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“Educate to Liberate!”: Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies

by Bob Wing on May 15 1999, 12:00PM

Now that multiculturalism is in vogue, should Ethnic Studies declare victory? ColorLines editor Bob Wing looks at the struggles that have shaped thirty years of Ethnic Studies.

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What Can Be Done?

by Libero Della Piana on March 30 1999, 12:00PM

Race & Education

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Just Facts: Racial Resegregation and Inequality in Public Schools

by Patrisia Mac�as Rojas on March 20 1999, 12:00PM

Who goes to public school in this country? There are approximately 46 million students in about 16,000 separate public school districts. Of these, 16% are African American; 9% are Latino; 3% are Asian American; 1% are Native American; and 71%…

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Language Hysteria: the Aftermath of California’s Bilingual Ban

by Rebecca Gordon on March 15 1999, 12:00PM

An interview with Deborah Escobedo on the aftermath of California’s Bilingual Ban.

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Reading, Writing, Race & Resegregation

by Libero Della Piana on March 10 1999, 12:00PM

45 Years After Brown v. Board of Education

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Organized Resistance: Building a Movement Against the Prison Industrial Complex

by Cassandra Shaylor on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Popular movements against punishment practices have never been easy to organize. But things seem to be changing. There are signs that a new sense of empowerment is developing in activist communities and that anti-prison movements may help kindle radical opposition…

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America’s War on Youth

by M.A Bortner on September 10 1998, 12:00PM

Locking up kids is no longer a last resort, it is routine. The widespread characterization of imprisoned youth as predatory monsters beyond hope serves symbolic and political ends. Young people are being locked up to reassure a fearful public that…

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1968: One Hell of a Year

by Max Elbaum on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

January 15: The first specifically women’s action against the Vietnam War, organized by the Jeanette Rankin Brigade, mobilizes 5,000 in Washington, D.C. January 30-February: The Tet Offensive in Vietnam, a nationwide uprising by the Vietnamese National Liberation Front. They attack…

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Building Black-Brown Unity: Rhode Island’s Home Daycare Campaign

by Rinku Sen on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Rinku Sen examines the Black-Latina dynamics in organizing publicly subsidized daycare providers in Rhode Island.

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Ask Alfredo: Growing Pains

by Alfredo de Avila on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Dear Alfredo,I’m a lead organizer in a small community organization that started four years ago. Recently, our organization has grown dramatically, so I now find myself spending a lot of time raising money and supervising two full-time organizers and one…

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Against White Supremacy: An Interview with LeeAnn Hall

by Gary Delgado on June 10 1998, 12:00PM

Introducing issues of race into both their leadership programs and direct action campaigns, NWFCO took a leap of faith that has been well-rewarded.

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