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Forget Congress. Who's Running Your Statehouse? Play

Forget Congress. Who’s Running Your Statehouse?

by Carla Murphy on November 6 2014, 12:30PM

Statehouses passed more than 24,000 laws this year compared to Congress’ 185 since January 2013.

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New York Lawmakers Propose 'State Citizenship' for the Undocumented

New York Lawmakers Propose ‘State Citizenship’ for the Undocumented

by Julianne Hing on June 17 2014, 12:38PM

States go their own way on immigration, even with long shot bills.

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Florida State House Candidate Wants Obama Lynched

Florida State House Candidate Wants Obama Lynched

by Brentin Mock on January 22 2014, 8:58AM

His campaign strategy is to win voters by calling for Obama’s death.

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Redistricting Protects the 2010 Republican Surge in State Legislatures

by on November 7 2012, 3:32PM

And the ugly, bruising battles they launched around immigration, health reform and reproductive rights are certain to continue.

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Beyond the White House: How Today's Vote Matters for Racial Justice

Beyond the White House: How Today’s Vote Matters for Racial Justice

by on November 6 2012, 8:20AM

Core questions about reproductive health, immigrant and workers rights, unions, criminal justice and education are on the table at the state and congressional level.

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The Tea Party Will Still Run the States, No Matter Who Wins the Presidency

The Tea Party Will Still Run the States, No Matter Who Wins the Presidency

by on November 1 2012, 10:26AM

Far right symbolism may have receded, but thanks to redistricting, tea party politics will dominate state legislatures for some time to come.

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Countering Myth of Colorblindness, from the White House to the Statehouse

by Tammy Johnson on February 17 2010, 6:10PM

This weekend the National Governors Association gathers in Washington to discuss budget cuts, stimulus funds and a litany of state policy proposals. Things have changed dramatically since President Obama’s election. Many observers embraced the moment as the start of a…

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California Lawmakers Fail the Grade

by Debayani Kar on February 10 2010, 8:57PM

Applied Research Center publishes its fifth edition of the “California Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity” today, as people of color look to legislative solutions to pull their communities out of the recession. Unfortunately, California lawmakers are failing the grade….

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