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Underground Revolution

by Annelise Wunderlich on September 15 2001, 12:00PM

A male duo hoping to make it big, a female group breaking into the scene: one story of Cuban hip-hop.

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Vocal Acts

by Jordan Greene on May 15 2001, 12:00PM

A new generation of vocalizers continue the tradition of radical poetry-making.

Topics: Arts & Culture, Schools & Youth

Cultural Weaponry

by Chas Walker on December 15 2000, 12:00PM

Chas Walker catches Dead Prez making the noose to hang capitalism.

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World Games: The U.S. Tries to Colonize Sport

by Mike Marqusee on August 25 2000, 12:00PM

Having trouble visualizing global capitalism? Mike Marqusee argues it’s being played out on a sporting field near you.

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The Decline of the Black Athlete:An Online Exclusive: Extended Interview with Harry Edwards

by David Leonard on April 20 2000, 12:00PM

Race, Gender, & Sports

Topics: Arts & Culture, Gender & Sexuality

Where Was the Color in Seattle?Looking for reasons why the Great Battle was so white

by Elizabeth Betita Martinez on March 10 2000, 12:00PM

To the Point….Armed with such knowledge, we can educate and organize people of color.

Topics: Arts & Culture, Criminal Justice, Schools & Youth

Choose Your World:Race in Portugal and the New Europe

by Libero Della Piana on December 20 1999, 12:00PM

Libero Della Piana visits Portugal where the New Europe is at odds with new African immigrants.

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Race Records

by The Applied Research Center on December 10 1999, 12:00PM

What we’re listening to:

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Out Of Bounds:Don Byron Makes Music Beyond Category-And Gets Away With It

by Makani Themba-Nixon on November 20 1999, 12:00PM

"Certain blacks! Certain blacks do what they wanna…" -Art Ensemble of Chicago

Topics: Arts & Culture, Schools & Youth

Race Records

by The Applied Research Center on November 20 1999, 12:00PM

What Are We Listening to?

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Books To Move Us

by Michael Omi on November 10 1999, 12:00PM

Big Ideas book review

Topics: Arts & Culture, Schools & Youth

With Heart in Hand/Con Corazon En La Mano

by Monica Hern�ndez on October 20 1999, 12:00PM

An Interview with Gloria Anzaldúa

Topics: Arts & Culture, Gender & Sexuality, Schools & Youth

Poetry is a Political Act

by Julie Quiroz-Martinez on December 15 1998, 12:00PM

An interview with June Jordan.

Topics: Arts & Culture, Gender & Sexuality

Up Identity Creek

by Jeff Chang on December 15 1998, 12:00PM

Author Frank Chin says Chinese Americans don’t have identity problems. Twentysomething Eric Liu proves him wrong. Jeff Chang steps into the generation gap.

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Book List: Books about Prisons and Prisoners

by Rayne Galbraith on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Inventing the Savage: The Social Construction of Native American Criminality. Luana Ross. University of Texas Press, Austin, TX, 1998. Compelled to Crime: The Gender Entrapment of Battered Black Women. Beth E. Richie. Routledge, New York, NY, 1996. “In The…

Topics: Arts & Culture, Criminal Justice

Voices from Within

by Dylan Rodriguez on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Mumia Abu-Jamal writes, “Prisons are repositories of rage, islands of socially acceptable hatreds, where worlds collide like subatomic particles seeking psychic release.” As it locks down millions behind the steel curtains of the state and renders them invisible by fostering…

Topics: Arts & Culture, Criminal Justice

Around the World in L.A: The Anomalies of Ozomatli

by Tram Nguyen on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Named after the Aztec god of dance, Los Angeles’ Ozomatli is poised for huge crossover success. Josh Kun wonders if their politics will survive. Ozo Anomaly #1: How To Succeed in Multiculturalism Without Really Trying Actual multicultural bands are a…

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What Happened to the Revolt of the Black Athlete?

by David Leonard on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

David Leonard talks race and sports with the main organizer of the black athletes’ 1968 Olympic boycott and its repercussions in athletics 30 years later.

Topics: Arts & Culture

Real Women Have Men: The New Cultural Offensive Against Black Career Women

by Makani Themba-Nixon on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Makani Themba explores the new cultural offensive against Black career women.

Topics: Arts & Culture, Gender & Sexuality

On Books: The Many Colors of Crime

by Gary Phillips on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

“I got news for you, I thought. I started out to write a detective story when I wrote that novel, but I couldn’t name the white man who was guilty because all white men were guilty.” — Chester Himes,…

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