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Is Mayor Pat McCrory a racist?

by The News on July 16 2007, 7:39AM

Sometimes it’s tough gleaning whether a person’s comments are racist or not. It seems that the level of truth of the comments and the race of the person making them control that ultimate decision. Well recently, a North Carolina mayor…

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Bush says emergency room is form of health insurance

by The News on July 16 2007, 7:30AM

Paul Krugman: The Waiting Game. Why Bush wants the sick to pay the rich. Being without health insurance is no big deal. Just ask President Bush. “I mean, people have access to health care in America,” he said last week….

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Virginia allows officials to prohibit civil services to undocumented immigrants

by The News on July 12 2007, 8:10AM

Va. County Passes Law Targeting Illegal Immigrants. Targeting is an understatement. A county in Virginia has passed one of the most aggressive measures targeting illegal immigrants. The Board of Supervisors in Prince William County, outside Washington, D.C., says police…

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People of color, regardless of class, get higher interest rates; Former health official confesses

by The News on July 11 2007, 6:57AM

Study: Wealth doesn’t stop minority loan bias. So if race trumps class… Higher income does not protect blacks and Hispanics from receiving mortgage loans with above-market rates, a new study by a group pushing for reforms to lending laws says.—AP…

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“A modern-day lynching”?—update on Jena Six

by The News on July 10 2007, 8:58AM

The story Black parents and community leaders in Louisiana are calling a modern-day lynching. Jena Six on TV8 News A group of Black boys beat up a white kid after a conflict over a “white only” tree in a…

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The Supreme Court’s conservative activism, a look back; Health care for kids on the docket

by The News on July 9 2007, 7:23AM

Justice Secures His Place as a Critic of Integration. The illogic of Clarence Thomas. After examining Justice Thomas’s experiences at a mostly white seminary near Savannah, Ga., and at Yale Law School, Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher, the authors…

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NAACP seeks unified direction; “Silent Racism” calls out well-meaning whites

by The News on July 6 2007, 7:11AM

2008 Candidates Vow to Overhaul U.S. Health Care. It’ll take more than “Sicko.” both parties acknowledge the problems and their political urgency. Republicans, whose primaries usually turn on other issues, often wait until the general election to roll out detailed…

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Escaping justice: the American way

by Terry Keleher on July 5 2007, 10:35AM

Amidst all the firecrackers and flag-waving hoopla associated with Independence Day, I found this item from the New York Times News Service that reminds us of another American tradition, the circumvention of laws for racist purposes by our Chief Executive….

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Justice Clarence Thomas, revisited; Latino media take back the radio

by The News on July 5 2007, 6:54AM

Justice Thomas carries the day. Thomas, a Black nationalist? In a 1995 decision on affirmative action, Thomas put it more bluntly: “So-called ‘benign’ discrimination teaches many that because of chronic and apparently immutable handicaps, minorities cannot compete with them without…

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Libby: “Paris Hilton served more jail time than he will.”

by The News on July 3 2007, 12:28PM

Check this out: launched a petition in response to Bush’s pardoning of Libby this week. Here’s the letter that well-recaps Bush’s false promise to punish Libby and the lying that goes under the radar : You’ve probably seen tnews…

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Factoring in Asian in Supreme Court decision; U.S. border fence annexes Mexico

by The News on July 3 2007, 11:12AM

Asian Americans value racially diverse public schools. Supreme Court decision, not just Black and white. Desegregation law — and many integration plans still in effect — were fashioned in an earlier era, when “race” meant black or white. This is…

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While we were fuming, Bush withheld key documents

by The News on June 29 2007, 9:28AM

Yesterday’s headlines were bombarded with news about the Supreme Court ruling on race in public school assignments, and some of us might have missed this. Yesterday too, Bush stonewalled important documents about the firing of those U.S. attorneys that has…

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National HIV testing day; Survey finds whites use hard drugs more than non-whites

by The News on June 27 2007, 7:27AM

National HIV Testing Day. Tell your friends. Approximately one fourth of the estimated 1 million persons living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the United States are unaware that they are infected with HIV and at risk for transmitting…

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“Military Recruitment of Blacks Dropping”—Not new?

by The News on June 25 2007, 10:14AM

Too Sense reports on AP news that the number of Blacks enlisting in the U.S. military since it invaded Afghanistan has dropped by a third: I don’t really have much to say about this other than what Pam has already…

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“What did Brown mean?”; Gates says no to revived immigration bill

by The News on June 25 2007, 7:17AM

What did Brown mean? Because the courts may not get it right. Before its summer recess next week, the Supreme Court will probably unmask, by a 5-4 vote, this basic discord by announcing a fundamental reinterpretation of Brown. The new…

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Kanye was right; Bush does hate Black people

by The News on June 22 2007, 12:53PM

(AP Photo) Read This! “To Bush, black people = “the help” Kos reported: It’s so classy, how Bush tells the black musicians to clean up after the politicians. I want to thank our Chef, Paul Prudhomme, from New Orleans,…

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“My neighbors made me racist”

by Malena Amusa on June 22 2007, 11:37AM

Gather ‘round family. This right here is the strangest story about race relations I’ve read in a long time. St. Petersburg Times reporter Rodney Thrash examines a white woman’s feelings of racism, from their genesis, she says, living in a…

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“Race” is the “F” word; June 23 anti-immigration march

by The News on June 21 2007, 9:41AM

Study: Americans use ‘Diversity’ To Cover-Up Their True Views About Race. Race is the F-word of multi-cultural dialogue, they say. A new study by the University of Minnesota’s sociology department say that though Americans are optimistic about the word “diversity,”…

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Must Read: Miami Herald’s “Afro-Latin Americans”

by The News on June 20 2007, 8:56AM

Word up to the Miami Herald. The paper is running a special series on Afro-Latin Americans. Black Latinos. And about their cultural and political struggles with racism and survival. Check this out! It has 5 parts and they all…

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Vincent Chin died 25 Years Ago

by The News on June 18 2007, 11:12PM

From Angry Asian Man: On June 19, 1982, a Chinese American draftsman named Vincent Chin was killed in Detroit by two white autoworkers, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz. Chin was out at a strip club celebrating his bachelor party, where…

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