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Bush announces new wave of immigration enforcement; ‘fear of black men’, a defense

by The News on August 10 2007, 6:20AM

New immigration enforcement changes to be announced. We saw this coming… Tomorrow, the Bush administration will announce plans to bolster immigration enforcement, the AP says, citing a summary of the plans that a congressional aide provided.The changes include raising fines…

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Murder of young Black hopefuls stuns community; key Katrina case heard

by The News on August 7 2007, 7:00AM

Community livid after ‘good kids’ executed at school. This is terrible. They were on the cusp of adulthood: four friends who made music together and were preparing to return to the college where their friendship had blossomed.An apparent robbery…

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Media “discovers” Jena Six 30 seconds after Sharpton, Jackson

by Guest Columnist on August 6 2007, 8:05AM

This first appeared at Too Sense. dnA writes: Last week, I came to the realization that the relationship between the Media’s interest in a story about racial inequality is directly proportional to the degree that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson…

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Children’s health bill passes; Immigration bill crawls along

by The News on August 3 2007, 7:01AM

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill, 68-31. A victory. The bill would increase spending on the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program by $35 billion over the next five years.“Covering these children is worth every cent,” said Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican…

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Gonzales is confused, again; Sharpton, Jackson pencil in Jena 6

by The News on August 2 2007, 7:05AM

Gonzales to senators: ‘I may have created confusion’ Still can’t recall his moral fiber. “I am deeply concerned with suggestions that my testimony was misleading, and am determined to address any such impression,” Gonzales told Leahy.—CNN Sharpton, Jackson say…

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15th Erase Racism Carnival! Read all about it!

by Guest Columnist on July 27 2007, 2:26PM

Welcome to the July Erase Racism Blog Carnival! Every month, a different blog gathers posts from throughout cyberspace that explore issues of racial justice. The goal is to enhance the discussion of race online and connect bloggers working hard to…

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Ex-cop acquitted of beating; Gonzales caught in a lie

by The News on July 25 2007, 7:38AM

Jesse Jackson stands up for Barry. Bonds, a global-political metaphor. “When (George W.) Bush won the election, even though (Al) Gore got more votes, nobody boycotted the inauguration,” Jackson said. ” … (Bonds is) condemned without trial. There is no…

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YouTube Presidential Debate audience down on slavery question; Edwards the cave-man?

by The News on July 24 2007, 9:44AM

CNN’s got some nice coverage of the YouTube Presidential Debate last night that was a first of its kind and leftward leaning. See here. But before you go clicking away, here are some quick highlights: First: viewer-generated questions about the…

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Minimum Wage increases today, July 24; nobody’s running to the bank

by The News on July 24 2007, 9:23AM

dohernandez reported for RaceWire: The minimum wage goes up today for the first time in a decade! It goes from $5.15 to $5.85 an hour. If calculations of inflation and the cost of living are right, the minimum wage should…

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Gonzales wants to stay and “fix problems”

by The News on July 24 2007, 8:55AM

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is going to pity-party Congress into protecting his job ya’ll as he appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. Thanks dohernandez for the lead on this. See CNN story here. Gonzales is saying he wants to…

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Attny. Gen. Gonzales under fire, again; Reminder

by The News on July 24 2007, 8:21AM

Gonzales Faces Senate Questioning, the New York Times reported today, and still, no job change for the Latino man hired to do dirty work. Check out his reasoning in the case involving Bush’s invasion of our privacy: Attorney General Alberto…

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YouTube Presidential Debate; the people have spoken

by The News on July 24 2007, 8:03AM

By a show of hands, who else didn’t tune into the historical YouTube Presidential Debate Monday night in South Carolina where candidates fielded questions from YouTubers via their home videos. One of the YouTubers, for example, asked about college and…

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The quiet death of the 5th amendment; are people of color listening?

by Guest Columnist on July 20 2007, 12:32PM

Bukola Ekundayo for RaceWire: On July 17, 2007 the Bush Administration announced the introduction of a tool to help fight the war on terror. Property can now be seized from those who “threaten stabilization efforts in Iraq”. It’s official. The…

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Erase Racism Carnival is Going Up Next Week

by The News on July 20 2007, 8:50AM

Hello Universe! RaceWire is set to run the latest Erase Racism Carnival next week. There may be some confusion about this because the Blog Carnival site says we’re running today. So check back soon for the event that compiles what…

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Young Wilson appeals; What Conservative sex scandals say about power

by The News on July 20 2007, 6:21AM

Will There Be Justice For Genarlow Wilson? Cruel and Unusual punishment of a Black man. Today the Georgia Supreme Court is set to hear two appeals surrounding the imprisonment of Genarlow Wilson…in prison for a consensual sexual act he committed…

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Shocking FEMA discovery; Mexico condemns Katrina response

by The News on July 19 2007, 12:52PM

So FEMA was found to have given away many many toxic trailers to Katrina victims, knowingly. Read report and analysis at Too Sense. Plus, Katrina Survivors Take Government to Court: Tribunal to raise issues of inhumane treatment relating to storms,…

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Dyson doesn’t hold back; Japan threatens to sever relationship

by The News on July 19 2007, 7:57AM

Amy Goodman Calls On Gov. Blanco To Pardon The Jena Six. Must read. I feel more vindicated than ever in observing that Amy Goodman is a superhero after her editorial in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, which gently takes the NAACP…

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Immigration officials fall back on point-system politics; school racism project permitted

by The News on July 18 2007, 7:38AM

After Protest, U.S. to Take Green-Card Applications. Isn’t this the point system guys? The U.S. government announced yesterday that it will accept applications for employer-sponsored green cards that it rejected earlier this month, after facing mounting public pressure, possible litigation…

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The war toll on America’s rented labor; “Talk to Me” misses point

by The News on July 17 2007, 5:40AM

Mexican Migrants Carry H.I.V. Home. We’ll deal with this title later… Migrant workers like him go to the United States with dreams of new prosperity, hoping to bring back dollars. But some are bringing back something else as well, H.I.V….

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Liquor companies over-expose Latino audiences to beer ads

by The News on July 16 2007, 9:49AM

It didn’t take long to find a cheesy Coors beer ad aimed at a Latino audience. Watch this. Check out this recent report “Exposure of Hispanic Youth to Alcohol Advertising, 2003-2004” by a Georgetown research organization. It’s messed up…

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