Excluded From the Polls

by Guest Columnist on January 10 2008, 11:58AM

contributed by NWFCO Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board — the Indiana voter ID case. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, this case “will determine which American citizens are able to…

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The Face of Torture—Who Bears it Better?

by Donna Hernandez on November 12 2007, 2:14PM

Photos courtesy of Jim Young/Reuters and Susan Walsh/AP Since September 11, 2001, we have had cases of falsely detained and questionable interrogations via the FBI, CIA, US Police Departments and US armed forces. Some would dare to say theses…

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Schwarzenegger Signs College Access Bill

by Tammy Johnson on October 16 2007, 12:01PM

Taking a cue from groups across the state working on college access issues, the Applied Research Center authored AB 428, and last Friday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill into law. Championed by State Assembly member Wilmer Amina Carter (D-…

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Karl Rove Resigns… In the Name of Racial Justice?

by Andre Banks on August 13 2007, 8:27AM

If you haven’t heard, Karl Rove, whom the NY Times had the courage to describe as President Bush’s “strategist” (rather than his “chief thug” or “head goon”) resigned today. While bounding through the InterWeb following the story this morning, I…

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15th Erase Racism Carnival! Read all about it!

by Guest Columnist on July 27 2007, 2:26PM

Welcome to the July Erase Racism Blog Carnival! Every month, a different blog gathers posts from throughout cyberspace that explore issues of racial justice. The goal is to enhance the discussion of race online and connect bloggers working hard to…

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Conservatives are Crowing

by Rinku Sen on June 29 2007, 8:39AM

Yesterday was a big day in domestic politics, one of the most dramatic in recent years. The Supreme Court ruled against school districts using race explicitly in making school assignments, and the immigration bill died in the Senate, held back…

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Take Back America? (Race) Poverty and Policy

by Andre Banks on June 19 2007, 8:03AM

Rinku Sen, the publisher of ColorLines, is on this plenary “Poverty and Politics: Katrina’s Clarion Call”. In the planning stage, this session was called “Race, Poverty and Policy” which was abandoned for the coded “Katrina”. “Progressives”, can we not even…

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Why a 5-Year Ban on Immigrant Health?

by Malena Amusa on June 18 2007, 10:33AM

Michael Moore isn’t the only one putting America’s faulty health-care/insurance system on blast this month. A report published last week shows that many, many immigrant families with green cards and who are working, are still ineligible for Medicaid. That is…

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Emmitt Till Law Moves in House

by Guest Columnist on June 15 2007, 11:16AM

by Brian Beutler for the Media Consortium In 1955, Emmitt Till, a 14-year-old black kid from Chicago, was savagely murdered by two white men who dumped his body into the Mississippi Delta. The crime was reprehensible and the suspects clearly…

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Gonzales Protects Religious Right, Not Racial Justice

by Andre Banks on June 14 2007, 8:12AM

As if Alberto Gonzales hasn’t done enough to discredit the Justice Department and reveal the disgraceful, neo-con driven decline of the Constitution….The NYTimes reported today on the stark changes in the civil rights division at the Dept. of Justice during…

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Rep. Jefferson Indicted, Fox Footage Shows…Conyers?!

by Andre Banks on June 5 2007, 8:29AM

tnews is out: Black Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson has been indicted today on 16 counts of public corruption for decades of bribery and shady business dealings in Africa. With an attorney general under serious fire for his own misdeeds, the…

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A street named Sonny

by Malena Amusa on June 4 2007, 9:41AM

Keith Boykin talks about a community’s struggle to have a New York street named after a controversial Black activist, Sonny Carson. Check out this good read: For several years now, I have lived in Harlem near Malcolm X Boulevard, also…

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Barack Offers Plan for “Universal” Health Care

by Andre Banks on May 31 2007, 1:59PM

In a rare moment of reporting actual news, recently covered the public intro of Barack’s “universal” health care plan. Here are the details:Obama’s plan retains the private insurance system but injects additional money to pay for expanding coverage. Those…

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The Cost of Greening NYCity

by Guest Columnist on May 30 2007, 10:23AM

by Mafruza Khan (NYC Mayor Michael Boomberg) PlaNYC is an ambitious plan New York Mayor Michael Bloomblerg announced last month to make our air, water, energy, land, and transport more environmentally friendly. While everybody loves Bloomberg, his mayoral acumen and…

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Supreme Court? Supreme Problem

by Tammy Johnson on April 26 2007, 12:18PM

When I was a community organizer in Milwaukee, crafting the campaign plan was straightforward. Do the groundwork of going door-to-door, to churches and community events to educate people on the issue. Then mobilize them to move our target —testifying at…

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Apologies Stand in Place of Remedies

by Terry Keleher on April 25 2007, 2:05PM

The Alabama House and Senate approved resolutions apologizing for slavery on Tuesday, following similar moves by legislatures in North Carolina earlier this month and Virginia in February. The day before, the state celebrated its official Confederate Memorial Day. Hmmm….

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Trouble with Hospitals and their Poor

by Guest Columnist on February 27 2007, 2:34PM

The other day one of my friends told me that he was thinking about incorporating his business as a non-profit to avoid paying taxes. The scary thing is, hospitals have been doing this for years—but at the cost of poor…

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Rich Country, Poor Healthcare

by Kai Wright on October 11 2006, 5:04PM

by Kai Wright They say money can’t buy happiness, but apparently it can’t buy America quality healthcare either. Two new studies add to a building mound of evidence that our wildly expensive, market-based healthcare system is deathly ill. The U.S….

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A Double Dose of Outrage.

by Andre Banks on August 29 2006, 9:00AM

Check out this gem of a post from Daily Kos (via Crooks & Liars) about the near unbelievable torrent of racist remarks (many from elected officials) across the last few weeks. The racism isn’t a huge surprise, but the…

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Explosive Growth in Communities of Color

by Andre Banks on August 23 2006, 11:00AM

This week, the press has been focused on the new immigration numbers coming out of the Census Bureau's mid-decade update. But they've ignored the other racial news beyond immigration embedded in that data. The a Applied Research Center analyzed the…

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