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City of lost children

by Michelle Chen on April 30 2009, 5:16PM

Data trickling out of New York City’s education system suggests as schools have pushed up test scores, they’ve also pushed out more students. A study released by the Public Advocate’s office shows that between 2000 and 2007, more than…

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The Digital Divide

by Megan Tady on April 28 2009, 12:00PM

People of color struggle to get online for homework, jobs and more.

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Breaking down the achievement gap

by Michelle Chen on April 23 2009, 2:14PM

Two new studies parse the academic achievement gap on several dimensions—race, socioeconomic status and geography—yet the statistics barely scratch the surface. Analyzing the school systems of the country’s 50 largest cities, Cities in Crisis 2009—a report published by a…

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English and equality in the classroom and the courts

by Michelle Chen on April 20 2009, 8:54PM

Miriam Flores, 22, has bad memories of third grade. That was when she stopped being able to understand her teacher. As her family recounts the story, her grades dropped suddenly after her school in Nogales, Arizona, a town near…

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English immersion, educational exclusion

by Michelle Chen on April 14 2009, 8:36PM

How long does it take to make a child give up on school? Since the 2003 academic year, Boston has pushed public school students with limited English ability—who speak everything from Cantonese to Haitian Creole—into “Sheltered English Immersion” programs….

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Dissent in the ivory tower

by Michelle Chen on April 7 2009, 2:08PM

The college campus is supposed to provide a nesting ground for lively debate. But some recent controversies hint that political polarization is making the ivory tower unsafe for dissent. The case of University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward…

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The impoverished mind

by Michelle Chen on April 6 2009, 1:29PM

The so-called academic achievement gap is a stark measure of the country’s deep racial and class divisions. Various theories have emerged—about institutionalized racism, educational inequality, family “culture,” and psychological stressors—to explain why some children thrive and others seem to…

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Oakland’s Young People Respond [VIDEO]

by Guest Columnist on April 2 2009, 10:58AM

by Nick James, Charles McDonald This past November Oakland voters approved a measure that would increase funding to after school programs and services, overwhelmingly supporting youth of color. Unfortunately, after the election some members of the council passed a…

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What Tuesday’s Robbery of Oakland Tech Students Says About the City [Op-Ed]

by Guest Columnist on March 31 2009, 5:58AM

Does Anybody Care? What Tuesday’s Robbery of Oakland Tech Students Says About the City by Nick James & Charles McDonald Editor’s Note: The events discussed below took place on Tuesday, March 24th, 2009. Imagine being an Oakland youth traveling miles…

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Higher learning headed downward

by Michelle Chen on March 30 2009, 9:12PM

The fiscal crisis besieging state budgets is stretching America’s bootstrap mentality to a breaking point. Most states have slashed funds for higher education, including the community colleges and public universities that provide a critical avenue for low-income youth of…

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New Money but Old Formulas Mean Schools Get Unequal Funds

by Yvonne Yen Liu on March 27 2009, 6:00AM

Within weeks, monies from the approved stimulus bill will trickle down to schools nation-wide. For some states, the funds are a lifesaver, staving off mass layoffs of teachers in Alabama, and providing a needed infusion of cash for schools who…

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The global classroom

by Michelle Chen on March 24 2009, 4:15PM

If you’re a kid in a New York City classroom, there’s a good chance that your parents, and maybe you, were not born in the United States; there’s also a good chance that when it comes to participating in…

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The Racial Impact of RIFs

by Guest Columnist on March 23 2009, 11:26AM

by Thomas Morse (This post originally appeared on The Teacher Lounge.) Lost in the outcries over the state budget and the painful cuts to our schools is the racial impact of those cuts. If the youngest teachers in California are…

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The War on Terror Fuels Racial Bullying

by Julianne Hing on March 17 2009, 12:00PM

Community advocates demand policy changes as Sikh kids face more violence.

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Recruitment Alone Not Enough to Get Kids to College

by Guest Columnist on March 10 2009, 1:46PM

by Viany Orozco (This post originally appeared on the Demos blog) (photo by Elaine Faith) A recent report analyzing the racial and income diversity of the student body at Sonoma State University (SSU) in California found that SSU, “has recently…

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Cradles, Classrooms, Paddles and Prisons

by Michelle Chen on March 2 2009, 10:15PM

The Children’s Defense Fund and other advocacy organizations convened in California last week at the National Cradle to Prison Pipeline Summit. The conference built on the progress of an ongoing campaign to raise consciousness about the criminalization of youth, barriers…

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Grading Obama on Education

by Michelle Chen on February 27 2009, 5:03PM

Is the Obama administration on the honors track to bridging the racial and economic disparities that plague our public schools? The President has proposed several initiatives that appear to target inequities in teacher quality and student performance. His budget…

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College Acceptance Rates Rise in Unlikely School Setting

by Guest Columnist on February 20 2009, 2:43PM

By Jamilah King This post originally appeared on WireTap. Excellent news in San Francisco. June Jordan High School for Equity, a relatively new alternative public school in the city’s Excelsior district, has one of the highest college acceptance rates in…

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Narrowing the gates to opportunity

by Michelle Chen on February 16 2009, 6:08PM

As some doors open for immigrants and others close, the gateway to citizenship remains mired in politics. The Pentagon is attempting to pull more immigrants into its ranks with a new“fast-track” to full legal status. The aim is to draw…

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Children of the foreclosure crisis

by Michelle Chen on February 9 2009, 6:41PM

Will the wave of foreclosures now engulfing the country create a new homelessness crisis? The youngest victims are emerging: the children whose families and educational futures are suddenly uprooted as the housing market spirals into free-fall. Though comprehensive school enrollment…

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