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Can Kerry Washington (and Obama) Fix the Virginia Governor Race?

by Brentin Mock on November 4 2013, 9:06AM

Kerry Washington wows audience on Saturday Night Live, then hypes crowds the next day in rally for Virginia governor’s race.

Topics: Voting Rights, /NOW, Politics

Five Things to Know About Virginia's High-Stakes Governor's Race

Five Things to Know About Virginia’s High-Stakes Governor’s Race

by Brentin Mock on October 23 2013, 11:06AM

The winner of next month’s governor’s race in Virginia could be an indicator of the direction of conservative politics.

Topics: Voting Rights, /NOW, Politics

Virginia Attorney General Issues His Own SB 1070

Virginia Attorney General Issues His Own SB 1070

by on August 4 2010, 9:30AM

It’s the latest and loudest push by a well-established anti-immigrant movement in the state.

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South Rides Again in Virginia Governor’s Office

by Kai Wright on April 7 2010, 8:30AM

It’s enough that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a GOP darling, has revived the tradition of declaring April “Confederate History Month.” But what’s truly astonishing is that in bringing it back he dropped from the ceremonial proclamation a previous obligatory nod…

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