If you haven’t already seen it, “East WillyB” is a hilarious and insightful Web series about Latino life in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s an important interruption in the narrative that we usually hear about North Brooklyn as home to the borough’s stereotypical hipsters. In essence, the series is paying homage to a still vibrant Latino community that doesn’t get a ton of attention. Here’s a quick blurb:

Shot on location in Bushwick, Brooklyn, “East WillyB” takes place along the historic Bushwick and Knickerbocker Aves. It is a story about the many faces that make up the Latino community of Brooklyn, and the ways in which their lives interconnect to create the extended family so integral to its character. Come meet the telenovela addicts, tamale slingers, salsa fiends, piragua purveyors, bomba players, plastic couch owners, & bodega CEOs that make the community of Bushwick unique.

Flaco Navajo stars in the series as Willie Jr. and not too long ago he talked about what drew him to the series. Check out some of his answers after the jump.

What drew you to East Willyb?

The main thing that drew me to East Willyb was the passion of its co creators and how clear their plan of attack was. This didn’t feel like a group of friends that wanted to just do some funny shit and put it on YouTube. These were two smart Latinos that knew they could make history.

How did you prepare to play your character?

I had the luxury of being in the room when the scripts were being written for this season. It gave me the opportunity to see Willie’s world be created in front of my eyes. The rest was just putting myself in that world and playing around. I know…that was deep. Lol.

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