox News’ Racist Attacks

by Jonathan Adams on July 22 2008, 10:05AM

We were just talking about Nas. He recently announced with the release of his latest album that he and other hip hop artists were much better suited to lead the civil rights movement than Jesse Jackson. Always a political…

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Black and Beautiful, But Invisible

by Jonathan Adams on July 9 2008, 12:57PM

Vogue Italia has an all-Black issue on newsstands this month, London’s Mahogany Models are starting a campaign to protest the lack of representation for models of color. Watch this interview with Kadiatu Kamara about the campaign, “Black And Beautiful…

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Embracing Diversity on Sesame Street

by Jonathan Adams on June 26 2008, 7:44AM

Kermit Love, the costume designer who helped puppeteer Jim Henson create Big Bird and other “Sesame Street” characters has died at 91. News that Kermit Love, the co-creator of Sesame Street’s Big Bird, has died at 91 got me thinking…

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Why Is TV So White?

by Jonathan Adams on June 20 2008, 9:51AM

H/T Angry Asian Man According to an Entertainment Weekly study of scripted-programming casts for the upcoming fall 2008 season, each of the five major broadcast networks is disproportionately whiter than the United States population….

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What The Media Gets Wrong About Wright

by Guest Columnist on June 13 2008, 11:58AM

Wrong Again By Donna E. Scott As someone who grew up a stones throw from Trinity United Church of Christ, I was amazed and continue to be amazed at how wrong the mainstream media is in their reporting. The…

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BET vs. Boondocks

by Jonathan Adams on June 11 2008, 1:33PM

Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks, first gained notoriety for his searingly political syndicated comic strip. Then, McGruder left newspapers and put his strip in motion turning Boondocks into an Adult Swim animated television series by the same name. From…

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Media Justice, Election Protection and the Issue of Race in the 2008 Election

by Adrienne Maree Brown on June 9 2008, 8:44AM

From the National Conference on Media Reform on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, I think these are two ways that our voices get heard, right, in this country. One is through these media outlets, and one is through our…

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New York Magazine: The Summer of Brownface

by Jonathan Adams on June 6 2008, 9:31AM

Outside of color-blind Shakespeare adaptations, cross-race casting has been one of Hollywood’s obvious taboos for decades now — a no-no so basic it didn’t even merit discussion. No more: Enough Hollywood stars are enthusiastically applying bronzer in 2008, either for…

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Media That Matters Film Festival

by Jonathan Adams on June 4 2008, 1:12PM

Our friends at Arts Engine just held their Eighth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival last week at IFC in New York. This year’s festival showcases twelve jury-selected shorts tackling a broad range of social issues with humor, humanity,…

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White Liberal Blogger Goes Too Far, Depicts Michelle Obama Being Lynched

by Jonathan Adams on May 22 2008, 8:53AM

H/T What About Our Daughters Barack Obama already asked his opponents to lay off his wife, and now, it seems he may need to tell his supporters the same thing. A DailyKos contributor, ONECITIZEN, created this horrible image of…

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Darrin Bell Gives Historical Context

by Jonathan Adams on May 8 2008, 9:07AM

H/T Too Sense In a series called “America-Hating Black Preacher,” Darrin Bell compares the media’s reaction to Martin Luther King in 1968 to the response to Rev. Wright in 2008. Go to the Candorville archives for the entire series. The…

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The Big Picture

by Guest Columnist on May 1 2008, 9:03AM

by Alex Jung H/T Jezebel Take a look at Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair covers? You can see how many times the people of color get pushed to the right side of the frame, putting them safely off of the main…

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Is This Racist?

by Jonathan Adams on April 11 2008, 12:38PM

H/T Towleroad In another segment of “Is This Racist?, ” here’s a new Hanes ad campaign that probably started off with good intentions but doesn’t seem to be striking a cord with the communities they were trying to engage….

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‘Welcome to America’ Exposes Realities of Racism

by Guest Columnist on April 2 2008, 11:47AM

by Thanu Yakupitiyage Earlier in March, a colleague brought my attention to an article that she had seen in Gothamist about an art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) in Brooklyn. “The Blue Wall of Violence”…

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Come Again, Lou?

by Guest Columnist on March 31 2008, 3:30PM

by Alex Jung Lou Dobbs, everyone’s favorite faux populist went on (yet another) tirade about why Americans (but really himself) are not racists. The subject of his anger this time was Condoleezza Rice’s recent remarks on Barack Obama’s speech on…

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A Racist Vogue Cover?

by Jonathan Adams on March 24 2008, 11:34AM

Lot of people are talking about the latest issue of Vogue magazine with Lebron James andn Gisele Bundchen on the cover. Because Vogue’s history as the world’s premier fashion magazine has not included many people of color on the…

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