A Prince William County, Virginia father is speaking out after a Walmart security guard allegedly called police to report a possible kidnapping because the man’s three young daughters appeared to be of a different race.

The father, who only identified himself as Joseph, is white and his wife of ten years is black and according to a Walmart manager that meant their children “didn’t fit.”

WTTG has the details:

On Thursday evening, Joseph took all three girls to the Walmart in Potomac Mills in Woodbridge to cash a check. He says they weren’t there long, but spent a few extra minutes in the parking lot while he buckled the girls in and then made a phone call.

Joseph says he then went to up his wife, Keana, and as they were arriving home, they were shocked to find a Prince William County police officer waiting for them.

“He asks us very sincerely, ‘Hey, I was sent here by Walmart security. I just need to make sure that the children that you have are your own,’” Joseph says.

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Walmart issued the following statement to MyFoxDC: “There’s still a lot of unknowns at this time and we’re currently looking into the situation.” Still no apology.

But just imagine if it was the other way around: a black father with a light-skinned baby…. I’ll let comedian (and Colorlines board member) W. Kamau Bell tell you what happens next:

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