Criminal Justice

Detained of Dissapeared?

by Tram Nguyen on June 15 2002, 12:00PM

Before the 9/11 round-ups, INS detention had already grown into a system handling 150,000 immigrants a year. Tram Nguyen looks for the connections

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Race File

by Samantha Chanse on June 15 2002, 12:00PM

Neither Job nor Airport Security

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Keeping Safe

by Andrea Smith on June 15 2002, 12:00PM

Native women mobilize their own coalition against domestic violence

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Activist Web

by Samantha Chanse on June 15 2002, 12:00PM


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Race File

by Samantha Chanse on March 15 2002, 12:00PM

Whites Over-Counted in Prison Nearly all the growth in the nation’s prison population over the past 12 years comes from black and Latino communities, according to a recent study from the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives. The study is…

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Race File

by Nicole Davis on September 15 2001, 12:00PM

Stranded in the Outback Refugees at one of Australia’s remote detention centers went on a hunger strike to protest a raid by Australian police. Australia has long been criticized by the United Nations and Amnesty International for its harsh…

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First Line of Defense

by Nicole Davis on May 15 2001, 12:00PM

The ACLU’s campaign against racial profiling takes off in California.

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Bullets, ‘Blurbs, and Backlash: Census 2000 and White Anxiety

by Jordan Greene on May 7 2001, 12:00PM

Manifestations of white supremacy during a time of growing multiracial reality are examined in light of the 2000 Census.

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Talking Race to the Media

by Hunter Cutting on December 15 2000, 12:00PM

Hunter Cutting breaks down how activists got the national media to expose racism and help free wrongly imprisoned Latino youths.

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The Color of Violence Against Women

by Angela Davis on October 10 2000, 12:00PM

Angela Davis gave the keynote address and spoke with participants at the Color of Violence Conference in Santa Cruz.

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Ralph Nader Responds to ColorLines

by Ralph Nader on October 5 2000, 12:00PM

Web Exclusive-On August 17, 2000, ColorLines published Ralph Nader’s Racial Blindspot, an article by Vanessa Daniel criticizing presidential candidate Ralph Nader for downplaying issues of race and racism in his campaign, and calling on him to make these crucial issues central to his campaign and the public debate surrounding the election. On October 5, 2000 we received the following response from Mr. Nader.

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Where Was the Color in Seattle?Looking for reasons why the Great Battle was so white

by Elizabeth Betita Martinez on March 10 2000, 12:00PM

To the Point….Armed with such knowledge, we can educate and organize people of color.

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Zero Tolerance: An Interview with Jesse Jackson on Race and School Discipline

by Bob Wing on March 10 2000, 12:00PM

When seven black high school students in a small town in Illinois were expelled, the Reverend Jesse Jackson saw something else going on. Bob Wing and Terry Keleher talk to him about the subtext of Decatur.

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Schoolground or Police State?

by Nicole Davis on December 10 1999, 12:00PM

Domestic Militarization — The Wars At Home

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The War on Youth

by Ryan Pintado-Vertner on December 10 1999, 12:00PM

Domestic Militarization — The Wars At Home

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The Economics of The New Brutality

by Daniel HoSang on December 10 1999, 12:00PM

After years of police reform, why does police brutality still seem to be getting worse in communities of color? Organizer Daniel HoSang reports.

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“Call Me a Bungling Incompetent - But Never a Racist”: The UK Debates Racism

by Gary Wiltshire on May 15 1999, 12:00PM

Police brutality is forcing England to confront its understanding of racism and what to do about it. Gary Wiltshire examines the debate.

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Making A Difference: An Interview with Sherman Spears

by Chela Delgado on December 15 1998, 12:00PM

Chela Delgado talks with a formerly “high profile violent type of person” who changed his life after getting shot and paralyzed.

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Organized Resistance: Building a Movement Against the Prison Industrial Complex

by Cassandra Shaylor on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Popular movements against punishment practices have never been easy to organize. But things seem to be changing. There are signs that a new sense of empowerment is developing in activist communities and that anti-prison movements may help kindle radical opposition…

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Complex Facts

by Patrisia Mac�as Rojas on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

The United States spends more on prisons and incarcerates more people than any other industrialized country in the world.

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