Adrienne Maree Brown

Adrienne Maree Brown

On The 45th Anniversary of Malcolm X’s Assassination, Feeling El-Hajj

by Adrienne Maree Brown on February 22 2010, 10:29AM

This post originally appeared on Adrienne Maree Brown’s blog. Detroit Red is someone we all know. Bright, beautiful, hustling, trying everything, wanting more, with the unhealed recent familial and current experiences of racism all around like four walls, eyes bigger…

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Alien Apartheid? A Race-Aware Viewing Guide for District 9

by Adrienne Maree Brown on August 16 2009, 11:36PM

just watched district 9. before i went, i heard a variety of reviews, from “totally racist” to “comprehensive critique on humanity” to “awesome action flick”. all i heard was: aliens in slums outside johannesberg and i knew i had…


Ignore the Haters, Sierra Club!!: Open Letter to Allison Chin

by Adrienne Maree Brown on July 29 2009, 5:13PM

Dear Allison, Yesterday, the Sierra Club published a post on their Insider blog - “Yep, We’re Too White”. It’s a very short post highlighting that last week, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called for more “diversity” in environmental movements, and you,…

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A Deeper Dive

by Adrienne Maree Brown on July 14 2009, 7:37AM

We’ve all heard about the incident at the Philly pool. Color of Change put out a great incident report in case you missed it. The incident is a classic whites-only racism incident, and it’s reminded me that as responsible racial…

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What’s UP with the US Social Forum?

by Adrienne Maree Brown on July 9 2009, 2:00AM

In 2010, the second US Social Forum will take place in Detroit Mi, from June 22-26. I keep meaning to write a piece that gives an inside look at what’s up with the forum, but time passes when you’re working…


Michael Jackson - Who’s Loving You?

by Adrienne Maree Brown on June 26 2009, 12:12AM

While he lived, he was quite possibly the most listened to person alive. The most sampled and copied. The most played. The youngest person to make people move. The person most people tried to move like. He made us…


Vulnerability and Malcolm X

by Adrienne Maree Brown on May 20 2009, 11:31AM

via yesterday was malcolm x’s 84th birthday. happy birthday el-hajj malik el-shabazz. here’s a wonderful post from grace lee boggs on knowing malcolm. today i’ve been thinking about the violence of last night here in Oakland, and the lessons…

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What’s the New-Old?

by Adrienne Maree Brown on March 17 2009, 1:12PM

you know i often hear forrest gump in my head. “i may not be a smart man, but i know what love is.” this economic moment has been crystallizing that phrase to me. i’ve been thinking a lot about what…

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Shifting Power

by Adrienne Maree Brown on February 28 2009, 1:54PM

The environmental movement is changing, slowly but surely. I weave in and out of the throng at Powershift 2009. Last year the conference was in Maryland, and the throng was spread out all over a campus. I spoke then on…


The Darkness

by Adrienne Maree Brown on January 20 2009, 1:18PM

Now, at this moment, we have a black president. Black like many black people are, with a lot of other stories woven into his blackness, having organized for justice for years. Black in ways that many black people are not,…


National Day of Nonviolent Action: Oscar Grant

by Adrienne Maree Brown on January 13 2009, 5:43PM

Tomorrow there will be a National Day of Nonviolent Action across the country in solidarity with the Praying for Peace, Marching for Justice Rally/March in Oakland, CA. Over the past week, clergy, young folks from Oakland, small business owners, non-profit…


Update on Fruitvale BART Protest

by Adrienne Maree Brown on January 7 2009, 8:38PM

As I write this there are no less than 6 helicopters circling overhead in downtown Oakland. On the first day of the 10th year since Amadou Diallo was brutally gunned down by police in New York City, Oscar Grant was…


Real Justice

by Adrienne Maree Brown on January 6 2009, 11:57PM

If you are in the Bay Area tomorrow, come out to the Fruitvale BART Station between 3-7pm to grieve, and protest. These have been days of bloody images. By now we have all seen the footage of young Oscar Grant…


Why Gaza Matters To Us

by Adrienne Maree Brown on January 2 2009, 9:18AM

On December 30, I attended a rally/memorial for Gaza in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is home to the largest community of Arab and Arab-American people within US borders. I went with two young women who have focused on Palestinian human rights,…

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Closing Plenary: Race and the Global Economy

by Adrienne Maree Brown on November 15 2008, 3:00PM

Wow - Liepollo L. Pheko is amazing!! I caught the end of her talk, she’s part of The Trade Collective. She’s talking about global trade and global respect for human rights in trade. She just told a story of the…


Creating a Culture of Racial Justice at Facing Race

by Adrienne Maree Brown on November 15 2008, 12:33PM

I’m sitting here at the tail end of a wonderful panel at Facing Race called Creating a Culture of Racial Justice. This is the panel that in many ways most excites me, because I think so much of the framing…


Post Election Reflections at Facing Race

by Adrienne Maree Brown on November 14 2008, 10:42AM

This is Adrienne Maree Brown checking in as a live blogger for the Facing Race Conference. I’m at the first plenary, Post-Election Reflections: Examining Race in the Presidential Campaign. The speakers cover the range from writers to election organizers. Unfortunately,…


Welcome to the Age of Yes!

by Adrienne Maree Brown on November 11 2008, 8:36AM

Obama did not tell us this, or lead us into it - he arrived in response to it, he exposed that we wanted to hear it. Tired of political platforms, which seem to only exist to be jumped off of into treacherous familiar waters, the small minority of the global population (all of whom are impacted by this election, many of whom are actually more directly impacted by the American election than American citizens are) that could vote in this election voted for the candidate whose message, energy, campaign strategy and belief system spoke to a deeper need, deeper than policy or race redemption.


My Big Gay Blog Post

by Adrienne Maree Brown on November 6 2008, 12:52PM

Today I came home to find a “Yes on Prop 8″ sticker slapped onto the Barbara Lee campaign sign in front of my building. Prop 8 is the proposition to ban gay marriage that passed in California last night. The…


Call to Action: Stay The Line!!

by Adrienne Maree Brown on November 4 2008, 12:25PM

Situation: There are tons of election issues happening and being documented across the country. (866 Our Vote had 30,000 calls before 1pm, and the various War Room listserve spaces we’re in are buzzing with reports.) The main issues are…


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