Three Stories We Could Obsess Over Instead of Shirley Sherrod's Ordeal

Three Stories We Could Obsess Over Instead of Shirley Sherrod’s Ordeal

by Kai Wright on July 21 2010, 6:02PM

Since everybody wants to talk about racism, here are a few ideas.

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South Asians: Time Magazine's Sorry You're Offended

South Asians: Time Magazine’s Sorry You’re Offended

by Channing Kennedy on July 16 2010, 2:10PM

The editors issue a non-apology after Joel Stein’s humor column offers up racist stereotypes.

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A New Low for Coverage of Women in Sports

A New Low for Coverage of Women in Sports

by Jamilah King on July 10 2010, 11:36AM

News coverage of women’s sports has all but disappeared, a new study finds.

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Readers Debate Chris Brown's BET Comeback

Readers Debate Chris Brown’s BET Comeback

by Jorge Rivas on July 1 2010, 2:53PM

If singer Chris Brown had beat up Black Entertainment Television (BET) president Debra Lee’s daughter, would she let him on her awards show? That was just one of the questions readers posed on a ColorLines story published earlier this week….

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The “End of Men” Isn’t the End of Racism

by Daisy Hernandez on June 30 2010, 3:13PM

The Atlantic’s Hanna Rosin says women are taking over the world. If so, apparently they don’t plan to be any less racist than the (white) men they’re replacing.

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NBA Finals Highlights Rodents, Education Reform

NBA Finals Highlights Rodents, Education Reform

by Jamilah King on June 18 2010, 3:45PM

Chances are if you caught last night’s Game 7 of the NBA finals, you also saw a couple of very questionable commercials. The game that had the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Boston Celtics was the highest rated NBA finals…

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Helen Thomas Pays for Crossing a Line Others Trample

by Michelle Chen on June 8 2010, 11:38AM

By now you’ve heard: pioneering Washington journalist Helen Thomas has, thanks to a viral video interview, been pilloried for offensive comments about Israel and ousted from the press corps’ inner sanctum. Her words were definitely incendiary—Jews should “get the hell…

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Rabbi Who Brought Down Helen Thomas Has Great 'Mexican' Impression

Rabbi Who Brought Down Helen Thomas Has Great ‘Mexican’ Impression

by Channing Kennedy on June 7 2010, 6:53PM

UPDATE 1:00PM ET: Though the ‘Holy Weather’ video has been removed from youtube by the uploader, Mediaite has re-posted it. Embedded above. ………… This weekend, thirty seconds of video surfaced in which veteran DC reporter Helen Thomas, in a snippet…

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“The View” Ladies Take on SB 1070, McCain and the DREAM Act

by Jorge Rivas on May 19 2010, 3:54PM

The ladies from The View this morning took up Arizona’s SB 1070 as a hot topic, and while they were at it, they talked about Senator McCain and the DREAM Act too!…

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The NYT Demonstrates How Not to Talk About Immigration

The NYT Demonstrates How Not to Talk About Immigration

by Channing Kennedy on May 19 2010, 9:00AM

A colorblind, white-as-default, fact-phobic approach typifies the many shortcomings of our dialogue around race, values and immigration.

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The Right Says the All-American Girl Isn’t American Enough

by Tammy Johnson on May 18 2010, 10:02AM

The ascent of the deceptively beautiful Rima Fakih to the throne of Miss USA is a matter of national security! At least, that’s what the megaphoned culture police would have us all believe. And radio talk show host and commentator…

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Lebanese Immigrant Wins Miss USA and Miss Oklahoma on SB 1070 [Video]

by Jorge Rivas on May 17 2010, 11:30AM

A 24-year old Arab-American won the title of Miss USA in the annual beauty pageant held Sunday night in Las Vegas. Rima Fakih, a Lebanese immigrant, who moved to the United States as a baby, is the first woman…

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5 Real Reasons to Ignore Pew's Arizona SB1070 Poll

5 Real Reasons to Ignore Pew’s Arizona SB1070 Poll

by Channing Kennedy on May 13 2010, 9:00AM

Big new polls show majority support for Arizona’s new immigration law. Don’t believe them.

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Somali Pirates’ Story Still Simplified to Death

by Jorge Rivas on May 6 2010, 10:36AM

Somali pirates are in the news again, but the bigger story — about where they fit into a globally exploitative economy — is still left out of the coverage. On Wednesday, Somali pirate-related headlines hit the front pages of…

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Don't Call Me Racist, and Other Arizona Lies

Don’t Call Me Racist, and Other Arizona Lies

by Daisy Hernandez on April 27 2010, 12:00PM

What the state’s new immigration law teaches us about the dissembling language of bias in the 21st century.

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Glenn Beck’s $32M Mouth

by Kai Wright on April 15 2010, 2:21PM

The NYT’s poll of Tea Partiers today offered some concrete answers to the question of who these folks are. More detail on that later, but the top line is they’re often white, male and at least consider their finances to…

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Erica Jong: Oprah Wasn’t A “Professional Negro” Before

by Julianne Hing on April 15 2010, 9:00AM

Oprah Winfrey, that enigmatic media mogul, that high-powered television host with the Midas touch, the purveyor of hopes and dreams and refrigerators, is the subject of everyone’s fascination. And these days more than ever, what with Kitty Kelley’s latest…

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VH1 Goes Trashy-to-Classy Through Black Folks

by Jorge Rivas on April 9 2010, 6:30PM

VH1, the network that brought us Flavor of Love and I Love New York — two of the trashiest reality shows in the history of television — is movin’ on up to programming that includes more classy Black folks….

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Digital Freedoms: ‘A 21st Century Civil Rights Issue’

by Jamilah King on April 7 2010, 12:51PM

Those were the words from ColorofChange, a web-based black advocacy organization, in a newsletter sent out this morning to supporters announcing its appeal to the FCC to maintain an Open Internet. The message came on the heels of yesterday’s controversial…

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Drop Everything: Systemic Racism Affects White Tanning-Bed Enthusiasts

by Channing Kennedy on April 1 2010, 11:47AM

Two Sundays ago, with the passage of health care reform, the racial hierarchy of America changed forever. And with it, the racial justice movement must change. For years I’ve suggested that racism was in decline and yeah, there are some,…

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