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MVL: The “Un-Impossible Dream” of Education Equity

by Jonathan Adams on April 17 2008, 11:22AM

Originally published at the Movement Vision Lab By Susan Sandler, Justice Matters Mainstream conversations about education lack any real sense of vision for what education could and should be. We are allowed a tiny, cramped vision in the economic sphere…

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From Myths to Facts: Race and Education

by Tammy Johnson on March 28 2008, 11:44AM

“The myth: The president can make our schools better. It’s a myth that most citizens seem to believe. So do some candidates.” says Chester E. Finn Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli of the Weekly Standard, in their article, “The Education…

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Ward Connerly’s Agenda for ’08

by ColorLines Staff on February 19 2008, 12:00PM

ColorLines and Ms. Magazine go behind the scenes.

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From Missouri to Arizona

by Mick Dumke on November 4 2007, 12:00PM

Connerly targets the ballot box in five more states.

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Debbie Almontaser stands against division, intimidation and hatred

by on October 16 2007, 5:56PM

At 5pm on Tuesday Debbie Almontaser appeared on the New York City Hall steps with grace and courage as she responded publicly for the first time since she was victim to a torrent of anti-Arab/Muslim racism. Almontaser, who was the…

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Back to School And the Racist Parties

by Daisy Hernandez on October 10 2007, 9:36AM

Remember when “back to school” was just about the sales at the mall and how you were going to handle so many credits and work full-time? Those days are so over. I was at UTAustin last week where a fraternity…

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Testing My Worth

by Aries Hines-Coleman on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

A Black college student finds out why she keeps failing math.

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The Rise of the Ghetto-Fabulous Party

by C. Richard. King, David J. Leonard on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

Across campuses, white students are donning blackface, drinking 40s and playing at being undocumented immigrants. Just another stupid racist joke—or is it the culmination of two decades of conservative politics at colleges?

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New Stamp Commemorates School Desegregation

by Jonathan Adams on September 18 2007, 11:19AM

Thanks to tkeleher. The U.S. Postal Service has just released a new stamp commemorating the 60th anniversary of the 1946 court decision, Mendez v. Westminster School District, which helped pave the way for school desegregation in the United States….

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Arabic Language School Struggles to Open

by Rinku Sen on September 5 2007, 11:19AM

Yesterday, the Kahlil Gibran International Academy, a middle school centered on Arabic language instruction opened peacefully with 60 sixth graders enrolled. The school follows in a long tradition of dual language schools in New York City, but has become…

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Racial preference in schools

by Samhita Mukhopadhyay on August 1 2007, 8:53PM

It was a sad day last month when the Supreme Court decided that segregation in schools was OK and when the ignorant Justice Roberts declared that “if we want to stop discrimination based on race, than we should stop discrimination…

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Books: July/August

by Samara Shever Ripps on July 23 2007, 12:00PM

Beverly Daniel Tatum’s new book is an accessible and engaging take on a broad range of issues regarding race and education, from the history of school resegregation to culturally responsive teaching practices and inter-racial friendships. Written as the inaugural volume…

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Facing Race: Beyond the Supreme Court

by Tammy Johnson on July 6 2007, 9:40AM

*This first appeared at WIMN’s voices, the group blog of Women in Media & News. Last Thursday’s Supreme Court decision on school desegregation efforts headlined every major paper, newscast and blog across the country. Even if you only gave passing…

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ARC responds to controversial Supreme Court segregation ruling

by The News on June 28 2007, 3:27PM

Many organizations responded to today’s historical decision by the Supreme Court to reject the use of race in creating programs to enhance racial diversity in public schools. Read here why this ruling was both a blow to racial justice movements…

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Supreme Court to decide if race is factor in school admission

by The News on June 27 2007, 2:20PM

Whether or not race can be used as a proactive basis for admitting students into public schools will be decided by the Supreme Court this week, news outlets are reporting. The Court is considering two state-level actions involving angry white…

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Supreme Court to rule on school segregation

by The News on June 20 2007, 12:44PM

The BBC reported: In the coming days, the justices are expected to decide on challenges to two programmes designed to ensure racial diversity in schools. The cases - in Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky - reflect the fact that despite previous…

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Take Back America? Debt for Diplomas

by Andre Banks on June 19 2007, 7:09AM

So I’m at this Take Back America conference and decided to blog a few of the sessions. I’m checking out Making College Affordable right now and later I’ll follow ColorLines publisher Rinku Sen in her plenary Poverty and Politics, Katrina’s…

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Say It Isn’t So

by The News on May 21 2007, 7:53AM

Oh, but it is. For the first time, California will spend more on its prisons than for its higher education systems, making it the only state with a bigger prison budget, the San Francisco Chronicle reported today. As the costs…

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Maximizing the Minimum

by Dorian Warren on May 16 2007, 12:00PM

Blocked by Capitol Hill conservatives, labor advocates win wage increases at the state level.

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Are Local Colleges Keeping Eye on Race?

by The News on May 16 2007, 7:02AM

At Woodland Community College near Sacramento, Calif., Latinos make up 44 percent of the student body and 0 percent of its full-time faculty, according to a recent article. Eric Alfaro realized about a year ago that something was bothering him…

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