NPR: US Rep. Tubbs-Jones Dies, Colleagues Pay Tribute

by Jonathan Adams on August 21 2008, 5:45PM

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones died yesterday, after suffering a brain aneurysm. She was 58 years old. Tubbs Jones made history, as the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress. U.S. Reps. James Clyburn (D-SC) and Maxine Waters (D-CA)…

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On the 20th Anniversary of H.R. 442

by Gina Acebo on August 8 2008, 6:45PM

by gacebo Forgive me… is all that you can say Years go by and still The words won’t come easily Like forgive me, forgive me - Tracy Chapman August 10th marks the 20th Anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of…

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Maybe That’s a Way of Gookifying Them

by Guest Columnist on July 18 2008, 9:56AM

By Irwin Tang Last week, a reporter informed Senator John McCain that exports to Iran had increased tenfold during the Bush years, and that a great portion of those exports were cigarettes. McCain responded, “Maybe that’s a way of…

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The GOP Struggles, Conservatism May Not.

by on June 2 2008, 1:15PM

The pages of liberal and progressive magazines have been brimming these past few months with articles and book reviews about conservatism and the Republican Party. As the Bush Administration finds itself a failure in the eyes of many and the…

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Where’s the Love?

by Hatty Lee on May 20 2008, 1:12PM

Some say that Asian Americans don’t support Obama because he’s Black. Some say we support Clinton because we are more politically conservative. And McCain…well, “I hate gooks” will not win us over. Maybe part of the problem is that they’ve…

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Iowa Law Weighs Racial Impact

by Jonathan Adams on May 2 2008, 9:58AM

From NPR, News and Notes Farai Chideya talks with Iowa Governor Chet Culver about a new law, which requires lawmakers to consider the impact proposed sentencing laws have on racial and ethnic groups in Iowa. It applies to crime, parole…

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What’s Happening in Philly During the Primary?

by Jonathan Adams on April 22 2008, 2:08PM

As you prepare for Pennsylvania’s primary results. we’ve been looking at Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth largest in the country. There’s a lot going on in Philly. The MOVE 9, members of a radical Philadelphia…

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Pat Buchanan: Black People Should Be Grateful

by Jonathan Adams on March 24 2008, 12:34PM

As the coverage continues after Barack Obama’s speech on race, Pat Buchanan, the cantankerous conservative, writes in his syndicated column, “A Brief for Whitey,” that “White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.” He continues, First, America…

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Supreme Court Plans to Address Voting Rights, Asylum

by Jonathan Adams on March 17 2008, 1:06PM

Found on SCOTUSBlog The Court will review eight new cases. One of the cases stems from a voting rights dispute in North Carolina and, “whether federal voting rights law allows a racial minority group that has less than 50 percent…

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Eliot Spitzer: Crusader By Day, Philanderer By Night

by Guest Columnist on March 17 2008, 6:44AM

by Samantha Erskine In an ironic turn of events, New York’s governor Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign because he was caught paying thousands of dollars for a pre-Valentine’s Day rendezvous with an escort at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington,…

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One Man is Never Enough, We Still Have to Fight

by Rinku Sen on March 13 2008, 2:52PM

Many people are anxious about the fallout from Governor Spitzer’s problems, wondering what will happen now to the racial justice commitments he has historically supported. Organizations that work on sex traffic are mourning the loss of an important champion for…

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Spitzer Resigns, New York Will Have a Black Governor

by Jonathan Adams on March 11 2008, 12:02PM

Editor’s note: Sorry about the delay. We will have limited internet access for the rest of the week, and we may be slow to post. After news of Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in a prostitution ring and his subsequent resignation rocked…

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Race Riots Reexamined: Kerner Report 40 Years Later

by Jonathan Adams on March 4 2008, 2:34PM

The Kerner Report was released on February 29, 1968, and this report was commissioned by Lyndon B. Johnson who formed a committee to research race relations after a deadly series of summer race riots all over the country. Angering Lyndon…

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GOP: How Racist is Too Racist?

by Jonathan Adams on February 26 2008, 10:46AM

Originally on Politico, Republican strategists are polling American voters to avoid “undisciplined messaging” that may appear racist or sexist. The Republican National Committee has commissioned polling and focus groups to determine the boundaries of attacking a minority or female candidate,…

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After Super Duper Tuesday, the Race Debate Continues

by Jonathan Adams on February 6 2008, 12:37PM

As political pundits continue to discuss last night’s results, the stories about race and gender also persist. The Nation Huffington Post Huffington Post New York Magazine…

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Americans Demand Change, State of the Union Stays the Same

by Guest Columnist on January 29 2008, 8:49AM

Just hours after the State of the Union, our friends at the Drum Major Institute created a rapid response to the address. Click here to read DMI’s full analysis of the President’s domestic policy prescriptions – complete with statistics and…

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Miami Takes Back the Vote

by Guest Columnist on January 24 2008, 9:28AM

Joseph Phelan, Miami Workers Center, discusses their work with grassroots organizers to register voters in Black and Latino communities in Miami. Last Saturday, I hit the streets with members of Low-Income Families Fighting Together and Miami en Acción, two grassroots…

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Women of ‘The View’ Weigh In on CNN

by Jonathan Adams on January 23 2008, 2:15PM

Following the CNN story about Black women’s votes in South Carolina that outraged readers, Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts on “The View” took on this hot topic. Hear the women talk about race, “the elephant in the room.”…

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Race and Gender Rebuttal

by Andre Banks on January 18 2008, 2:51PM

For anyone outraged by Clinton supporter Gloria Steinem’s opinion piece in the NYTimes last week arguing that Hilary, as a woman, had a harder road to the White House than Barack, simply a Black man, really must check out the…

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New Jersey’s “Profound Regret” for Slavery Ignores Structural Racism

by Julianne Hing on January 17 2008, 1:10PM

On January 8, New Jersey’s State Assembly issued a formal apology for the state’s involvement in the slave trade and the lasting effects of slavery on New Jersey residents. The apology is, to be sure, long overdue, but the state…

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