This year has been huge for “A Tribe Called Red.” The trio of Native American DJ’s has become widely popular, and that’s great. But what’s not so great is the fact that their newfound fame also invites some fans to act out their racist impulses by showing up to performances in red face. Now, the group is asking folks to stop. 

From CBC:

Some non-Aboriginal partygoers have been showing up to their shows in headdresses and face paint. And while the vast majority of fans know why such an outfit could be considered offensive and inappropriate, not every club and festival-goer gets the message.

“It happens fairly regularly,” says Campeau, “the amount of times people show up to our shows in ‘redface’ is more frequent than I would like.”

…A Tribe Called Red has taken to social media to spread the message that cultural appropriation is not okay. 

“Non-Natives that come to our shows, we need to talk,” read a tweet from last month,
please stop wearing headdresses and war paint - it’s insulting.”

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