It seems every week a new web series comes out, a format that seems to be growing in popularity and leading to successful projects like Issa Rae’s breakout “Awkward Black Girl,” the Bushwick, Brooklyn dramedy “East Willy B,” and the wildly funny “Ask a Slave.”  The upsurge in new web-based programs, particularly those being produced by people of color, even inspired an event called Black, Brown and Digital this spring.  

Last month producer Adel L. Morales launched “Pushing Dreams,” a web series that follows a group of interconnected Latinos in the Bronx dealing with unemployment, racism, alcoholism, relationships and other issues. Characters include a Latina lesbian couple—one of whom just lost her job and the other who has served time in prison, and the cast includes Selenis Leyva—who plays Gloria on “Orange is the New Black.” The fourth episode of the series was released yesterday, and follows the gritty day-to-day of people struggling to make ends meet. 

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