VICE does some great work, but it can still have a pretty problematic view on the world. Case in point: a recent photo essay in which a writer uses Google Street View to explore the “bad part of town,” from Los Angeles’ Skid Row and Houston’s Fifth Ward to favealas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. From writer Glenn Coco:

The great thing about Google Street View (aside from generating the occasional murder scare,) is that it allows you to visit parts of your town that you would usually be too terrified to set foot in. The “bad part of town.”

Below is a collection of Street View images taken in the worst parts of a bunch of cities around the globe. 

I wish I had some kind of scientific method for finding these places, but I just contacted people I knew in cities that have Google Street View, asked them what they consider to be the sketchiest part of where they live, then dragged the little orange Street View guy down at a random spot in that neighborhood. 

Apparently, poverty is fun. Who knew?

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