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Racial preference in schools

by Samhita Mukhopadhyay on August 1 2007, 8:53PM

It was a sad day last month when the Supreme Court decided that segregation in schools was OK and when the ignorant Justice Roberts declared that “if we want to stop discrimination based on race, than we should stop discrimination…

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Books: July/August

by Samara Shever Ripps on July 23 2007, 12:00PM

Beverly Daniel Tatum’s new book is an accessible and engaging take on a broad range of issues regarding race and education, from the history of school resegregation to culturally responsive teaching practices and inter-racial friendships. Written as the inaugural volume…

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Facing Race: Beyond the Supreme Court

by Tammy Johnson on July 6 2007, 9:40AM

*This first appeared at WIMN’s voices, the group blog of Women in Media & News. Last Thursday’s Supreme Court decision on school desegregation efforts headlined every major paper, newscast and blog across the country. Even if you only gave passing…

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ARC responds to controversial Supreme Court segregation ruling

by The News on June 28 2007, 3:27PM

Many organizations responded to today’s historical decision by the Supreme Court to reject the use of race in creating programs to enhance racial diversity in public schools. Read here why this ruling was both a blow to racial justice movements…

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Supreme Court to decide if race is factor in school admission

by The News on June 27 2007, 2:20PM

Whether or not race can be used as a proactive basis for admitting students into public schools will be decided by the Supreme Court this week, news outlets are reporting. The Court is considering two state-level actions involving angry white…

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Supreme Court to rule on school segregation

by The News on June 20 2007, 12:44PM

The BBC reported: In the coming days, the justices are expected to decide on challenges to two programmes designed to ensure racial diversity in schools. The cases - in Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky - reflect the fact that despite previous…

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Take Back America? Debt for Diplomas

by Andre Banks on June 19 2007, 7:09AM

So I’m at this Take Back America conference and decided to blog a few of the sessions. I’m checking out Making College Affordable right now and later I’ll follow ColorLines publisher Rinku Sen in her plenary Poverty and Politics, Katrina’s…

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Say It Isn’t So

by The News on May 21 2007, 7:53AM

Oh, but it is. For the first time, California will spend more on its prisons than for its higher education systems, making it the only state with a bigger prison budget, the San Francisco Chronicle reported today. As the costs…

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Maximizing the Minimum

by Dorian Warren on May 16 2007, 12:00PM

Blocked by Capitol Hill conservatives, labor advocates win wage increases at the state level.

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Are Local Colleges Keeping Eye on Race?

by The News on May 16 2007, 7:02AM

At Woodland Community College near Sacramento, Calif., Latinos make up 44 percent of the student body and 0 percent of its full-time faculty, according to a recent article. Eric Alfaro realized about a year ago that something was bothering him…

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College Access Battle Gains Ground

by The News on April 30 2007, 8:39AM

The majority of California’s high school seniors of color will not complete the courses they need to enter California State University or the University of California system. In response, the Applied Research Center’s launched its college access advocacy week today….

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Supreme Court? Supreme Problem

by Tammy Johnson on April 26 2007, 12:18PM

When I was a community organizer in Milwaukee, crafting the campaign plan was straightforward. Do the groundwork of going door-to-door, to churches and community events to educate people on the issue. Then mobilize them to move our target —testifying at…

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Novelist Walter Mosley Kicks Off FACING RACE conference

by Andre Banks on March 23 2007, 12:00PM

The mystery novelist and social commentator urged hundreds of advocates address racial and economic inequality.

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The “Colorblind” Attack on Your Health

by Kai Wright on March 1 2007, 12:00PM

For three decades, conservative thinkers have worked mightily to discredit race-based considerations in public policy and cement the belief that America today is, as it should be, a colorblind society.

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White Progressives Don’t Get It

by Rinku Sen on January 15 2007, 12:00PM

If racism dilutes progressive solutions, can’t racial justice improve life for everyone?

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Nsombi Lambright - INNOVATOR

by Andre Banks on January 15 2007, 12:00PM

The Mississippi ACLU director tackles the triple threat of racial profiling, juvenile justice and felon disenfranchisement.

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ibrahim abdul matin - INNOVATOR

by Andre Banks on January 15 2007, 12:00PM

The Technology Organizer at Movement Strategies Center talks about–social networking with a conscience

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Eddie Palmieri - INNOVATOR

by Donna Hernandez on January 15 2007, 12:00PM

The Sun of Latin music, Inspiring after 50 years

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The Young Adult Boom

by Megan Izen on November 15 2006, 12:00PM

The potential of the young adult market has not gone unnoticed by famous writers. But it’s a mixed bag for teens of color.

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Rants and Raves

by Anmol Chaddha on September 15 2006, 12:00PM

Reading between the headlines of your daily news.

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