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House Passes Stimulus Plan; Long Island Youth Charged With More Assaults on Latinos

by Jonathan Adams on January 29 2009, 7:01AM

House Dems Pass Stimulus Plan “Without a single Republican vote, President Obama won House approval on Wednesday for an $819 billion economic recovery plan as Congressional Democrats sought to temper their own differences over the enormous package of tax cuts…

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Kentucky Court Refuses Obama Effigy Case; Gillibrand Won’t Reconsider Position on Amnesty

by Jonathan Adams on January 28 2009, 8:12AM

Obama Effigy Case Thrown Out of Ky. Court “A grand jury has refused to indict two Kentucky men for hanging an effigy of Barack Obama from a tree in Lexington at the height of the presidential campaign.” WZTV. Another Immigrant…

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Blind Hate

by Jonathan Adams on January 27 2009, 1:11PM

H/T Jack and Jill Politics In what I can only describe as a Clayton Bigsby moment, Michael Contreras (above), 18, and a group of friends went out after Barack Obama’s win on Nov. 4 to harass Black people. Their…

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Hate Crimes Surge After Inauguration

by Jonathan Adams on January 27 2009, 9:20AM

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Second Officer Investigated in Oscar Grant Killing

by The News on January 26 2009, 7:59AM

Second Officer Under Scrutiny in Oscar Grant Murder “A new investigation into the circumstances surrounding a BART police officer’s fatal shooting of Oscar Grant III began over the weekend, as a second officer came under fire for allegedly using excessive…

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Reforming Immigrant Policy; Ban on CIA’s ‘Black Prisons’

by The News on January 23 2009, 8:11AM

Toward an ‘Immigrant Policy’ That Works Obama’s challenge is to incite a more comprehensive approach to policy that would be beneficial to both immigrants and their new country. SF Gate. MALDEF Fights for Integration, Education Equity in Chicago In Chicago,…

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MLK Day Calls For A Closer Look at King, Racism Today; Schools Get Off Track

by The News on January 19 2009, 9:51AM

A Different Kind of King We have mythologized Martin Luther King and his dream, but we should take a closer look at King’s direct challenge for all Americans, rather than remain complacent and comforted by his optimism, particularly in light…

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Targeted neighborhoods, pt 1: Israel and al-Daraj

by Michelle Chen on January 16 2009, 5:38PM

If there were ever such a thing as an opportunely timed war crimes case, the Center for Constitutional Rights scored a slam dunk today. The human rights law firm argued Matar v. Dichter before an appeals court in downtown Manhattan….

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Mary Frances Berry Not Bitter After Racist Remark

by Jonathan Adams on January 16 2009, 1:04PM

Berry takes a few seconds to respond to an email sent by chief of the Justice Department’s voting section, John Tanner in which he calls the former chairwoman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights “black and bitter.”…

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Profiling Incidents Run Rampant; First Concern for Latinos is Economy

by The News on January 16 2009, 7:36AM

Airport Incidents Prove Profiling Still Prevalent Two recent incidents at airports during the holiday season point out that profiling is still being utilized as a security measure. As neither incident posed any threat whatsoever, the real victims were the racially-profiled…

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Burris Replaces Obama in Senate Today

by The News on January 15 2009, 8:00AM

NYC Plans to Sell Foreclosed Homes, Speed Gentrification “New York City will spend $24 million in federal financing to rehabilitate and resell 115 foreclosed homes, one of the most aggressive steps city officials have taken in years to prevent vacant…

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Accused Oscar Grant Shooter Arrested; Report Reveals Racism in Bush DOJ

by The News on January 14 2009, 7:03AM

Accused Officer Arrested in Oscar Grant Shooting Former Bay Area Rapid Transit officer Johannes Mehserle, accused of shooting Oscar Grant an unarmed man in Oakland, was arrested Tuesday in Nevada. CNN. US Official Admits Torturing Detainee “The top Bush administration…

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Feds to Investigate Long Island Hate Crimes; Obama’s Plan to Close Guantanamo Prison May Take a Year

by The News on January 13 2009, 7:54AM

Justice Dept. to Investigate Assault on Latinos “Federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation into reports of a string of assaults against Latinos on Long Island, and are weighing whether to begin an inquiry into the Suffolk County Police Department’s…

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Prince Harry’s Racist Remarks

by Jonathan Adams on January 12 2009, 10:31AM

A video of Britain’s Prince Harry, third in line to the throne, spewing racist remarks has found its way to the press. While filming a video diary in 2006, Harry calls a fellow soldier a “Paki,” and another a…

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Burris Drama Proves Politics Far From Post-Racial; Closing the Educational Gap

by The News on January 12 2009, 7:19AM

California Supreme Court to Hear Immigrant Tuition Case “The court will rule on the validity of a state law that allows undocumented immigrant students at California’s public colleges and universities to pay the same tuition as legal in-state students. Inland…

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Obama Wants to Put Off Digital Transition; Slumdog Millionaire Sweeps Critics’ Choice Awards

by The News on January 9 2009, 7:11AM

Group Calls for Greater Black Presence in Ad Agencies “Blacks remain underrepresented on Madison Avenue, according to the report, “Research Perspectives on Race and Employment in the Advertising Industry,” which concluded that only 5.3 percent of managers and professionals at…

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Officer Accused of Oscar Grant Shooting Resigns; Council Mandates NYPD Report of Race in Police Shootings

by Jonathan Adams on January 8 2009, 8:13AM

Council: NYPD to Report on Race in Police Shootings “The New York City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to require the Police Department to file annual reports about the use of deadly force by officers, including the race, gender and…

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Jeffrey Wright Tased by Lousiana Cops

by Jonathan Adams on January 7 2009, 9:12AM

Back in July, we reported that Jeffrey Wright—and fellow actor, Josh Brolin—were peppersprayed and tased by police after a bar fight in Shreveport, Lousiana during the filming of their movie, W. Here’s video, courtesy of TMZ, of the incident:…

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Venezuela Responds to Attack on Gaza; Scandal Rocks Indian Stock Market

by Jonathan Adams on January 7 2009, 8:10AM

Asian Immigrant Families Using Technology for Sons “Researchers are finding the first evidence that some Asian immigrant families are using U.S. medical technology to have sons instead of daughters, apparently acting on an age-old cultural prejudice that has led to…

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JetBlue Passenger Forced to Cover Arabic T-Shirt Awarded

by Jonathan Adams on January 6 2009, 2:05PM

Just days after a Muslim family was thrown off an AirTran plane, the ACLU announces a victory against racial profiling on airplanes. An airline passenger forced to cover his T-shirt because it displayed Arabic script has been awarded 240,000 dollars…

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