NY Raises Minimum Wage $0.10, We Do the Math

by Guest Columnist on July 31 2009, 9:59AM

photo credit: Majeed Babar, c/o New York Community Media Alliance By Miriam Leshin On Monday, ethnic and community news media representatives gathered for a press conference on the recent 10-cent increase in the New York state minimum wage and…

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Cut 100% of Domestic Violence Funding and What Californians Can Do About It

by Jorge Rivas on July 31 2009, 8:37AM

Earlier this week, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed a budget plan sent to him by legislators to close the state’s deficit, but only after he used his line-item veto power to slash an additional $500 million in cuts. According…

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A Deeper Dive

by Adrienne Maree Brown on July 14 2009, 7:37AM

We’ve all heard about the incident at the Philly pool. Color of Change put out a great incident report in case you missed it. The incident is a classic whites-only racism incident, and it’s reminded me that as responsible racial…

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The moral equation of budget cuts

by Michelle Chen on July 10 2009, 8:18PM

Here we go again. California may soon seek to balance the budget on the backs of immigrant families. The LA Times reports that Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed imposing a five-year limit on state welfare support for citizen children of…

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Reorienting the stimulus

by Michelle Chen on July 10 2009, 3:01PM

The pushback against another stimulus package is in full force, with conservatives arguing that the “failure” of the first stimulus proves that another fiscal boost would be a mistake. Let us turn to the annals of wonkdom to establish…

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No Water, No Jobs

by Leticia Miranda on July 8 2009, 1:05PM

Although I’m a little reluctant to admit it sometimes, I’m from Fresno, CA. But when my girlfriend and I got lost driving back to our Oakland homes from Los Angeles this last weekend, my loyalty to the Central Valley…

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The Recovery Act Fights Reagan’s Job Training Agenda

by Guest Columnist on July 6 2009, 2:02PM

by Jonathan Yee Need a job? Well, the National Recovery Act has created a great deal of excitement for green jobs and their potential to save the environment and create jobs for low income communities; for example, Oakland’s Green Jobs…

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Stimulating equity

by Michelle Chen on June 25 2009, 4:22PM

As the recession rolls on, the federal stimulus package seems more and more like just a drop in the bucket, but even those limited resources are trickling down to an unlevel playing field. The National Black Chamber of Commerce…

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Moving on down

by Michelle Chen on June 22 2009, 9:18PM

Are you better off than you were four years ago? How about thirty? For all the political wrangling around the 21st century economy, the promise of the digital age, a new era of global competitiveness… Americans are basically going…

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A piece of the green pie

by Michelle Chen on June 12 2009, 8:41PM

Green jobs are seen as a vehicle for the climate justice agenda, bringing together economic and environmental advancement. But will the green industries deliver on the lofty promises activists have envisioned? According to a study by Pew Charitable Trusts,…

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Follow the money

by Michelle Chen on June 2 2009, 4:17PM

The White House is rolling out a fresh round of New Market Tax Credits as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The program is designed to basically sweeten the pot for investors so they will finance development…

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Greening the recession

by Michelle Chen on May 19 2009, 9:10PM

Underneath the headlines trumpeting signs of “recovery” are sobering figures on the bottom rungs of the economy. The Economic Policy Institute projects calculates that high rates of joblessness have resulted in a 7.8 million deficit in payroll employment. Between…

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An American dream, deferred

by Michelle Chen on May 14 2009, 3:29PM

Homeownership has long been touted as the cornerstone of the American dream and a tool for narrowing the racial wealth gap. Has the foreclosure crisis extinguished that hope, or exposed the myths that drive it? The Pew Hispanic Center…

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“My Great Recession” - We Want Your Stories

by Julianne Hing on May 12 2009, 5:36PM

Calling all young POC writers, artists, bloggers! Where you at? I was always told that young people my age had it easy growing up in a time of unprecedented material wealth. “You don’t know how good you have it,”…

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Enriching poor kids

by Michelle Chen on May 6 2009, 4:38PM

It pays to start early when trying to set kids on the right path. Comprehensive preschool programs have been linked to better outcomes for children later in life, with lower rates of criminal justice involvement and higher earnings. Giving…

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A law good enough to be hated

by Michelle Chen on April 30 2009, 3:50PM

Perhaps it’s just too easy to blame the financial crisis on Wall Street’s avarice and Washington’s deregulatory frenzy. Hence the right-wing punditry’s talent for ascribing just about any calamity to poor Black people. Since the early days of the…

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Black Farmers Urge Obama to Keep Promises

by Guest Columnist on April 28 2009, 11:08AM

by Jessica Hoffmann Black farmers who’d hoped they might finally see justice under the Obama administration are disappointed—and they’re speaking up about it. Today in D.C., the National Black Farmers’ Association is rallying to protest a government-proposed cap on compensation…

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Not too old to be abandoned

by Michelle Chen on April 21 2009, 3:53PM

Older youth in the child welfare system tend to stay out of the public spotlight. Some might say they’re actively ignored. For many of the roughly 26,000 youth who “age out” of foster care each year, an eighteenth birthday…

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Legalize the Undocumented, Help Fix the Economy

by Guest Columnist on April 16 2009, 9:42AM

by Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger This is the immigration wire for the week of April 9-16, 2009, published by The Media Consortium. The dialogue on immigration has, historically, been contentious and cyclical. There are times when hysteria peaks, and rational…

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Who’s Really Behind The Tea Bag Protests

by Julianne Hing on April 15 2009, 4:45PM

via Imagine 2050 by Jill Garvey It’s no secret that conservatives have a hard time keeping racism out of their ranks (airwaves), and now it seems it has surfaced in even their grassroots (astro turf) movements. The whole tea…

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