In an NBC News article published Wednesday evening, reporter Tom Winter erroneously wrote that Michael Brown was seen committing a “stick-up” in a video released by police. Ethics professor Jeremy V. Cruz provided Colorlines with a screen grab of how the article appeared on the site Wednesday evening:


Cruz brought up the error up to Winter himself Thursday afternoon on Twitter:

Winter responded that he could “see why people may imply a gun was used.” But the word “stick-up” doesn’t imply that a gun is used—the dictionary definition of “stick-up” indicates that it’s a robbery in which a gun a used:

stick-up-1.jpgNBC News has since updated the story, without explanation.

Even if Brown had used a gun in the alleged robbery that occurred before he was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, it wouldn’t matter. Wilson stopped Brown for jaywalking—not as a suspect in a crime. 

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