Katti Gray

Katti Gray
Katti Gray Prize-winning, veteran journalist Katti has covered hard news and soft: Presidential hopefuls; statehouse lawmakers; hometown heroes; time-honored and pop celebrities; floundering schools in Appalachia; New Feminism’s younger adherents; juveniles on death row; the fight for running water on an outlying Mississippi road, a one-of-a-kind university think thank run by formerly incarcerated persons with Ph.Ds. Ms., Vibe, The Crisis, Odyssey Couleur, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New Orleans Times-Picayune, and Toronto Star are among those that have published her work. For 2010’s relaunched Jet, she writes a twice-monthly column. On Essence magazine’s masthead, she is listed as a contributing writer. She files regularly for news organizations including,,, Diverse Issues in Higher Education and Newsday in New York, where she previously spent 16 years full time, ultimately as a senior writer on assorted aspects of society, culture and lifestyle, from a post-Hurricane Katrina meditation on home and place to musings about the convergence of religious certainty and spiritual doubt. Her articles have run for The Daily Yonder and Diverse. Here & Now, a daily broadcast on National Public Radio, has run her photos on their site.

'The Artist Is Not There as a Massage Therapist,' Says Sapphire of Her Work

‘The Artist Is Not There as a Massage Therapist,’ Says Sapphire of Her Work

by Katti Gray on September 19 2011, 9:38AM speaks with the author and poet about her second novel, which portrays the son of her famous—and controversial—character Precious.

Topics: Arts & Culture

The Revolutionary Everyday Courage of

The Revolutionary Everyday Courage of “The Barber of Birmingham”

by Katti Gray on August 9 2011, 9:35AM

James Armstrong was neither a national movement leader nor a star-power elected official. He was just a guy with a barbershop and heart big enough to fight for his community’s dignity.

Topics: Arts & Culture, History

Amid Recession and War, Grandparents Fill Voids With Love

Amid Recession and War, Grandparents Fill Voids With Love

by Katti Gray on December 23 2010, 12:51PM

Katti Gray profiles families who don’t have much more than each other this holiday season, but are getting by with that much.

Topics: Economy

Crime, Punishment and Black Politics

by Katti Gray on May 28 2010, 12:00PM

Political leaders and thinkers increasingly identify criminal justice as a defining civil rights concern. But as the reaction to Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ killing suggests, that’s not always an easy sell in Black neighborhoods.

Topics: Criminal Justice