Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

ACORN and Al Sharpton Confront Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio

by Jonathan Adams on June 22 2009, 10:18AM

Over the weekend, groups gathered in Phoenix to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racist policing. Al Sharpton joined the voices calling attention to the civil rights violations against immigrants. via New America Media by Khalil Abdullah Today, on Juneteenth, a…

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Off Color

by Jonathan Adams on March 2 2009, 12:00PM

Why I want to be first lady

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Michelle Obama on Wage Discrimination

by Jonathan Adams on January 30 2009, 11:56AM

The First Lady makes remarks on gender discrimination in the workplace before introducing Lilly Ledbetter at the signing reception for the Fair Pay Act in honor of the law’s namesake….

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Did Oakland Police Cover Up Another Murder?

by Jonathan Adams on January 30 2009, 11:50AM

There is “strong circumstantial evidence” that police covered up the 2000 beating of drug suspect Jerry Amaro III, who died a month after suffering broken ribs, according to confidential city documents obtained late Wednesday. Two other people also arrested in…


House Passes Stimulus Plan; Long Island Youth Charged With More Assaults on Latinos

by Jonathan Adams on January 29 2009, 7:01AM

House Dems Pass Stimulus Plan “Without a single Republican vote, President Obama won House approval on Wednesday for an $819 billion economic recovery plan as Congressional Democrats sought to temper their own differences over the enormous package of tax cuts…

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American Indians Could Get $3B From Stimulus

by Jonathan Adams on January 28 2009, 8:50AM

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday included $2.8 billion for Indian tribes in its portion of the nearly $900 billion economic stimulus bill, and a House version to be voted on Wednesday includes a similar amount. That includes hundreds of…


Kentucky Court Refuses Obama Effigy Case; Gillibrand Won’t Reconsider Position on Amnesty

by Jonathan Adams on January 28 2009, 8:12AM

Obama Effigy Case Thrown Out of Ky. Court “A grand jury has refused to indict two Kentucky men for hanging an effigy of Barack Obama from a tree in Lexington at the height of the presidential campaign.” WZTV. Another Immigrant…

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Saltsman Mealy-Mouthed About Obama the Magic Negro

by Jonathan Adams on January 27 2009, 2:46PM


Juan WIlliams Calls Michelle Obama Stokley Carmichael in a Dress

by Jonathan Adams on January 27 2009, 1:42PM


Blind Hate

by Jonathan Adams on January 27 2009, 1:11PM

H/T Jack and Jill Politics In what I can only describe as a Clayton Bigsby moment, Michael Contreras (above), 18, and a group of friends went out after Barack Obama’s win on Nov. 4 to harass Black people. Their…

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Hate Crimes Surge After Inauguration

by Jonathan Adams on January 27 2009, 9:20AM

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Patterson May Appoint Anti-Immigrant Senator

by Jonathan Adams on January 23 2009, 10:32AM

Now that Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of the running to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, reports speculate Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand from upstate New York is going to be announced tomorrow as the new Senator. Gillibrand has a…

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Black Iraqis Inspired by Obama Presidency

by Jonathan Adams on January 23 2009, 5:42AM

Embedded video from CNN Video…


ColorLines and RaceWire Attend the Inaugural Opening Concert

by Jonathan Adams on January 19 2009, 12:41PM

We are in Washington, D.C. covering the inaugural events and talking to some of the thousands here to witness the historic event. Here are a few photos from the opening ceremony on Sunday. Check back here for more photos,…


Mary Frances Berry Not Bitter After Racist Remark

by Jonathan Adams on January 16 2009, 1:04PM

Berry takes a few seconds to respond to an email sent by chief of the Justice Department’s voting section, John Tanner in which he calls the former chairwoman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights “black and bitter.”…

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“State of the Dream 2009: The Silent Depression”

by Jonathan Adams on January 16 2009, 12:56PM

A new report from United for a Fair Economy finds that people of color are being hurt by the economy far more than the general population. While race did not prevent a Black man from becoming President, it does…


NAACP Legal Defense Fund Files Amicus Brief Challenging Prop 8

by Jonathan Adams on January 16 2009, 8:29AM

Julian Bond, NAACP board chairman, has been an advocate for the LGBT community for many years. He was one of the first civil rights leaders to unequivocally link gay rights and the civil rights movement. The nation’s oldest civil rights…


YouTube Video Contest Supporting Marriage Equality

by Jonathan Adams on January 15 2009, 8:57AM

ANNOUNCING THE 7 CONVERSATIONS IN 7 DAYS YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTEST People all around the country are using every tool possible to talk to their friends, family, and community about why marriage equality is important to them. Here’s your chance to…


Speak Out Presents a Screening of “Follow Me Home” in Oakland

by Jonathan Adams on January 14 2009, 10:17AM

The award-winning feature film, Follow Me Home, will be shown on Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 7:00 pm at the Grand Lake Theatre, 3200 Grand Ave., in Oakland. This screening is presented by Speak Out, and will be followed by…


Campbell Brown Cuts Through Bush’s Bull on Katrina

by Jonathan Adams on January 14 2009, 9:08AM

H/T Jack and Jill Politics Embedded video from CNN Video George W. Bush, in his final press conference, stubbornly defends the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. He argues that the rescuing people from roofs in New Orleans was sufficient enough….

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