Jessica Hoffmann

Jessica Hoffmann

Flipping the Script on Poverty

by Jessica Hoffmann on October 2 2009, 12:00PM

welfareQueens put real-life struggles on center stage.

Topics: Arts & Culture

Farm Subsidies Overwhelmingly Support White Farmers

by Jessica Hoffmann on January 29 2009, 12:00PM

The U.S. government spends billions each year subsidizing farm operations. Yet Black farmers receive only one-third to one-sixth of the benefits that other farmers receive.


The Last Plantation

by Jessica Hoffmann on January 6 2009, 12:00PM

Black farmers are organizing to counter the racist practices of the USDA.


Flash Point

by Jessica Hoffmann on April 18 2008, 12:00PM

A police officer’s killing in Phoenix leads to plans for expanding police involvement in immigration enforcement.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Why So High?

by Jessica Hoffmann on November 4 2007, 12:00PM

The Phoenix metropolitan area, with the highest rate of fatal police shootings among the 10 biggest U.S. cities, is also the most dangerous in the nation for Latinos.

Topics: Criminal Justice

Turning to Tasers

by Jessica Hoffmann on November 1 2007, 12:00PM

Phoenix police became the first in the country to use Tasers, but will that decrease shootings?

Topics: Criminal Justice

LAPD Gentrifies Skid Row

by Jessica Hoffmann on October 3 2007, 12:00PM

As the affluent take the city, poor Black residents are pushed out with force.

Topics: Criminal Justice