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Power of Race Ed. Shown through ‘Got Guts’

by Malena Amusa on February 27 2007, 11:32AM

When college students learn about America’s tumultuous history with race and have an awareness of its impact today today, they find it hard sitting on their butts and watching time cover old wounds. The last thing on their minds I’m…

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Exuberance Turns into another Hate Party

by Malena Amusa on February 19 2007, 3:17PM

Right after reports of students throwing black-face parties in dis-honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, news came out that some at a Silicon Valley university hosted a “South of the Border” romp where “students showed up dressed as…

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State of Black Union, Missing Obama

by Malena Amusa on February 19 2007, 9:39AM

Every year, heady Black intellectuals gather in a large room to address the “State of the Black Union”. This February, the event covered how Hip-Hop grips Black America to materialism and misogyny; the vestiges of slavery; and individual vs. institutional…

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Week in Review

by Malena Amusa on February 19 2007, 7:33AM

Thanks in part to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign for presidency, race was front page news last week. But I’m more alarmed than intrigued. Many people believe Barack “is the first mainstream African American” to break political bread with white people,…

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Trading Problems: Koreans Fight Back

by Malena Amusa on February 15 2007, 12:56PM

U.S. trade officials met with South Korean officials in Washington D.C. this week to talk about a free-trade deal between the two countries. Now, stick with me here. The Free Trade Agreement is on Congressional “fast track” which means…

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Asian-American Youth focus of Marketing Study

by Malena Amusa on February 14 2007, 9:56AM

There are several things Asian-American youth just hate and love, according to SnapDragon Consultants, a branding and consumer research firm, and artist activist Kate Rigg. Together, they conducted a supposedly sweeping survey of Asian-American students aged 14-23 asking about their…

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U. of Wisconsin upholds affirmative action

by Malena Amusa on February 12 2007, 7:20AM

After polling community sentiment, the University of Wisconsin System regents voted Friday 16-0 to uphold academic-, class-, and yes, race-based admissions. Some conservatives claim the policy undermines the state’s ban on race-based tests in admissions. But of the schools’…

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Sen. Biden on Indians

by Malena Amusa on February 6 2007, 7:30AM

We dug up this little gem on YouTube for all those too quick to forgive Joe Biden: Creep or No? I think the clip speaks for itself….

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Stop & Frisk Procedure Under Racial Scrutiny

by Malena Amusa on February 5 2007, 8:52AM

According to data compiled by New York’s Police Department, more than half of the roughly 508,500 people police stopped and frisked in New York last year, were black. In addition, the number of total stops have increased five-fold since 2002….

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Beavis and Butthead attack Rhode Island Immigrants

by Malena Amusa on February 2 2007, 9:42AM

Two democrat legislators in Rhode Island are pushing to have federal law prohibit children born of illegal immigrant parents in the U.S. from gaining automatic citizenship. In addition, they are proposing state legislation to ban the hiring or harboring of…

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Biden, Others Miss Point

by Malena Amusa on February 2 2007, 9:25AM

Comments made by Sen. Joseph Biden D-from Delaware about Sen. Barak Obama and ultimately, black Americans may have ruined his presidential aspirations. According to Biden, who this week announced his run for president, Obama was “the first mainstream African-American…

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Paula Zahn takes on…Black-Brown Violence?!

by Malena Amusa on February 2 2007, 7:30AM

Thank you CNN… Paula Zahn is all over racism these days. We’ll let you decide for yourself how she’s doing……

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News: Katrina Report Card Grim

by Malena Amusa on February 1 2007, 7:58AM

The Center for Social Inclusion based in New York issued a January report on New Orleans—looking at the ability of former residents to revitalize their living conditions. Katrina scored a C- overall and completely failed tests in health, housing and…

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The Price of Citizenship Just Went Up

by Malena Amusa on January 31 2007, 11:51AM

Today, the Citizen and Immigration Services under the Dept. of Homeland Security, will announce its plan to increase application fees for citizenship and permanent residency to cover its cost of business—background checks and office technology. The 80% hike would…

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News you Missed: Counting Protesters, A Prince in Harlem

by Malena Amusa on January 30 2007, 7:51AM

—Why did major news outlets fail to report the exact number of attendees at this weekend’s massive Washington D.C. rally against the Iraq war? But also, of the tons and tons of thousands, why were so few protesters of…

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The Color of Money

by Malena Amusa on January 29 2007, 12:18PM

Apparently taller, lighter skinned American immigrants earn up to 15 percent more income than shorter, darker immigrants, a professor of law and economics at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee found after analyzing data from more than 2000 male and female…

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And the Award for Fraud Most Likely to Target Poor People…

by Malena Amusa on January 29 2007, 7:09AM

This season we recognize loan sharks offering “rapid refunds,” high-interest-rate loans given to people awaiting their federal tax returns. They systematically target poor, minority neighborhoods, where they rake in millions of dollars in loan fees. These tax folks gank nearly…

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tnews: Public Universities Recast Affirmative Action

by Malena Amusa on January 26 2007, 8:44AM

Rants School Choice Push President George W. Bush proposed revisions to his signature No Child Left Behind legislation that would allow school officials to impose school vouchers, replace fledging public schools with charter schools, and break teachers’ contracts where schools…

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tnews: Immigrant Kids Caught in Tangled Web of Policies

by Malena Amusa on January 25 2007, 9:43AM

Rants Caught In-between Children of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles face a tangled web of conflicting public policies, the L.A. Times reported, Jan. 25. While these children can attend public schools and receive emergency health treatments, they are not eligible…

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Roots of Black-Latino Anger

by Andre Banks on January 11 2007, 8:24AM

Way back in May I wrote a piece called The Price of the Ticket weighing in on the much discussed “Black-Brown Divide” in the immigration debate. I argued there that an economic explanation alone doesn’t capture the root of the…

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