Debayani Kar

Debayani Kar

The Politics of Fear and Hate: Dealing with Islamophobia in The South Asian Community

by Debayani Kar on March 3 2010, 11:52AM

This piece originally appeared on Race-Talk. In the nearly 10 years since September 11, progressive writers of color have written a great deal about Islamophobia and the U.S. wars against majority Muslim countries. A lot of this commentary has centered…


Why Would You Sell Your Food Stamps? [VIDEO]

by Debayani Kar on February 23 2010, 9:51AM

ARC researcher and ColorLines journalist Seth Wessler joined Carmen Cordero of Vecinos Unidos, Irasema Garza of Legal Momentum, and Wanda Fossett of Community Voices Heard on GRITtv to discuss food stamps, poverty and why this might be the best…

Topics: Race and Recession

Welfare Recipients Forced to Sell Food Stamps to Buy Basic Necessities

by Debayani Kar on February 19 2010, 7:16AM

ARC researcher and ColorLines journalist Seth Wessler joined Luz Santana of Vecinos Unidos on Democracy Now! this morning to discuss how people, especially women and mothers, are making ends meet through the recession. Seth profiled the work and experience…

Topics: Race and Recession

California Lawmakers Fail the Grade

by Debayani Kar on February 10 2010, 8:57PM

Applied Research Center publishes its fifth edition of the “California Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity” today, as people of color look to legislative solutions to pull their communities out of the recession. Unfortunately, California lawmakers are failing the grade….

Topics: Politics

Green the Recovery: Expand Green Jobs to Women and Communities of Color

by Debayani Kar on January 28 2010, 7:30AM

The folks over at are having a contest to gather ‘ideas for change in America.’ Have a good idea? You can submit yours at Over at the Applied Research Center, we came up with the following. Do you…


How to Help Haiti, Today and Beyond

by Debayani Kar on January 14 2010, 1:32PM

Helping Today Partners in Health “Currently, our greatest need is financial support. Haiti is facing a crisis worse than it has seen in years, and it is a country that has faced years of crisis, both natural disaster and…


‘The Garden’ Sows Seeds of Struggle

by Debayani Kar on December 26 2009, 12:22PM

The Garden is a warmly portrayed moving documentary film that follows the real-life story of the South Central Farmers Cooperative in Los Angeles. The well-publicized fight of the farmers to maintain control of their land lent itself as an ideal…


CIR ASAP? Get In Line

by Debayani Kar on December 15 2009, 4:17PM

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) led the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus in formally introducing their bill today for comprehensive immigration reform. Titled CIR ASAP (or more formally,…

Topics: Immigration

System Change Not Climate Change

by Debayani Kar on December 14 2009, 1:18PM

Climate justice activists from around the U.S. led by communities of color were part of the 100,000-strong protest march in Copenhagen this past Saturday. Not surprisingly, such a vibrant display of civil society’s power was responded to with more than…

Topics: Global Affairs

All Politics Is Local: Community Solutions for Climate Justice

by Debayani Kar on December 7 2009, 11:00AM

There’s so much to say about the climate change negotiations beginning in Copenhagen, Denmark today, that there is almost nothing left to be said. We have been facing and continue to face a threat to our planet and way of…


Reddy Case: 10 Years On, Violence Against Women of Color Continues

by Debayani Kar on November 20 2009, 12:09PM

Violence against women of color is often reported out of context. The deeper social and economic injustices at work are overlooked. Today, a coalition including (partial list) Narika, ASATA (Alliance of South Asians Taking Action), South Asian Sisters, Asian Women’s…


Greening L.A.

by Debayani Kar on November 19 2009, 1:01PM

Though President Obama hopes to create five million green jobs within a decade, women and people of color will be left out without active policies to ensure participation. Blacks and Latinos comprise less than 30 percent of those employed in…


2012: A Race Odyssey

by Debayani Kar on November 18 2009, 3:39PM

** Spoiler Alert! In case you might actually watch this movie. ** Say what you want, but “2012” succeeded in at least one respect; it put forth strong characters of color in less than stereotypical roles. Though the movie is…


La Liga Global: Asserting Migrant Economic Power

by Debayani Kar on November 13 2009, 7:48PM

The Obama administration made another pronouncement today about immigration reform being taken up in 2010. Apart from the valid critiques of whether or not proposed changes will truly constitute “comprehensive immigration reform,” there is a deeper question. What about the…


Weatherization in New York Creates Jobs, Opportunity

by Debayani Kar on November 2 2009, 2:42PM

Weatherization. The word doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But as Green for All demonstrates in its new video produced in partnership with Good Magazine, weatherization is not only a key component of reducing energy consumption but it can provide…


Moby Nearly Shames California Into Funding Domestic Violence Shelters

by Debayani Kar on October 16 2009, 9:58AM

The California state legislature voted yesterday to restore funding to domestic violence shelters, which had been entirely cut from Governor Schwarzenegger’s July budget. This comes on the heels of State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) teaming up with popular…


Florida: No Job Creation, No Stimulation

by Debayani Kar on October 2 2009, 8:09AM

Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced specific benchmarks that the federal government will use to determine whether the Recovery Act has been a success. But none of his benchmarks include numbers of jobs created. October will see the roll out…

Topics: Economy, Environment

At the G-20, Real Solutions Off the Table; Accidental American Shows the Way

by Debayani Kar on September 24 2009, 11:43AM

Today and tomorrow, leaders of the Group of 20 Nations, or G-20, are meeting in Pittsburgh for the latest in a series of meetings intended to address the global economic crisis. The global recession has shifted the nature of…

Topics: Global Affairs

The Accidental American’s Rinku Sen on our Broken Immigration Narrative, Post-9/11

by Debayani Kar on September 11 2009, 8:46AM

Moroccan-born waiter Fekkak Mamdouh’s life was thrown into turmoil after September 11th, when Windows on the World, the restaurant he worked at in the World Trade Center, was destroyed. The book about his immigrant experience in the aftermath of September…


Republican Witnesses Against Sotomayor Include Arab-American Internment Endorser

by Debayani Kar on July 9 2009, 7:26PM

The Senate Judiciary Committee today released the witness list called by Democrats and Republicans for next week’s confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. The Republican-picked lineup is disappointingly unsurprising, especially when given that the committee’s ranking member, Sen….