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Assessing Racial Equity Impacts in the Stimulus - Part II (Education)

by Dom Apollon on February 5 2009, 4:29PM

The figure above shows that if the House stimulus package passes, the District of Columbia, which is 2/3 people of color, is likely to receive a good chunk of change for school modernization in comparison to the rest of…

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Silenced in the Classroom

by on January 6 2009, 12:00PM

It was to have been the country’s first public school teaching Arabic and English. Today, the Khalil Gibran International Academy is mired in fear and tension.

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Obama advisor John Jackson endorses the Compact for Racial Justice

by Tammy Johnson on December 18 2008, 2:21PM

In times of uncertainty it is good to have like-minded friends in high places. ARC ally, Dr. John H. Jackson, President and CEO of The Schott Foundation for Public Education, is definitely one to count on. Jackson was recently…

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Obama’s Education Decision. A Bit of Back Story

by on December 15 2008, 8:24AM

Obama has yet to appoint an education secretary and those rising to the top of the list present starkly different visions of what education should look like. The inclusion of Linda Darling-Hammond, a Stanford professor and education expert with…

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Silenced in the Classroom

by on December 3 2008, 12:00PM

It was to have been the country’s first public school teaching Arabic and English. Today, the Khalil Gibran International Academy is mired in fear and tension.

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About That Ad You Clicked On…

by Kerri Kanelos on November 1 2008, 12:00PM

For-profit colleges target people of color with misleading advertising about certificate programs that don’t deliver.

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¡Escuche La Raya hoy!

by Jonathan Adams on September 30 2008, 3:40PM

La Raya, radio noticias Colorlines 30 Septiembre, 2008 Lanzan camapaña publicitarian pro legalizacion. Escuche….

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So Much for States’ Rights

by Guest Columnist on September 16 2008, 7:40PM

by Jarad Sanchez NWFCO For years, California has allowed undocumented students who have met stringent requirements to pay in-state tuition at all state colleges and universities. This week a California State Court of Appeal ruled this week that the law…

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Where Are We Fighting for Racial Justice?

by Sonia Pena on September 10 2008, 1:10PM

by Sonia Peña While most of us have been focused on this years historical presidential election, it’s important for those of us interested in Racial Justice to turn some attention to key local and statewide fights that are a vital…

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Who Gets to Attend College?

by Tram Nguyen on September 4 2008, 12:00PM

Blacks and Latinos are locked out, but prep classes may counter the racism of low expectations.

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Chicago Black Leaders Call for School Boycott Draws Fire

by Terry Keleher on August 14 2008, 7:42AM

New battle lines are being drawn as African Americans grow increasingly impatient with funding inequities in Illinois schools. Fifty ministers, lead by Sen. James Meeks who pastors one of the largest churches in the state, have called for a boycott…

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Education is a Crime

by Guest Columnist on July 8 2008, 3:53PM

by Jarad Sanchez Graduation day is supposed to be a time of celebration. Wearing the cap and gown is a rite of passage that lets the world know that after years of personal sacrifice, you have survived the mental emotional…

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Perpetuating the Model Minority Myth

by Jonathan Adams on July 8 2008, 3:15PM

The Washington Post reports that the number of Asian students in D.C.’s most prestigious public magnet school has for the first time topped that of white students. At Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the Alexandria…

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For The Students Who Aren’t Supposed to Graduate

by Guest Columnist on June 10 2008, 9:53AM

by Aries Hines As I stand honored by the opportunity to graduate and deliver the (graduate studies) Commencement speech for my class, I am shrouded by thoughts of not graduating. I think about the thousands of students each year who…

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Young, Gifted and Bringing the Fire!

by Tammy Johnson on May 16 2008, 12:00PM

“We brought the fire!” quipped Kenneth Baker, a surprisingly bright-eyed high schooler from the LBC (that’s Long Beach California for those of you not in the know). I had to marvel at Kenneth’s enthusiasm for the legislative visits that…

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Students vs. Schwarzenegger

by Guest Columnist on May 16 2008, 11:29AM

by Jarad Sanchez Yesterday, high school students from across California swarmed the State Capitol building and delivered some 10,000 signatures to the Governor demanding that he fully fund education. Only about fifty percent of Black and Latino students in California…

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Now Teachers are the New Immigration Agents?

by Jonathan Adams on May 14 2008, 5:19PM

H/T ImmigrationProf After scaring parents and students, alike, in Oakland after word spread of raids on schools, Mary Ann Zehr of Education Week looks at the recent Postville, Iowa raids and asks about the role that educators should play in…

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Welcome, Homeland Security High Class of 2014!

by Victor Corral on May 7 2008, 1:24PM

That’s the sign that a group of freshmen will see when they walk through the doors of the Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security in Wilmington, Delaware on a fall day in 2010. As the brainchild of several…

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NPR: Chela Delgado Reconsiders Standardized Tests

by Jonathan Adams on May 5 2008, 12:42PM

Chela Delgado, ColorLines contributor, reports on her experience as a teacher in a Philadelphia charter school. She once hated standardized tests and didn’t want to make her students take them, but then she started listening to some of the children’s…

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My High School Sex Life

by Kai Wright on May 1 2008, 12:00PM

One teenager talks about getting it on, turning it off and charting her own course through a sexual coming-of-age.

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