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With Heart in Hand/Con Corazon En La Mano

by Monica Hern�ndez on October 20 1999, 12:00PM

An Interview with Gloria Anzaldúa

Topics: Arts & Culture, Gender & Sexuality, Schools & Youth

On the Wrong Side: Chinese Americans Win Anti-Diversity Settlement - and Lose in the End

by Jeff Chang on May 20 1999, 12:00PM

Chinese Americans Win Anti-Diversity Settlement— and Lose in the End by Jeff ChangBy all accounts, San Francisco’s Lowell High School is one of the nation’s top public high schools. To many, especially Asian Americans, attending the highly competitive magnet school…

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“Educate to Liberate!”: Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies

by Bob Wing on May 15 1999, 12:00PM

Now that multiculturalism is in vogue, should Ethnic Studies declare victory? ColorLines editor Bob Wing looks at the struggles that have shaped thirty years of Ethnic Studies.

Topics: Schools & Youth

What Can Be Done?

by Libero Della Piana on March 30 1999, 12:00PM

Race & Education

Topics: Schools & Youth

Just Facts: Racial Resegregation and Inequality in Public Schools

by Patrisia Mac�as Rojas on March 20 1999, 12:00PM

Who goes to public school in this country? There are approximately 46 million students in about 16,000 separate public school districts. Of these, 16% are African American; 9% are Latino; 3% are Asian American; 1% are Native American; and 71%…

Topics: Schools & Youth

Language Hysteria: the Aftermath of California’s Bilingual Ban

by Rebecca Gordon on March 15 1999, 12:00PM

An interview with Deborah Escobedo on the aftermath of California’s Bilingual Ban.

Topics: Schools & Youth

Reading, Writing, Race & Resegregation

by Libero Della Piana on March 10 1999, 12:00PM

45 Years After Brown v. Board of Education

Topics: Schools & Youth

Organized Resistance: Building a Movement Against the Prison Industrial Complex

by Cassandra Shaylor on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Popular movements against punishment practices have never been easy to organize. But things seem to be changing. There are signs that a new sense of empowerment is developing in activist communities and that anti-prison movements may help kindle radical opposition…

Topics: Criminal Justice, Schools & Youth

America’s War on Youth

by M.A Bortner on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Locking up kids is no longer a last resort, it is routine. The widespread characterization of imprisoned youth as predatory monsters beyond hope serves symbolic and political ends. Young people are being locked up to reassure a fearful public that…

Topics: Criminal Justice, Schools & Youth

1968: One Hell of a Year

by Max Elbaum on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

January 15: The first specifically women’s action against the Vietnam War, organized by the Jeanette Rankin Brigade, mobilizes 5,000 in Washington, D.C. January 30-February: The Tet Offensive in Vietnam, a nationwide uprising by the Vietnamese National Liberation Front. They attack…

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Building Black-Brown Unity: Rhode Island’s Home Daycare Campaign

by Rinku Sen on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Rinku Sen examines the Black-Latina dynamics in organizing publicly subsidized daycare providers in Rhode Island.

Topics: Gender & Sexuality, Schools & Youth

Ask Alfredo: Growing Pains

by Alfredo de Avila on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Dear Alfredo,I’m a lead organizer in a small community organization that started four years ago. Recently, our organization has grown dramatically, so I now find myself spending a lot of time raising money and supervising two full-time organizers and one…

Topics: Schools & Youth

Against White Supremacy: An Interview with LeeAnn Hall

by Gary Delgado on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Introducing issues of race into both their leadership programs and direct action campaigns, NWFCO took a leap of faith that has been well-rewarded.

Topics: Criminal Justice, Schools & Youth