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What's On Your 'Black Power is For Men' Booklist?

What’s On Your ‘Black Power is For Men’ Booklist?

by Jamilah King on August 20 2013, 10:59AM

Cultural critic Mark Anthony Neal took a discussion about race and feminism offline by putting together a list of seminal books on the topic. What would you add?

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Trove of Unseen Footage Revives History in 'The Black Power Mixtape'

Trove of Unseen Footage Revives History in ‘The Black Power Mixtape’

by Channing Kennedy on September 6 2011, 9:15AM

Swiss filmmaker Goran Hugo Olsson has unearthed hundreds of hours of intimate footage of black power movement leaders. Colorlines talks to Olsson about his remarkable new documentary.

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Reading the Afro: A Hairy Issue for Publishers Weekly

by Michelle Chen on December 16 2009, 8:01AM

Publishers Weekly raised some angry eyebrows with its latest cover illustration. Apparently, for an issue devoted to African-American publishing, the designer thought readers would be amused by the image of a Black woman adorned with a surrealistic “crown” of…

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