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3 New York Cops indicted in Sean Bell Tragedy

by Malena Amusa on March 16 2007, 7:28AM

Three New York police detectives turned themselves in for a wild shooting last November that killed Sean Bell and injured two of his friends who were sitting in a car the day Bell was to be married. The cops fired…

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Americans Warming up to Diverse Candidates

by Malena Amusa on March 16 2007, 6:50AM

Sifting through the garbage of news about Sen. Barack’s multi-ethnic loyalties, I almost missed this Gallop Survey: Asked if they’d [Americans] be willing to vote for a “generally well-qualified” candidate with the following characteristics, here’s how the tally went: Black…

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Must See: FOX News’ Attack on Black America

by The News on March 14 2007, 2:57PM

*NOTE: Update to “Fox News’ Attack on Black America” AlterNet reports: CNN has announced that they (and ostensibly NOT Fox News) will partner with the Congressional Black Caucus for the Jan. ‘08 presidential debate in South Carolina. Expect the rhetoric…

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Trouble in Black Greekland

by The News on March 13 2007, 7:49AM

Some organizations of gay Black men posing as college Greeks have formed over the years. One of them, MIAKA, a male sorority which means Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha, a historically Black female Greek organization, has caught significant news…

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FBI Owns Up to Patriot Act Abuses

by The News on March 12 2007, 12:12PM

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III admitted the agency’s abuse of the Patriot Act, legislation passed after 9/11 to identify terrorists, the L.A. Times reported March 9. Meuller confirmed that the FBI has unlawfully subpoenaed thousands of telephone, email…

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Racial Makeover for Health Care in Jersey

by The News on March 12 2007, 7:37AM

The New Jersey Department of Health is trying to put the squash on racial disparity according to its new report on the state’s disproportionate number of Blacks and Latinos hit by HIV/AIDS, obesity and diabetes. From the Kaiser Foundation: Language…

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Leaked Memo on NAACP Resignation

by The News on March 12 2007, 7:34AM

BREAKING NEWS over at afro-netizen: Bruce Gordon’s outgoing memo to the NAACP board The following memorandum was forwarded to Afro-Netizen by an anonymous source on Saturday, March 10, 2007. Afro-Netizen has independently confirmed that it was written by recently resigned…

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March Mascot Madness

by Terry Keleher on March 9 2007, 12:18PM

The use of racist mascots in sports at all levels is a continuing saga. But the climate is shifting, thanks to years of active resistance on many fronts, reaching enough critical mass to help rewrite some of the rules…

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Can Apologies Wash Away Racism?

by The News on March 9 2007, 8:42AM

…Some politicians would have you think so as leaders on the left and right propose state-sponsored apologies for slavery and the near extermination of Native Americans. Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Stephen I. Cohen are proposing two of the most…

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Outsourcing Affirmative Action?

by The News on March 9 2007, 7:15AM

(African Students at Penn State) When compared with Native-born Black students, African and Caribbean students are overrepresented at America’s top-tier universities, raising concerns about the implementation of Affirmative Action, reported today: “13 percent of of the nation’s college-age…

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What Gender Gotsta do With It!

by Malena Amusa on March 8 2007, 1:54PM

March is Women’s month, and more specifically, today is International Women’s Day. Like Black History Month, these events inherently allot insufficient time to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of Blacks and Women in the world. But these events don’t portend…

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American Idol Skips Race Beat

by The News on March 8 2007, 8:36AM

One contestant was black. The other white. Both were found to have racy photos posted online. But a few seasons ago, American Idol kicked off the Black contestant Frenchie Davis for posing her naked on an adult website ….

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Imus spews racist, sexist views on Clinton

by The News on March 8 2007, 8:14AM

Why do some racists think it’s okay to say backward mess as long as its couched in so-called humor? Better, why hasn’t MSNBC’s Imus of Imus in the Morning been fired? Media Matters reported this week: On the March 6…

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Cherokees Cast Out Black Indians

by Andre Banks on March 5 2007, 10:10AM

The Cherokee Nation voted this weekend to expel some 2,800 descendants of freed slaves. In a landslide victory, the decision to revoke citizenship was supported by 76% of voters. The central question at hand is whether to offer the benefits…

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Slavery, I’m Sorry You Happened

by Malena Amusa on March 5 2007, 9:45AM

The General Assembly of Richmond, Virginia voted Feb . 24 to express its “profound regret,” for slavery that took place in the state. This unanimous decision came just one month after Virgina republican Delegate Frank D. Hargrove, 80, angered leaders…

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Clinton Overcomes; Obama Overwhelmes

by The News on March 5 2007, 8:02AM

(New York Times photo) Presidential hopefuls and Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stole the show this Sunday, when the two met in Selma, Alabama, along with a team of Black leaders and supporters, to commemorate Blacks’ bloody march…

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Uphill Immigration Talks Begin

by The News on March 2 2007, 9:18AM

With most Democratic presidential candidates avoiding a hard stance on immigration like the plague, Congress faces some tough barriers to passing meaningful and fair immigration reform policy. These include, President Bush’s hard pushing for a guest worker program to have…

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The N-Word Has Left the Building

by The News on March 1 2007, 8:52AM

On the last day of Black History Month, the New York City Council passed symbolic legislation to ban the use of the N-word in NYC, joining several other municipalities in a campaign against the word. reported: Chief sponsor Councilman…

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AsianWeek’s “I Hate Blacks” Scandal

by Malena Amusa on March 1 2007, 7:13AM

(California-based AsianWeek’s Editor-at-large, Ted Fang/AP Photo) The Latest: AsianWeek fires bigot author blogged Feb. 27: The controvery over Kenneth Eng’s “Why I Hate Blacks” AsianWeek column continues to grow, gaining attention in the mainstream with stories like this…

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Accused in Emmett Till case goes free

by Daisy Hernandez on February 28 2007, 3:40PM

A Mississippi jury has decided to not indict the white woman who basically set in motion the 1955 murder of the teenage Emmett Till, a murder that galvanized the world against the Jim Crow South. That this white woman…

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