RSVP to call into the Compact for Racial Justice Forums

by Jorge Rivas on February 13 2009, 10:01AM

With nearly 600,000 US jobs lost in January, the Applied Research Center has to ask the question: Is Obama’s job’s agenda racial justice ready? The principles for racial justice must be front and center if this new economy is…

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Government jobs, and jobs with justice

by Michelle Chen on February 11 2009, 1:53PM

The pushback against the job-creation initiatives in the stimulus drips with the right’s enduring faith in the private sector. Why should the government be in the business of creating jobs, say Michael Steele and other private-sector cheerleaders. For a more…

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Children of the foreclosure crisis

by Michelle Chen on February 9 2009, 6:41PM

Will the wave of foreclosures now engulfing the country create a new homelessness crisis? The youngest victims are emerging: the children whose families and educational futures are suddenly uprooted as the housing market spirals into free-fall. Though comprehensive school enrollment…

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New York food workers challenge unsavory labor practices

by Michelle Chen on February 6 2009, 2:25PM

New York City is known for its diverse cuisine, but few recognize that the food business is driven by an equally diverse workforce—one wracked by extreme hardship for workers who cook, bake and clean in the back of the…

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Who’s Hurting Now?

by Guest Columnist on February 4 2009, 11:59AM

By Francis Calpotura, Founder & Director, Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA) Recently, we’ve seen a few articles about the impact of the economic crisis on the amount of money that our families send back home. It…

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Compact for Racial Justice Forums

by Jorge Rivas on February 3 2009, 4:02PM

If you missed today’s Racial Justice Forum call on “Race and the Economy” you can download a recording. You can download an MP3 or stream the recording below. Download MP3 (9MB) A special thank you to today’s participants. Below you…

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Call into the Compact for Racial Justice Forums

by Jorge Rivas on February 2 2009, 1:04PM

The Applied Research is hosting a bi-weekly series of conference calls. Justice advocates on the Compact Forum calls will track the first 100 days of the Obama administration and shape plans to influence policy affecting racial justice.

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The color of a fair paycheck

by Michelle Chen on January 29 2009, 1:27PM

The first piece of legislation President Obama signed into law helps inch forward the struggle for economic equity. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act won’t undo historically entrenched income gaps, but it will expand the timetable for workers to sue…

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An ugly portrait

by Michelle Chen on January 29 2009, 12:41PM

Sometimes cold statistics can make disturbing truths more real. A new report, “A Portrait of Mississippi,” underscores racial disparities that, while not surprising, have seldom been so intricately documented until now.’ The study is an offshoot of Measure of America…

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The Real Scoop on Remittances During the Recession

by Guest Columnist on January 29 2009, 9:30AM

By Francis Calpotura Founder & Director, Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA) WHO IS HURTING WITH THE DOWNTURN? There’s been many articles recently about the impact of the economic crisis on the amount of money that our families…

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Moratorium Now!

by on January 27 2009, 10:49AM

As an organizer with Moratorium Now, a coalition to stop foreclosures in Michigan, Sandra Hines, a 55-year–old Black woman, is waging a battle so that nobody else will face what she has. “What I’m doing is fighting back,” she said….

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Race and Recession-Traval Log 1

by on January 21 2009, 4:30PM

Race and Recession have everything to do with each other. For the next few weeks I’ll be posting from the road with stories about race and the recession. From the Pacific Northwest to the rust belt, Central Texas to Southern…

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The Recession is Official… Sorta

by Guest Columnist on December 11 2008, 2:24PM

It’s Official…Sorta By Amaad Rivera, United for a Fair Economy For the first time in nearly a year, despite the obvious deteriorating economic situation for the majority of people in this country, we have received confirmation that we are…

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Romney: Don’t Bailout Detroit

by Megan Izen on November 19 2008, 8:10AM

I’m not going to pretend that I have a full understanding of the bailout plan the auto industry requested from Congress yesterday. I haven’t read enough yet. That said, I was disturbed by Mitt Romney’s Op Ed in the…

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-2 trillion – 1 trillion = No Santa Claus This Year

by Victor Corral on October 10 2008, 1:07PM

This week, it was reported that in the past 15 months, the current financial crisis caused Americans to lose $2 trillion in their retirement plans. While there is a definite need to worry, we have to remember that markets recover…

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Chicago’s Sheriff Won’t Evict in Foreclosures

by Jonathan Adams on October 9 2008, 9:43AM

Since the federal government’s plan to rescue the country seems to ignore homeowners, at least one man, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, has decided he will start policing with his own kind of justice. Dart says that he will…

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What About the Bottom?

by Donna Hernandez on October 6 2008, 11:27AM

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been aggressively paying attention to tnews about the US economy and attempting to figure out if it will wipe out the little bit of funds in my 401K. The fact that I have a…

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Will the Failing Economy Advance Racial Justice?

by Guest Columnist on October 3 2008, 12:21PM

by Samantha Erskine I’m wondering how everyone else feels about the idea that our failing economy might advance racial justice. On November 4th, we will find out what America really cares about. On the one hand, we have a Black…

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Bailouts and Blood Pressure

by Tammy Johnson on September 29 2008, 10:06AM

As a Black woman, I am well aware that one of the healthcare risks that I face is hypertension. So I try to stop, take a breath and say a prayer when confronted by life’s daily madness. But this…

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Wall Street’s Woes a Depression for People of Color

by Guest Columnist on September 17 2008, 3:33PM

By Victor Goode While Wall Street reels from the chaos created by this latest economic crisis, little has been said in the main stream media about its effect on communities of color. Few people of color are worried about…

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