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Black, Latino Suburbs Have Most Shootings

by Erin Dostal on November 1 2007, 12:00PM

In Chicago suburbs, more police shootings have occurred in communities with large black or Latino populations.

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Video: Bullets in the Hood

by The Applied Research Center on November 1 2007, 12:00PM

Excerpt from 2004 documentary produced by ProTV and the Downtown Community Television Center

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Turning to Tasers

by Jessica Hoffmann on November 1 2007, 12:00PM

Phoenix police became the first in the country to use Tasers, but will that decrease shootings?

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Jena Mayor Assails Mellencamp Video

by Terry Keleher on October 8 2007, 8:07AM

A new music video by John Mellencamp, with the refrain, “Jena, take your nooses down,” has elicited a strong rebuke from Jena, Louisiana Mayor Murphy R. McMillan. “The town of Jena has for months been mischaracterized in the media…

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Live from Death Row

by Gabrielle Banks on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

As Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case reaches a new turning point, prison activists reflect on his significance to the reform and abolition movements.

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LAPD Gentrifies Skid Row

by Jessica Hoffmann on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

As the affluent take the city, poor Black residents are pushed out with force.

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Why Black People Support Michael Vick

by David Wright on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

The thing that seems to mystify the mainstream media and much of the white public is that a significant number of Black people see the Michael Vick saga as a racial issue. What’s mystifying to Black people is the continued…

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Genetic Drift

by Ziba Kashef on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

The study of human genes has sparked a resurgence of debate about the true nature of race.

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Thousands Like “Jena Six” Seen As Superpredators

by Kai Wright on September 26 2007, 10:41AM

by Kai Wright Reed Walters, LaSalle Parish district attorney that is trying the ‘Jena Six’, says in the NYT today:I am bound to enforce the laws of Louisiana as they exist today, not as they might in someone’s vision of…

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Jena Protest Exposes Colorblind Racism

by Terry Keleher on September 24 2007, 10:00AM

Hopefully, the ten thousand-plus protesters in Jena, LA last week helped many more people open their eyes to the continuing realities of structural racism. At the beginning of this school year, when the LaSalle Parish School superintendent authorized the…

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We Wear Black for ‘Jena Six’, Justice

by Andre Banks on September 20 2007, 11:30AM

Andre Banks, like many bloggers and those who are in Jena, LA for the rally today, sees today as the impetus for a change in the way we seek justice everywhere. Get your out your best black jeans and…

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A post-Duke Lacrosse justice coma

by Malena Amusa on September 19 2007, 6:28AM

A friend warned me this news would be more disturbing than Jena 6— the sad tale of six Black boys unethically charged in Louisiana after beating up a white student behind a noose-hanging. This story is about the group of…

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Finally, some Justice in Jena

by Andre Banks on September 17 2007, 10:02AM

Ahead of demonstrations expected to draw tens of thousands to the tiny town of Jena, LA, Mychal Bell of the now famed Jena 6 has had his conviction vacated and may go free as early as this evening. News…

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American Vigilantes: To Catch a Predator

by Jonathan Adams on September 12 2007, 3:32PM

From Andre Banks’ Write What I Like: Nobody likes a sex predator, but America does love a witch-hunt. Watching NBC’s smash hit To Catch a Predator, I’m struck by how easy it is to make us feel comfortable breaking…

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Charges Reduced in ‘Jena 6’ Case, But Will Justice Be Served?

by Andre Banks on September 5 2007, 2:36PM

Today a judge in Jena, LA threw out a conspiracy conviction against Mychal Bell, one of the Jena 6. The district attorney also reduced the charges for two of the other accused students from attempted murder to aggravated battery. Bell’s…

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Prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse Players

by Victor Goode on July 31 2007, 12:00PM

It was hard not to think about the thousands of young Black and Latino men who wind up in the same predicament as these Duke students.

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L.A. Story

by Tarso Lu�s Ramos on May 29 2007, 12:00PM

Who gains from framing gang attacks as “ethnic cleansing”?

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Power from Below

by Roberto Lovato on May 29 2007, 12:00PM

It’s time to define the debate beyond Beltway politics and the border.

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A Game of Monopoly

by Tram Nguyen on May 29 2007, 12:00PM

Black communities’ struggle to return to New Orleans has national significance for an overdue debate on urban inequality.

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This Gangsta Stuff & Russell’s Call For Change

by Davey D on May 17 2007, 12:00PM

Davey D offers some hip hop history on racism, corporate control and banning the N* word.

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