Arpaio Says Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake, Calls for Criminal Investigation

Arpaio Says Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake, Calls for Criminal Investigation

At a press conference on Thursday Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he suspects the birth certificate President Obama released last year is forgery.

“Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic,” Sheriff Arpaio said. “My investigators believe that the long-form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in paper format as claimed by the White House.”

Arpaio’s investigators say they have several “vetted affidavits” to support their claims, including an unnamed person who says they were introduced to Obama by Bill Ayers’ mother as a “foreign student.”

Investigators also spent a great deal of time analyzing the certificate and their supposed findings after conducting “optical character recognition.”

Sherri Shepherd on Oscar Red Carpet: Sorry, I’m Not Octavia Spencer [Video]

On Thursday morning’s “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd talked about hosting’s red carpet live stream and said several stars repeatedly confused her for the star of “The Help” Octavia Spencer.

“So many people would say to me on the red carpet, ‘do you think you’re gonna win tonight?’ They thought I was Octavia Spencer!”

But “The View” host says she didn’t have the heart to tell people she wasn’t the Oscar winning actor they had in mind.

In January, Shepherd made a guest appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” and a live caller confused her for Spencer also. Yvette Nicole Brown who stars in “Community” also said she’s often confused for Spencer.

Tea Party Star Andrew Breitbart Is Dead at 43

Tea Party Star Andrew Breitbart Is Dead at 43

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office confirmed to ABC News Radio that Andrew Breitbart died shortly after midnight at UCLA Medical Center. The conservative writer and a star of the tea party movement was 43.

The following statement was posted on Breitbart’s website today:

Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

A conservative blogger and journalist, Breitbart helped launch the Huffington Post and was an editor at the Drudge Report.

Obama: ‘I Knew About Jeremy Lin Before You Did and Everybody Else’

Obama: 'I Knew About Jeremy Lin Before You Did and Everybody Else'

In an interview with Grantland’s Bill Simmons, President Barack Obama said he’s been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon before anyone else was. Obama also said he was podcasting before everybody else.

Don Francisco and ‘George Jefferson’ Join Television Academy Hall of Fame

Don Francisco and 'George Jefferson' Join Television Academy Hall of Fame

On Thursday, Actor Sherman Hemsley who played George Jefferson in “The Jeffersons” and Spanish-language variety show host Mario Kreutzberger, aka “Don Francisco,” will be inducted in to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame.

Don Francisco hosts “Sábado Gigante” (or Giant Saturdays), Univision’s longest-running program and the longest-running variety TV show in the world, according to the The Guinness Book of World Records. A new episode has been produced every week throughout the show’s history, with no reruns.

Hemsley is best known for playing George Jefferson on the CBS television series “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons,” the longest-running sitcom with a predominantly African American cast in the history of American television. Isabel Sanford, best known as Louise “Weezy” Jefferson, died of natural causes in 2004—in 1981, Sanford was the first black woman to receive an Emmy for her work on “The Jeffersons.”

Producers Mary-Ellis Bunim & Jonathan Murray, network executive Michael Eisner, lighting designer Bill Klages, producer Chuck Lorre and the beloved comedy duo of Vivian Vance & William Frawley (aka Ether and Fred Murtz) will also be honored in the 21st Annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday.

LAPD Eases Impound Rules for Unlicensed Drivers

LAPD Eases Impound Rules for Unlicensed Drivers

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Police Commission, in a 4-to-1 vote, approved a plan that will limit the cases in which police officers impound vehicles of drivers without a license.

Under the new terms, unlicensed drivers who are stopped and meet several requirements, including having auto insurance, a valid form of I.D. and no previous citations will have their cars impounded but will be able to pick up their cars sooner if they’re accompanied by a licensed driver. Currently unlicensed drivers see their cars impounded for 30 days with fines that can exceed $1,200.

The commission called the decision an act of “humanity” and “compassion” toward the city’s undocumented immigrants who are not eligible to apply for a license in the state of California, according to the LA Times.

Mexican Mitt Romney for President Releases Music Video

Mexican Mitt Romney for President Releases Music Video

Mexican Mitt Romney, the “most Mexican man in the world,” wants to be the first Latino President and he’s “in it to guin it.” The fictional character has released a music video.

Directed by Paul Encinas, the “Mexican Mitt Romney for President ” music video includes some big name collaborators including the Daily Show’s ‘Señor Latino Correspondent’ comedian Al Madrigal. Lyrics by San Francisco based comedian Chris Garcia and Lalo Alcaraz.

(h/t and reader Ayisha K.)

Anti-Day Laborer Provision in Arizona’s SB 1070 Blocked

Just a week after the Supreme Court handed a major victory to day laborers, other courts are heeding the high court’s guidance, and blocking anti-day laborer provisions from being enforced.

Today, a federal court enjoined provisions of Arizona’s SB 1070 which barred drivers from blocking traffic and hiring people for work and forbade potential workers from entering a car if it was blocking traffic.

These provisions, which were ostensibly about ensuring public safety and “protecting the aesthetics of communities,” according to the law, were thinly veiled provisions designed to make a crime out of day laborers’ traditional modes of seeking work—waiting in construction store parking lots or on the sides of streets for contractors and other would-be employers to hire them.

Oklahoma Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre Protests Anti-Abortion Bill with F-Bomb Sign [Photo]


Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre of Tulsa, Oklahoma held up a sign at a protest Tuesday that said “If I wanted the government in my womb I’d fuck a senator. The Senator was at the capitol to protest anti-abortion legislation in the state.

“When I saw that sign out of all of those signs, I was like, I’ve got to have a picture of it,” said McIntyre, D-Tulsa. “I thought if my 87-year-old mother sees this, I’m going to get hell this weekend, but it was too late,” said McIntyre, according to

Photo: Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre talks with a protestor during a rally opposing the Personhood measures at the state Capitol, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

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Ruling for First Death Row Inmate to test North Carolina’s Racial Justice Act Expected Soon

Marcus Reymond Robinson.jpg

Marcus Reymond Robinson (Photo: N.C. Dept. of Public Safety)

A ruling for Marcus Reymond Robinson’s petition is expected in the next few weeks. Robinson, a black male convicted of killing a white teenager in 1991, is the first inmate to test North Carolina’s Racial Justice Act that allows death row inmates to appeal their sentence on the basis that racial bias played a role in their sentencing.

The landmark piece of legislation, signed into law in 2009, allows death row inmates to bring statistics before judges to help make their case that racial bias played a role in their sentencing. If they can prove that it did, they win an opportunity to have their sentences commuted to life in prison.

Robinson’s case is being closely followed by legal scholars, lawyers and politicians.

As NY Fashion Week Becomes More Diverse, Leaders Want Better Working Conditions for Models

As NY Fashion Week Becomes More Diverse, Leaders Want Better Working Conditions for Models

New York fashion week ended about two-weeks ago but there’s a group that works year-round to improve the working conditions of models on the runways and magazines—the majority of them who begin working between the ages of 13-16. The group Model Alliance aims to establish ethical standards that bring change to the fashion industry as a whole.

New York Fashion Week this February was the most diverse in ages. “Models of color finally topped 20% of the models booked for fashion week shows,” wrote Jenna Sauers on, who’s been tracking diversity at Fashion Week for the last eight seasons. (Designers of color at Fashion Week still have a long way to go—out of 127 designers who presented only 2 were black.)

According to Jezebel, the largest single ethnic category, after whites, was Asians. Asian models were used for 8.8% of the time. Black models were at 8%. Non-white Latina models were used 2.4% of the time.

But as diversity on the runway increases so is the need for the rights of those models.

Model Alliance’s goals include: providing affordable health care for models, greater financial transparency, ensure that existing child labor laws are enforced and establishing a grievance and enforcement system for issues of sexual harassment.

5-Year-Old Stand-Up Comedian’s Jokes About ‘Growing up Black’ Go Viral

5-Year-Old Stand-Up Comedian's Jokes About 'Growing up Black' Go Viral

Zay Zay is only 5-years old and he’s got a video of him being cute and then not so cute that’s making the rounds on the interwebs.

“Look at me, I’m a black kid! I’m going to tell you what it is to grow up like a black kid,” Zay Zay says in his video. According to the Youtube description for the video, his dad, who appears to also be also a comedian, wrote the comedy skit for him after Zay Zay expressed interest in being a comedian.

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Kamala Harris: In CA. 50% of Foreclosures are Black and Latino and They’re Only 30% of Homeowners

Kamala Harris: In CA. 50% of Foreclosures are Black and Latino and They're Only 30% of Homeowners

The Obama for America campaign announced last week California Attorney General Kamala Harris is one of the national co-chairs for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election effort.

The co-chairs will “serve as ambassadors for the President, advise the campaign on key issues, and help engage and mobilize voters in all 50 states,” the campaign said last Wednesday in a statement.

“Since taking office, the President has worked tirelessly to provide relief for struggling middle-class families and to lay a foundation for a strong economy that’s built to last. The President’s leadership and vision for the future will continue to move the country forward, rather than taking us back to the failed policies of the past,” Harris said in a statement.

Today’s Love: Friends Who Make Dying Wishes Come True [Video]

The video above is full of life and love. It captures two friends making each other’s dreams come true.

First read the letter below and then watch the video above (warning: this high school teen loves him some badwords.)


UVA Students Want You to Know Their Hunger Strike Fight is Real

UVA Students Want You to Know Their Hunger Strike Fight is Real

The University of Virginia (UVA) hunger strike for a living wage entered its 11th day today with twenty students continuing to fast for a living wage for all University employees. Strikers say the majority of workers at the university are women and black.

After years of dialogue with administration, marches, rallies, petitions, and public resolutions, the Living Wage Campaign of UVA began a Hunger Strike on Feb. 18th to urge the university to enact a living wage policy. Organizers are asking school administrators to pay their employees enough to meet the basic cost of living in Charlottesville.

Latinos with Bachelor Degrees Increased by 80% in Last Decade, But Achievement Gap Persists

In March 2011, for the first time ever, more than 30 percent of U.S. adults 25 and older had at least a bachelor’s degree, the U.S. Census Bureau reported last week. From 2001 to 2011, the number of Latinos with a bachelor’s degree or higher education increased 80 percent from 2.1 million to 3.8 million—but there’s still an achievement gap.

Lead in ‘2 Broke Girls,’ Sitcom Accused of Being Anti-Asian, Makes Out with Asian Dude [Video]

Lead in '2 Broke Girls,' Sitcom Accused of Being Anti-Asian, Makes Out with Asian Dude [Video]

CBS’s Monday night sitcom “Two Broke Girls” has received a lot criticism for an Asian character that goes by Hans on the show because his role is loosely based on stereotypes.

The writers of the show may have finally gotten wind of the criticism because on last night’s show one of the lead characters made out with a tall, hunky, Asian web developer with a perfect English accent—the complete opposite of Hans.

Junot Díaz to Publish New Book One Month Ahead of Keynote at Facing Race

junot_diaz2.jpgJunot Díaz, the Dominican-American, Pulitzer Prize winning Fiction author is releasing a new collection of short stories in September. Díaz’s book titled “This Is How You Lose Her,” is scheduled for a Sept. 11 release.

About a month after his book is released, Díaz will the keynote speaker at Facing Race, the largest national, multi-racial gathering of leaders, educators, journalists, and activists on racial justice. Facing Race is organized by the Applied Research Center,’s publisher. The conference will take place in Baltimore, MD., November 15-17 2012.

DREAMers Sentenced for Protesting Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant HB 56

DREAMers Sentenced for Protesting Alabama's Anti-Immigrant HB 56

Ten undocumented immigrants who were arrested last November for taking part in a civil disobedience action in Alabama to protest the state’s anti-immigrant state law, HB 56, were sentenced yesterday. They pleaded guilty to third-degree disorderly conduct charges, and received suspended five-day jail sentences were fined $50 each and $217 in court costs.

For undocumented immigrant youth activists, engaging in civil disobedience to demand the DREAM Act or to raise awareness about anti-immigrant laws—and then getting arrested for it—is something of a rite of passage. DREAMers get arrested all the time. Their parents, however, are less likely to take part in such bold actions. That is, until Alabama’s HB 56 came along.

The restrictive anti-immigrant law was modeled on Arizona’s SB 1070; HB 56 allowed police officers to stop and question anyone they believed might be undocumented. But Alabama went several steps further, by demanding that schools track the immigration statuses of their students and criminalizing nearly every aspect of daily life for immigrants.

AP Reports White House Helped Fund NYPD Muslim Spying Programs

AP Reports White House Helped Fund NYPD Muslim Spying Programs

The Associated Press reported Monday that White House grants were used to pay for cars that plainclothes NYPD officers used to conduct surveillance on Muslim neighborhoods and paid for computers that stored even innocuous information about Muslim college students, mosque sermons and social events.

“The news that the federal government is funding New York City’s program to surveil Muslims in the Northeastern United States is not particularly surprising,” said Seth Freed Wessler,’s investigation reporter.

“It’s been clear that the NYPD draws on federal dollars for its vast domestic anti-terrorism program. It is notable that the funds used for to map and spy on Muslims in New York and surrounding states came directly from the White House and from a drug enforcement program that lacks oversight and accountability. The federal drug war program is being used by the NYPD to expand its reach and power in Muslim communities across the region,” Wessler went on to say.

The Obama administration said Monday it has no control over how the New York Police Department spends millions of dollars in White House grants.

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