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The Morning Browse: Big Stuff in Today’s News

by Kai Wright on March 15 2010, 6:00AM

President Obama discusses his blueprint for an updated Elementary and Secondary Education Act to overhaul No Child Left Behind. Clarence Thomas’ wife is holding her own Tea Party. The LA Times profiles an effort she launched in January to…

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Rewriting History in Texas

by Michelle Chen on March 13 2010, 8:38PM

Rewriting history sounds like a daunting task, but an elite group of educational “experts” in Texas makes it look easy. In the Lone Star State, all you need to dictate education policy is an abiding faith in dead white men,…

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Democrats Who Oppose Student Loan Reform Love Banks More Than They Care About Students

by Julianne Hing on March 11 2010, 11:15AM

Time’s running out for student loan reform, and it’s being held up by Democrats in Congress. CBS is reporting that some nine senators currently oppose SAFRA, the student loan reform bill that would replace government subsidies of private (and predatory)…

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Anarchists Draw Heat After CA Student Walk-Outs

by Jamilah King on March 5 2010, 2:58PM

The fallout from yesterday’s massive student protests in California continues. After a day of mostly peaceful rallies and demonstrations, the scene took a violent turn in Oakland when a group of about over a hundred protestors marched onto the…

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White House To Invest $850 Million For Black Colleges And Universities

by Jorge Rivas on March 2 2010, 11:02AM

An 8 person drumline from Virginia State University plays in the Cross Hall of the White House before an event honoring Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter signed Executive Order 12232, which established a federal…

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Moving On Up and Hitting a Wall: Social Mobility in the U.S. and Europe

by Michelle Chen on February 10 2010, 8:28PM

America: land of opportunity… if you’re lucky enough to be born into one. The crumbling of the American Dream is in plain view across the country, especially in the urban centers and desolate ghost towns that have long been…

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Sex Ed Wars Continue in Communities of Color

by Michelle Chen on February 10 2010, 5:02PM

For the past several days, reproductive health advocates have been wrestling with something of a sexual counterrevolution. A new study appears to support abstinence-based sexuality education, which, on the surface, may undercut the case for comprehensive sex-ed, which focuses on…

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Racial Divide Grows with Charter Schools Across the Country

by Jorge Rivas on February 5 2010, 9:34AM

The Los Angeles Unified School District has more charters schools than any other school district in the country. Charter schools in L.A tend to serve underrepresented communities which are often either Black, Latino or Asian. This results in schools whose…

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Hard Knocks: NYC Shuts School Doors on Struggling Students

by Michelle Chen on January 28 2010, 6:57PM

Across New York City, schools are flunking out, and the Mayor’s office is happy to see them go. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, a contentious all-night meeting ended with the result everyone expected: the city’s Panel for Educational…

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One in Four Black, Latino Workers Shut Out of Withered Job Market

by Michelle Chen on January 8 2010, 11:51PM

The new labor statistics released today show more of the same: official unemployment was about level. Some economists insist that we’re still on track for a steady recovery; left-leaning analysts like the Economic Policy Institute say the hole is much…

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Schwarzenegger Calls For…What Was that? More Education Spending!

by Julianne Hing on January 6 2010, 6:11PM

Okay, so California’s action hero governor also called for an overhaul of the tax and pension systems and demanded more privately run prisons in his state of the state address today. These moves toward privatization will surely not be good…

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Classroom as Hostile Territory: Stopping School “Push Out”

by Michelle Chen on December 5 2009, 9:40AM

Schools are supposed to offer children in struggling communities a pathway to better prospects, but they’re increasingly becoming instruments of exclusion. A coalition civil rights and community groups has launched a national campaign against school “push out.” It’s a…

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A Public Education: The Best Money Can Buy, If You Can Afford It

by Hatty Lee on December 2 2009, 6:19PM

The music, the slow motion effects, the last glance from the student leaving her dorm room… I’ll admit it, I got a little choked up at the end of this video. Made by students at UC San Diego, their…

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Who Raises Tuition by 32%? A Look at UC Regents

by Jorge Rivas on November 24 2009, 10:19AM

Last week we wrote about the 32% tuition hike for University of California(U.C.) students. Ever wonder who’s deciding how much tuition should be? The University is governed by “The Regents,” which under the California Constitution has “full powers of organization…

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College Dreams Clouded by Debt, Students Look to Loan Reform

by Michelle Chen on November 14 2009, 9:18AM

What’s a college degree worth these days? Well, how much are you willing to pay? For many, the price of admission to higher education is crippling financial debt. Students of modest means are likely to run into even higher…

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Richmond Gang Rape Raises Race Issue

by Daisy Hernandez on November 2 2009, 10:02AM

The gang rape of a 15-year-old at Richmond High School last weekend has shaken many of us. The details have made us shudder. We’ve refused to read the details of the assault or we’ve analyzed more than a dozen…

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Education Researchers Baffled by “Immigrant Paradox”

by Leticia Miranda on October 21 2009, 12:36PM

A recent study found that, according to the LA Times: Pregnant Latino women smoke and drink less than pregnant white and African American women, Latino newborns have lower infant mortality rates, and the cognitive skill of infants 9 to…

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University of California Walkout Reflection and Update

by Guest Columnist on October 13 2009, 6:36AM

Written by UC Berkeley second year student Lucas Zucker On September 24th I witnessed and became a part of something I never thought I would experience. Students, professors, workers, 5,000 strong, stood on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley and cheered,…

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Filipino Teachers Recruited to ‘Virtual Servitude’ in Louisiana

by Michelle Chen on October 7 2009, 10:22AM

This post originally appeared on In These Times. They came on a mission to teach American children, but ended up getting a tough lesson on America’s volatile labor system. A group of Filipino teachers recruited for Louisiana schools was coerced…

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Radio Program Helps Out Vietnamese Parents

by Leticia Miranda on September 30 2009, 9:00AM

In a new media world, we are often evaluating the role “old” media has to play in communication. And the discussion is prompted by some important questions: how do we create dialogue? with who and where? using what tools?…

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