Allison Hedge Coke says that when her father, R.L. HedgeCoke, saw Ken Burn’s “The Dust Bowl,” he was saddened that the documentary focused on the white experience. Hedge Coke’s family is mixed, and includes Huron and Metis descendants. During the Great Depression, mixed-blood people were, indeed, caught up in torrential dust storms, forcing their migrations west. But the Okies, as these folks came to be called, are rarely thought of as anything other than white.

Hedge Coke is now setting out to change that. She’s raising money to document and tell the story of mixed-blood Okies through her own father, who’s now 91-years-old. Today’s her last day to raise money for her film, titled “Red Bowl”—she’s about $4,000 shy if her $20,000 goal. 

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