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Stricter Voter ID Laws in Wake of Elections; Immigrants Leave Oklahoma

by The News on January 10 2008, 8:18AM

Controversial Voter ID Law Suggested by Supreme Court Despite arguments that Indiana’s strict voter identification policy will inhibit thousands of poor, minority, and elderly voters from casting a ballot, the Supreme Court considers the law valid. LA Times Kerry for…

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Potential Power of the Immigrant Vote; Obama Shifts to South Carolina

by The News on January 9 2008, 8:00AM

City Settles Another Lawsuit Over 2004 Republican Convention New York City has been made to pay $50,000 in settlement fees in a lawsuit that was brought against it in 2004 by an Arab-American and anti-racism coalition. The groups sought to…

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Padilla Sentenced This Week; MO Judge Denies Ballot Language

by The News on January 8 2008, 6:55AM

Missouri Judge Rejects Affirmative Action Language A victory for Ward Connerly and others against affirmative action, a Missouri judge ruled against ballot initiative language that describes affirmative action as programs designed to eliminate discrimination. Kansas City Star. Jose Padilla to…

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Voter ID Case Goes Before Supreme Court, Israel Against Anti-Racism Conference

by The News on January 7 2008, 7:20AM

Supreme Court to Hear Voter ID Case On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on a case that could effect the upcoming presidential election. The poor, elderly, and voters of color will be most impacted by this ruling….

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Big News Obama; Texas A&M Gets First Latina President

by The News on January 4 2008, 7:59AM

Obama Shows Black Candidate Can Win Obama had a 95% victory in the Iowa caucus last night and also received the 57% of the vote of the under-30 years crowd. Obama also captured 35% of the vote for women caucus-goers,…

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Iowa Caucus Begins; Military Contractor Pays $2.5 Million in Racism Lawsuit

by The News on January 3 2008, 7:48AM

First ‘08 Primaries Begin Iowans heard the last of campaign speeches on Wednesday night as the Iowa caucuses proceed today. NY Times. U.S. Passport Cards Ready by April In an effort to tighten border security, a passport card containing a…

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Upcoming Primary to Focus on Immigration; Border Photos Get Mexican Children Expelled

by The News on January 2 2008, 8:07AM

Republicans Focus on Immigration in Iowa While there is still no clear leader in the race for the Republican nomination, the candidates have made immigration the key issue to prove their conservatism to voters. Washington Post. Obama Needs Iowa’s Black…

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Columbia Gets Expansion Go Ahead; ICE Director Dressed in Blackface

by The News on December 20 2007, 11:35AM

Senate Confirms Julie Meyer Julie Meyer, most notable for awarding the best costume award to an employee dressed in blackface for Halloween, was confirmed as director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement by the Senate on Wednesday. Associated Press. Harlem Rezoning…

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California Approaches Health Care Plan; Vote Delayed on Wiretapping

by The News on December 18 2007, 7:51AM

California Passes Plan to Extend Health Insurance The first phase of a $14.4 billion plan to extend medical insurance to all California residents was passed by the state assembly on Monday. The measure, which will be put into action by…

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New Jersey Bans Death Penalty; Cop Racially Profiled by Own

by The News on December 17 2007, 7:31AM

Chicago Cop Victim of Racial Profiling By Own A Black Chicago cop says he was pulled over and placed in handcuffs by fellow officers because of his race. Adamantly claiming no wrongdoing, the off-duty cop says he was roughed up…

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Arizona Attempts to Curb Immigration; Protest Against Demolition in New Orleans

by The News on December 14 2007, 8:20AM

Arizona Is Split Over Hard Line on Immigrants Arizona, with a population of over 500,000 illegal immigrants, has passed a law that comes into affect January 1, 2008 that will take away the business license of “any employer that knowingly…

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Border Restrictions Hurt Native Tribes; Oprah Rallies for Obama

by The News on December 13 2007, 7:52AM

U.S-Mexico Travel Rules Impact Native American Tribes Native peoples who have historically traveled across the southwestern borders into Mexico to visit traditional sites and attend ceremonies, may no longer be allowed to use their tribal enrollment cards to make border…

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New America Media Poll Finds Commitment to Race Relations

by The News on December 12 2007, 7:40AM

Ethnic Media Poll Uncovers Interracial Conflict The first of its kind, this multilingual poll by New American Media to ethnic press outlets revealed tensions among racial groups but a commitment to race relations. New America Media. Sentencing Commission To Apply…

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Demolition of New Orleans Housing Continues; U.S Not Doing Enough About Racism says ACLU

by The News on December 11 2007, 8:12AM

ACLU Reports the U.S Sweeping Racism Under the Rug The ACLU issued a report stating that local and state governments are not doing enough to eradicate racism. They say that when the US updated the international community on its progress…

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Republicans Debate Immigration on Univision; Andrew Young: Obama Too Young

by The News on December 10 2007, 7:43AM

Republicans Fence Immigration Tension During Univision Debate As the primaries approach and the Republican presidential nominee seems more uncertain, Univision sponsored a debate among Republican candidates in Miami where they were forced to carefully address their strong stances on immigration…

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Indian Leaders Protest Racist Station; Hispanic Voters Prefer Democrats

by The News on December 7 2007, 8:03AM

Poll Finds Hispanics Returning to Earlier Preference for Democrats A recent survey released by the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center indicated that 57% of registered Hispanic voters consider themselves Democrats, which may have huge implications in states such as Colorado, Florida,…

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NYPD Officer Charged With Manslaughter; Romney Talks About Religion

by The News on December 6 2007, 8:00AM

BET Under Criticism as Programming Expands As BET enters the last stage of a three-year plan to broaden its original programming and increase appeal, they continue to be under fire by critics like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby and the…

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Cop Admits to Racial Profiling, Stealing from Latinos

by The News on December 5 2007, 7:16AM

Bay Area Disproportionately Jails Black Drug Offenders The Justice Policy Institute released a report today that says, “Black people account for more than 50 percent of sentenced drug offenders, though they make up only 13 percent of the nation’s population.”…

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Human Smuggling on U.S-Canada Border; ACLU Official’s Racial Profiling Lawsuit in Court

by The News on December 4 2007, 8:01AM

Tainting Obama’s Name Through Muslim Ties The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s main Muslim rights advocacy group, is appalled by the way in which Obama’s Muslim ties are being used to taint his image, saying, “It speaks to the…

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World AIDS Day Observed; Imus Returns to Radio

by The News on December 3 2007, 7:44AM

Imus Returns to Radio on Monday After his eight-month suspension, this morning, radio host Don Imus will return back to the airwaves. Imus was originally pulled off the air by MSNBC and CBS Radio after the racist remarks he made…

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